The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 2242: Fatal Injuries

Chapter 2242: Fatal Injuries

Liu Yunlan’s lips twitched as he coldly looked at Lin Yun. Because of Lin Yun’s mask, he couldn’t recognize this person just from his cultivation. Judging from the sword earlier, this person should be a Saint Lord, and he sounded pretty young. There were many swordsmen like that in the Kunlun Realm, so it wasn’t easy to guess.

“I don’t care who you are. Hand them over. You’ve also seen that my Heavenly Flame Sect’s Saint Elder is attracting those crimson pythons' attention, which is why you even have the opportunity to make a move.” Liu Yunlan’s eyes began to flash with murderous intent. His blade intent was terrifying and gave a cold intent, and it felt as though the person would completely freeze with a glance at him. Liu Yunlan had the strength to back up his reputation.

With no change on his face, Lin Yun said, “You’re also smart. First come, first serve doesn’t work in this world. If you speak nicely, I don’t mind sharing them.”

Liu Yunlan looked at Lin Yun’s sword with a smear of surprise in his eyes, before he said, “Let me see where you get your confidence from, then!”

When he swung his blade, his blade gave off the pressure of a mountain that descended with blade rays overlapping, “Thousand Weight Slash!”

In the next second, the weight of his blade overlapped a thousand times, releasing a blade ray that reached over a hundred feet with a terrifying chill that caused snowflakes to descend.n(-OIn

“Come!” Lin Yun held onto his sword and took this attack head-on. When the sword and blade clashed, they produced a loud explosion. If those at a lower cultivation were caught up in this soundwave, they would probably bleed from their seven orifices.

“Firefly’s Radiance!” Lin Yun didn’t hold back and gently swung his sword after resolving Liu Yunlan’s attack. When a thunderstorm raged, the Flower Burial Sword spiraled in his hand, and a sword ray shot out.

Liu Yunlan raised his blade before him to block this attack. His face suddenly changed when he wanted to open his mouth and mock. Blood dripped down his blade from the wounds on his palm. He didn’t retreat, but his hand was injured.

“I roughly know who you are now,” Liu Yunlan said. “You’re that genius from Skysolute City, right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be so arrogant. But I can tell you that you’ve provoked the wrong person.”

Skysolute City? Yu Qingfeng’s heir?

Lin Yun was briefly stunned before he smiled. He was from the Radiant’s lineage, and that status was slightly lower than being Yu Qingfeng’s disciple.

When the two were about to fight, a scream resounded as a Crimson Python King immediately devoured the Saint Lord who held back the crimson pythons. All of his defensive means were futile. He died just like that before the Crimson Python King charged at Lin Yun and Liu Yunlan.

Lin Yun and Liu Yunlan exchanged a gaze before they both separated. Lin Yun was more unfortunate since that python king was coming after him. As for Liu Yunlan, he had more crimson pythons after him, but his injuries weren’t fatal.

“Big Brother, over here!” Lil’ Red appeared, having cleared a path of retreat, leading Lin Yun and they fled into the woods. In its cat form, it was even faster than Lin Yun. But the crimson pythons looked like they had gone insane and kept chasing after them, especially when the Crimson Python King wasn’t any slower than them.

“You’re getting on my nerves!” Ferocity flashed in Lin Yun’s eyes because he was starting to get annoyed with the Crimson Python King. If it caught up and the other crimson pythons surrounded him, he would have to pay a great price, even if he could slaughter his way out.

Lin Yun decided to fight, so he stopped and took out a golden spear. As he poured his saint energy and dragon blood into the spear, a terrifying pressure was released from it.

As a Buddhist chant began to echo in the surroundings, the halos around the spearhead exploded and the spear looked even more sacred. With the Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear in hand, Lin Yun slammed the Crimson Python King’s head with it, and the massive power sent the latter flying away.

The terrifying power the Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear produced left behind cracks in the surrounding space as the Crimson Python King screamed, rolling on the ground. But it wasn’t dead and had dashed over, shattering the sacred radiance, forcing Lin Yun to dodge. When the Crimson Python King landed on the ground, it shook the entire ground.

“Holy shit, it has really tough skin,” Lin Yun was inwardly shocked. The Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear was a Sovereign Saint Artifact more powerful than the Azure Dragon Sun-Moon Umbrella. But it failed to kill the Crimson Python King with one strike, making it more furious.

The Crimson Python King’s tail was especially lethal, and being caught in the shockwave was enough to injure him. So even with the Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear in his hand, Lin Yun could only dodge, and he was starting to feel a headache.

Just when the Crimson Python King got back up and charged over, a shadow descended from the sky. It was Lil’ Red, who took this opportunity to transform into the Ancient Dracoape and grabbed its tail. This immediately immobilized the Crimson Python King, making Lin Yun’s eyes light up. He then soared to the sky, swinging the Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear with both hands.

When he poured his sword intent into the spear, a glory spirit was activated as he dived from the sky, piercing through that Crimson Python King’s head. Once the Crimson Python King exploded, only then did it die for sure. Seeing the death of their leader, the other crimson pythons quickly fled.

Lin Yun then stowed the Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear. This was his first time using it in battle, and it wasn’t as smooth as the Azure Dragon Sun-Moon Umbrella. It was mainly because the umbrella was compatible with his Azure Dragon Divine Physique, and he could unleash its power more easily.

“Big Brother, this beast core is golden!” When Lin Yun fell into his thoughts, Lil’ Red came over with a beast core.

Lin Yun smiled, “Let’s go. The Divine Blood Fruit isn’t here.”

This place was weird, so it was best to leave since the Divine Blood Fruit wasn’t here. Not long after he left, Liu Yunlan appeared with a frown, looking at the corpse of the Crimson Python King.

“He’s really not the direct disciple of the Sword Emperor?” Liu Yunlan muttered to himself. With great changes coming, the disciples of the holy lands have begun to come out. Recently, several direct disciples of the Sword Emperor were slowly gaining fame, and there was a high possibility that they had come to the God Burial Mountain Range.

“Forget it. I should leave this place first.” Liu Yunlan sighed as he took out a leaf that seemed to be pointing out a direction to him in mid-air.

Liu Yunlan's trip out was smooth, but Lin Yun ran into trouble. He tried three times but couldn’t leave the woods and finally realized he had lost his way. This place was enveloped with a crimson mist, and even his sword intent couldn’t help him see through this place. He could only see a rough direction. But even if he had a rough direction, he shouldn't have spent much time getting out with his speed. And yet he was trapped in the woods for three entire days.

“This is weird.” Lin Yun muttered as he continued to scout the woods. Another half a day had passed, and his vision opened to a spacious ground. The ground was clean, and there weren’t even weeds.

He immediately sensed that something wasn’t right and wanted to leave, but a vine broke out from the ground and wrapped around his ankle. Shortly after, a powerful force came and he was dragged into the ground with vines following up and wrapping around his body. On the other hand, Lil’ Red could escape due to its size, but it could only watch outside in panic.

Lin Yun struggled, but the vines wrapped around him tighter and pierced into his flesh.

“Use your sword intent to cut them, quick!” Lil’ Purple’s voice came from the Iris Secret Realm.

Lin Yun sensed danger and raised his head to see a tree branch that shot at him like a spear. When Lin Yun was about to use his Quasi-Divine light Sword Intent to break free, flames suddenly ignited on his body.

This flame was weird because it only burned the vines, not his body. In just a brief moment, the vines were already reduced to ashes, and Lin Yun took this opportunity to escape and dodged the fatal branch. He clearly remembered how a Saint Lord was killed by it when he had just entered this place.

“Flower Burial, I saved you again.” A voice came as Li Feibai appeared behind a tree, walking out.

Lin Yun was briefly stunned before he recognized this person, but he had no good impression of him. He saw this person when he entered the God Burial Mountain Range. He belonged to one of the Eight Imperial Clans, the Li Clan.

“Again? When’s the previous time, then?” Lin Yun asked. This time couldn’t be considered as well because he could break free. But he couldn’t refute it since Li Feibai wanted to put it that way, and he looked at Li Feibai, wanting to know what the latter was planning.

“That time at Six Holy City doesn’t count? If not for my warning, you might’ve died there,” Li Feibai said.

The corner of Lin Yun’s lip twitched, and he replied, “You can put it however you like.”

Li Feibai wasn’t bothered by Lin Yun’s attitude, but said, “I already told you that times have changed, and there’s nothing impressive about a Heavenly Dragon Lord.”

Lin Yun smiled upon hearing that. He finally knew that he didn’t have any good impression of this person, who evaluated him as ordinary.

“How is it? I’m not wrong, am I? If not for me, you would’ve been dead,” Li Feibai said, wanting to prove he’s right.

“Is everyone from the Imperial Clan so aloof?” Lin Yun asked.

“Not exactly. But some things that you can only dream of are already possessed by disciples from the Imperial Clans at birth. It might be sarcastic, but I’m not targeting you Li Feibai said.

Lin Yun interrupted, “I know what you mean. You’re targeting all of us, right?”

“More or less. But you guys aren’t trash, just ordinary. There are also those in the Imperial Clans who are inferior to you,” Li Feibai nodded.

Lin Yun smiled, seeing Li Feibai nodding his head. He said, “Alright. You wouldn’t have wasted so much time talking with me based on your temper if you had nothing.”

“As expected of Flower Burial, you’re smart,” Li Feibai nodded.

“Go ahead,” Lin Yun smiled.

“I’ll be honest with you. I’m fatally injured, and only have one hour to live. So I need you to carry me out. I will tell you how to leave this place and tell you another piece of information,” Li Feibai said indifferently.

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