The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 1859 - I Have A Sword! (2)

Chapter 1859 - I Have A Sword! (2)

“No! No! No!” Liu Chen could no longer maintain his composure and used his hands to try to back away. At the same time, the fear in his heart also reached an unprecedented height.

“Lin Xiao!” The Quasi-Saint fighting Gu Jun let out a roar, with his eyes becoming bloodshot. Even Zhuge Qingyun, who was facing the five Quasi-Saints, was briefly stunned as he looked at Lin Yun.

“Get lost!” Zhuge Qingyun soon came to his senses and unleashed a seven-colored radiance from his palm, causing the surrounding space to distort with a sun and moon revolving on his palm.

“Profound Sky Canon—Universal Reversal!” Before the other Quasi-Saints could respond, Zhuge Qingyun pushed his palm forth, unleashing a black chaotic energy that exploded with a nine-colored radiance shining brightly.

The entire pier exploded, catching everyone in it as the surrounding sea fluctuated. At this moment, it was even more terrifying than the sky falling apart. The five Quasi-Saints were injured, with their saint origins collapsing around them. When they turned to look at Zhuge Qingyun, their pupils were filled with horror.

Zhuge Qingyun was too strong. Was this the strength of Tian Xuanzi’s strongest disciple? He was practically invincible in the absence of saints.

“Champion of the Nirvana Banquet, do you still remember me?!” Zhuge Qingyun turned around, ignoring the injured Quasi-Saints. He also didn’t care about Liu Chen; his gaze was on Lin Yun, filled with a cold murderous intent.

Lin Yun was in the air, standing on a stone board blown up by the air current. He suffered some light injuries because he couldn’t avoid the shockwave in time earlier. He didn’t immediately go after Liu Chen, but looked around to find An Liuyan. Once he saw that Mei Zihua and An Liuyan were being protected behind Gu Jun, only then did he feel relieved.

But before he could calm himself down, a roar resounded that made him raise his head. How could he not remember Zhuge Qingyun?

Lin Yun’s face was terrifyingly dark because Zhuge Qingyun was Tian Xuanyi’s eldest disciple, and who knew how many Sword Sect disciples have died in his hands twenty years ago? He was even nearly killed by Zhuge Qingyun outside the Profound Wither Island.

Now that they met again, Lin Yun instantly realized that Zhuge Qingyun was probably behind the Wind Edge Lord coming after him. As for whose orders Zhuge Qingyun was under, it was obvious without saying. He had disguised himself for so long, and Tian Xuanzi still didn’t want to let him go. Did that mean that they would rather make a mistake than let him off?

“I don’t. But I’ve heard that you were invincible amongst those at the Samsara Edict Realm, and yet Jian Jingtian still defeated you in three moves.” Lin Yun said. Everyone was horrified when they heard him. After all, Lin Yun was too bold to publicly rip Zhuge Qingyun’s scar open like that.

On the contrary, Zhuge Qingyun felt uncertain because he wasn’t sure if Lin Xiao was Lin Yun. But thinking again, it didn’t really matter that much.

“So stubborn even when facing death. I only need one finger to kill you.” Zhuge Qingyun’s pupils flashed with murderous intent, but his pupils squinted just when he wanted to make a move. This was because he felt a dangerous aura. Soon after, he suddenly turned around and threw his punch forth.

The Flower Burial Sword that flew over was knocked away with a punch, and the dim sword radiated brightly as the sword intent exploded like fireworks. The Flower Burial Sword had been knocked away several times, each time dispersing the sword intent on the sword.

Like that, Zhuge Qingyun relied on his strength to knock out all the sword intent within the Flower Burial Sword. This instantly left everyone dumbfounded. They couldn’t imagine what would happen if the sword stabbed Zhuge Qingyun. They could only say that Lin Xiao was too bold.

Zhuge Qingyun was someone who could face five Quasi-Saints alone, and Lin Yun’s actions greatly shocked everyone. After all, Lin Yun was only at the Profound Life Stage.

When Lin Yun gently raised his hand, all the scattered sword intent regathered from the surroundings.

“That’s really the Heavenly Dome Sword Intent at complete mastery…” The Heavenly Dao Sect’s Quasi-Saint exclaimed at Lin Yun’s sword intent.

When Lin Yun utilized his sword intent, the surrounding spiritual energy had gathered towards his chest before turning into boundless sword intent that filled his body. His sword intent started to accumulate like a fully arced bow when his thumb pressed down his middle finger. As he flicked his finger, the Flower Burial Sword flew out.

Everything took place in the blink of an eye. The Flower Burial Sword shot towards Zhuge Qingyun.

“Great Golden Heaven!” A golden sphere appeared behind Zhuge Qingyun, and the incoming Flower Burial Sword was knocked away.

As another explosion occurred, the Flower Burial Sword was sent flying away. But this time, Zhuge Qingyun took several steps back before regaining his footing. He had blood dripping from his palm, and this naturally made Zhuge Qingyun furious.

The ground that Lin Yun stood on shattered into powder, and he was already gone. When he raised his head, he saw Lin Yun grabbing the Flower Burial Sword and gently tapping his foot on the ocean, appearing a hundred miles away.

“Run! Go on, run! Let me see where you can run to!” Zhuge Qingyun had lost his rationale from the fury. After all, being wounded by a junior when he was a Quasi-Saint was embarrassing. He turned around and chased after Lin Yun. He was a Quasi-Saint, so he swiftly closed the distance between him and Lin Yun.

But Lin Yun suddenly stopped. When he turned around, there was a person in his hands. It was Liu Chen, who was heavily injured under Lin Yun’s Heavenly Dome Sword Intent at complete mastery but still alive. Strictly speaking, Liu Chen wasn’t even heavily injured, thanks to the saint seal, but the saint seal had completely dimmed down. At this moment, Lin Yun held onto Liu Chen’s hair and placed the Flower Burial Sword on his neck.

“Holy shit!” Everyone exclaimed, and their jaws fell off. They initially thought Lin Yun had chosen to flee, but instead he took Liu Chen as his hostage.

“Zhuge Qingyun, behave yourself if you don’t want to see him decapitated.” Lin Yun said emotionlessly.

“Senior, save me!” Liu Chen exclaimed.

Zhuge Qingyun stopped and was briefly stunned before he sinisterly smiled, “Lin Xiao, you’re stupid to play this trick with me!”

He turned around and headed in the direction of An Liuyan. But what happened next shocked everyone. Lin Yun swiped his sword across Liu Chen’s neck, decapitating him.

This naturally made Zhuge Qingyun turn back around. When he saw the decapitated head in Lin Yun’s hand, his face became pale, and his body began to tremble.

“Lin Xiao, you bastard!” Zhuge Qingyun roared, completely losing his rationale with his face distorted. Lin Yun was an insignificant existence in his eyes, but Lin Yun had humiliated him repeatedly, which he couldn’t endure.

Zhuge Qingyun furiously roared, “Lin Xiao, I swear that I’ll kill you today!”

But Lin Yun replied to him by tossing Liu Chen’s head away. This naturally made Zhuge Qingyun furious, and responded by destroying the head with a punch. Zhuge Qingyun’s punch easily turned Liu Chen’s head into a blood mist, and this naturally left everyone shocked because they knew that Zhuge Qingyun had gone insane.

No one expected that the matter today would develop in this manner. Liu Chen was still arrogant just a moment ago, but he was turned into a headless corpse now. No one expected Zhuge Qingyun, who forced five Quasi-Saints back, to be forced into this state.

As Zhuge Qingyun charged out of the blood mist, he turned to coldly look at Lin Yun. Lin Yun didn’t move and merely stood with his sword behind him, calmly looking at Zhuge Qingyun, allowing Zhuge Qingyun’s Quasi-Saint aura to blow on him and slowly approach him.

Zhuge Qingyun’s Quasi-Saint aura even made the entire heaven tremble, and each step he took would cause violent waves to rise on the ocean. But to everyone’s surprise, Lin Yun was calm despite the approaching death.

The deadly aura was naturally nothing to Lin Yun, especially when he had just brushed past death not long ago. When he was undergoing his tenth Dragon Pulse Realm tribulation, he experienced complete annihilation down to his will.

“What kind of sword do you want?” The Black Thunder Martial Emperor’s voice echoed beside his ears once more. That was a question that went down his soul.

“What will you do if a Quasi-Saint wants to kill you?” The Black Thunder Martial Emperor’s voice reverberated beside his ears once more.

“I’ll swing my sword without any hesitation.”

“What if there’s no turning back after you swing your sword?”

“So be it.”

“Lin Yun, are you afraid?”

“What do I have to be afraid of?!” Lin Yun’s pupils shone brightly, and he thrust his sword out, facing Zhuge Qingyun, executing the Firefly Radiance. When he swung his sword, the entire world became dark, the sword being the sole light source.

Under everyone's disbelief, they watched as Lin Yun’s sword pierced through Zhuge Qingyun’s heart. They couldn’t imagine how breathtaking this sword was; not even a Quasi-Saint could dodge it.

“So fireflies' light can compete with the sun and moon. Master didn’t bluff me.” Lin Yun threw out a mouthful of blood as a smile rose on his pale face before he was sent flying away.

His sword had pierced through Zhuge Qingyun’s heart, but the latter’s palm also landed on his chest. Even with the Myriad Scales Armor, this palm caused his heart to cave in, creating a terrifying palm print on his chest.

This naturally made Lin Yun collapse into the ocean, with his blood dying the surrounding ocean red.

Meanwhile, Zhuge Qingyun was stunned as he blankly looked at the Flower Burial Sword embedded in his chest. This sword had pierced through his heart, reducing his heart into powder along with his internal organs.

Even after Lin Yun was sent flying away, his sword was still around, bearing Lin Yun’s pride, unleashing unbelievable power.

A brief moment later, Zhuge Qingyun collapsed into the ocean with a blank expression.

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