The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 1883 - Three Swords

Chapter 1883 - Three Swords

Lin Yun easily knocked Luo Cheng’s sword away, and his next attack heavily injured the Nether Orchid Courtyard’s Luo Cheng, causing a great shock to everyone in the Nether Orchid Courtyard.

After all, Luo Cheng’s cultivation was at the third channel of the Profound Death Stage. In addition to the fact that he originated from the Nether Orchid Courtyard, he was stronger than other inner disciples. Many people still couldn’t believe what they saw until Lin Yun left.

They were greatly shocked by Ye Qingtian’s transformation after a year. Most importantly, what he said before he left was no different from confessing to the Nether Orchid Holy Maiden.

“Ye Qingtian is too strong. How did he unleash his attack earlier?”

“Since he defeated Luo Cheng, he’ll become a saint disciple in half a month.”

“It has been a year since he left, and he has undergone a drastic transformation upon his return. It’s as though he is a completely different person.”

“But he hasn’t changed at all. He’s still as shameless as before. There isn’t anyone as shameless as him within the Heavenly Dao Sect.”

“Why are you guys saying that? He’s pitiful, and you guys are still bullying him. What’s wrong with liking someone?”

The other peaks’ disciples yelled about how shameless Ye Qingtian was when they came to their senses. But the Profound Maiden Courtyard’s disciples had an entirely different view. They felt that Ye Qingtian was romantic, and their pupils were blazing when they looked at him.

Lin Yun’s words touched half of them, and his appearance attracted the other half. After all, Lin Yun’s skin was smoother than a woman's. He might seem a little feminine in the eyes of men, but it was what women liked. Ye Qingtian’s temperament was similar to Tian Xuanzi, a man with a feminine appearance. But Tian Xuanzi looked more ethereal and unreal, while Ye Qingtian felt more amicable to others.

Looking at her junior sisters charmed by Ye Qingtian, a smile rose on Ye Xinyan’s lips. She found Ye Qingtian pretty interesting. After all, everyone despised him not too long ago, and yet their opinion of him had changed. But she wasn’t like the others. She could tell that Ye Qingtian was putting on an act. His words might sound sincere, but they were just flowery words if one looked at them closely. It wouldn’t change that he had disguised himself as a woman and sneaked into the Celestial Pool. It was just that his ‘emotional’ words easily won the excellent feelings of others.

Did he see me before? Ye Xinyan couldn’t connect Ye Qingtian with Lin Yun because their temperaments were too different. If Lin Yun had Ye Qingtian’s flowery words, she wouldn’t have left even if she knew he was lying. After thinking about it, Ye Xinyan’s mood dropped.

“Holy Maiden, what should we do now?” The Nether Orchid Courtyard’s disciples beside Bai Shuying asked.

“Disperse.” Bai Shuying said. Through Ye Qingtian’s actions, there was no way they could continue holding the Sword Discussion Gathering. Even if she forcibly held it, there would no longer be any meaning.

But she looked in Lin Yun’s direction with her brows furrowed. She felt that there was something wrong with Ye Qingtian’s words, which wasn’t something the usual Ye Qingtian could say. In the past, Ye Qingtian was shameless, and definitely wouldn’t have the grace he showed today.

Bai Shuying had seen Ye Qingtian many times, and her impression of him was terrible. Not only was he a coward when facing the strong, but he even relied on his handsome face to get close to many female disciples. Even if he was shameless this time, his words were more pleasing to the ears, even if she knew those words were fake. Could Ye Qingtian change so much in just one year?

“Is the Solar Lunar Divine Rune really in the Nether Orchid Courtyard?” Lin Yun left the Nether Orchid Courtyard and transmitted his voice to Lil’ Purple.

“Yeah. But I’m not sure of the actual location. It might be inside the Nether Orchid Courtyard, it might be somewhere close by, or it might be in a secret realm.” Lil’ Purple said.

“I-Isn’t it the same as no result?” Lin Yun frowned. The Nether Orchid Courtyard was massive, and the hall they were in was just the tip of the iceberg. If the Solar Lunar Divine Rune was in a secret realm, it would be extremely troublesome.

“Hehe, you must use your scumbag talent to interact with Bai Shuying more often. She’s more familiar with the Nether Orchid Courtyard than you.” Lil’ Purple said with a playful smile.

But Lin Yun ignored her because he felt that he was fooled by Lil’ Purple today. He was nearly exposed, and he had never expected that Ye Qingtian would sneak into the female shower by disguising himself as a woman. It was no wonder why everyone’s faces were ugly when they looked at him, and even the Indigo Thunder Peak’s disciples didn’t want to get involved with him when he just arrived.

“Senior Brother!” Chen Feng came over when he saw Lin Yun landing on the ground.

When Lin Yun raised his head, all the other Indigo Thunder Peak’s disciples had left. Only Chen Feng was left behind. He asked, “Chen Feng, who’s Zhang Yue?”

He wasn’t too bothered when he heard this name before. After all, too many people within the Heavenly Dao Sect bullied Ye Qingtian. But Zhang Yue’s name was being mentioned too much, and Lin Yun gradually noticed something wasn’t right. After all, it appeared that Zhang Yue had heavily injured him a year ago when he was expelled from the Heavenly Dao Sect.

Chen Feng was surprised as he looked at Lin Yun. He exclaimed, “Senior Brother, you don’t remember Zhang Yue? He nearly crippled you a year ago.”

Lin Yun was long prepared for that question and explained, “I forgot many things over the past year. Don’t ask what I’ve experienced over the past year; just tell me who he is.”

Looking at Lin Yun, Chen Feng suddenly felt respect for him. After all, Ye Qingtian’s improvements over the past year were unimaginable. As for whether Ye Qingtian was the same Ye Qingtian, he never doubted that before because Ye Qingtian’s temperament was the same, and the other peak disciples never thought of it before.

“Senior Brother, Zhang Yue is the saint’s disciple of the Dao Yang Palace, and he’s one of Senior Sister Bai’s pursuers.” Chen Feng whispered. “Luo Cheng has a good relationship with him, which is why he stood out earlier.”

Lin Yun fell into deep thought. After all, saint disciples and saint’s disciples were different. A saint disciple was only qualified to listen to the teachings of saints, and this was the same as a lecture. But a saint’s disciple was the direct disciple of a saint, and that was a whole new different case.

“Senior Brother Zhang Yue can be ranked within the top ten of the Dao Yang Palace, and he’s a direct descendant of an Ancient Saint Clan.” Chen Feng explained. “But you don’t have to worry about that because he’s not in the Heavenly Dao Sect…”

“It doesn’t matter even if he has returned.” Lin Yun replied indifferently.

Chen Feng was stunned and intimidated by the aura Lin Yun gave off. But he didn’t know if it was real, and whispered, “A year ago, when you were expelled from the sect, Zhang Yue broke your limbs and crippled your dragon pulses…”

When he heard that, Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts. He now knew why Ye Qingtian would run amok and die. Chen Feng naturally wouldn’t go into details before him, but he could predict what happened back then. Ye Qingtian was probably humiliated in public and had to beg for mercy.

Lin Yun sighed because Ye Qingtian was pretty pitiful. He said, “You can go back first. I want to walk around.”

“Senior Brother, do you remember how to return to the Indigo Thunder Peak?” Chen Feng asked.

“Of course I do.” Lin Yun sent Chen Feng on his way and started strolling around the Heavenly Dao Sect. The Heavenly Dao Sect had two towering mountains under the night: the Heavenly Sword Mountain and Dao Sword Mountain.

Before Lin Yun came here, he heard about the story between the two swords and the two mountains. There were legends that the two mountains were formed from the corpse of the Ancient Sword God, and the two swords were their weapons when they were alive.

But it was a legend because it had been thousands of years since the Heavenly Sword and Dao Sword were drawn out. It was unknown if the two swords existed. After all, the Heavenly Dao Sect had existed in the Golden Era, and if the Ancient Sword Gods were real, the era they were from must be even older. Even Lil’ Purple, who slept for a hundred thousand years, would be nothing compared to the two Ancient Sword Gods.

The Heavenly Yin and Dao Yang Palaces were the two strongest palaces within the Heavenly Dao Sect, each occupying a mountain. The disciples would receive a lot of benefits from cultivating on the mountains. Then again, the three courtyards' locations were also unique. The courtyards' locations weren’t inferior to the two mountains.

When Lin Yun looked towards the two mountains, he could only see two blurred outlines in the darkness.

“Lin Yun, this Heavenly Dao Sect isn’t simple. It has existed since ancient times, and I remember that the Heavenly Dao Sect should have three mountains and three swords!” Lil’ Purple’s voice resounded.

“Where’s the other sword, then?”

“I don’t know. The Iris Sword Saint came to the Heavenly Dao Sect many times in the past, and there were rumors that the Ancestral God also visited the Heavenly Dao Sect multiple times.” Lil’ Purple explained. “A sect cannot be casually named. Just daring to name their sect with ‘Heavenly Dao’ alone means that the Heavenly Dao Sect isn’t simple.”

Holding onto his chin, Lin Yun muttered, “It looks like the Heavenly Dao Sect has a lot of secrets.”

A white-clothed figure suddenly flew out from the Nether Orchid Courtyard and went into a certain direction. This was a white-clothed woman with an unfathomable cultivation that couldn’t be detected. It was as though she was a ghost.

Her appearance made Lin Yun curious, and he tried to scan her with his Heavenly Dome Sword Intent. But before his sword intent could even get close, his sword intent was knocked back. This instantly made Lin Yun’s face pale.

“Let’s go and take a look.” This aroused Lin Yun’s curiosity, and he secretly followed her. When he arrived at the foot of the Dao Sword Mountain, he watched as the white-clothed woman immediately entered the mountain, and he quickened his pace.

“Stop right there!”

“Why are you here in the middle of the night? Come tomorrow if you want to cultivate on the mountain.” But before he could climb the mountain, he was stopped by two deacons at the Nirvana Stage.

“Then, why can that person enter?” Lin Yun asked.

The two deacons snickered when they heard Lin Yun’s question, and one of them laughed, “Are you an idiot? How can you be compared to the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint?”

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