The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 1381 - Iris Saint Seal, Lightning Manipulation

Chapter 1381 - Iris Saint Seal, Lightning Manipulation

There was no way Lin Yun could get 500 kilograms of True Dragon Saint Liquid now, and it also didn’t seem possible for him to get it anytime soon. According to his speculation, it might only be possible after he reaches the Dragon Pulse Realm. But most importantly, he knew that it was only the beginning.

So he could only put it aside for now and wait till he was in the Ancient Barren Domain. His current eyesight was still too low, so he couldn’t make a clear judgment on many things.

“So, how much of your strength have you recovered?” Lin Yun was more concerned about Lil’ Purple’s strength.

Lil’ Purple briefly pondered before she replied, “If it’s outside the Iris Secret Realm, I’m roughly in the same realm as you. I can probably grasp about 70% of that cultivation. There’s no way I can defeat you, but if I can recover some of my skills. With some preparations, I can even heavily injure or imprison a Dragon Pulse Realm expert.”

Lin Yun nodded his head when he heard that. That wasn’t too bad, it’s just that the recovery of Lil’ Purple’s strength was a little too slow. But Lin Yun soon caught the key point in her words because Lil’ Purple’s strength seemed restricted by his cultivation. Could this be something left behind by the Iris Sword Saint to ensure that he had the strength to restrict Lil’ Purple?

“What about inside the Iris Secret Realm?” Lin Yun asked.

“Well, that’s an entirely different story. I can practically bring out the full power of the Myriad Lightning Divine Rune. The Myriad Lightning Divine Rune has roughly one-thousandth of its power compared to its peak. As long as anyone dares to enter the Iris Secret Realm, even someone at the pinnacle of the Dragon Pulse Realm can only helplessly face death,” said Lil’ Purple.

As usual, Lin Yun had to reduce what Lil’ Purple said by a level because of how she loved to boast. So this meant those who weren’t at the pinnacle of the Dragon Pulse Realm would be killed if they entered. This was a pretty good idea for him, and Lin Yun could try it in the future to lure enemies into the Iris Secret Realm.

“So, can I manipulate the Myriad Lightning Divine Rune?” Lin Yun asked. Since they had already obtained the Myriad Lightning Divine Rune, it would be disappointing if he couldn’t control it.

“That’s for sure. Logically speaking, the Iris Sword Box belongs to you, and this includes everything inside it as well,” said Lil’ Purple.

“So… does that mean that you also belong to me?” Lin Yun winked with a playful smile.

“Get lost! You scumbag!” Lil’ Purple glared at Lin Yun with her face blushing.

Lin Yun no longer teased her and asked how he should control the Myriad Lightning Divine Rune. In the end, he found out that it was the Iris Saint Seal. The Iris Saint Seal had many different forms, each representing a different ability. The easiest one would be the Sky Opening Seal that unlocked the sword box.

So there was a form for each Sovereign Divine Rune, and the one corresponding to the Myriad Lightning Divine Rune would be Lightning Manipulation. Aside from that, there were still many forms, such as devour, seal, suppression, and recovery. As Lin Yun collects more Sovereign Divine Rune, the sword box will become even more powerful.

Hearing Lil’ Purple’s explanation, Lin Yun could feel his scalp tingle because this meant that the Iris Sword Box was equivalent to a divine artifact.

“It’s a lot more powerful than a divine artifact. Even the undamaged Seven Treasured Glazed Tile Pagoda couldn’t be compared to the Iris Sword Box,” said Lil’ Purple proudly.

Lin Yun rubbed his chin and said, “The sword box is already so terrifying, so how terrifying is the sword that the sword initially contained?”

“No idea.” Lil’ Purple locked her brows together before she continued, “I’ve never seen it before. The Iris Sword Saint had the seven Sovereign Divine Runes back then, but the sword box was empty. So I have no idea if that Sovereign Divine Sword even exists. The Iris Sword Saint also didn’t talk about it.”

“But this is weird. If the Sovereign Divine Sword doesn’t exist, then who would spend such a great amount of effort to forge this heaven-defying sword box? Don’t tell me that it’s for fun?” Lin Yun asked.

“I already told you that I have no idea. So, are you still going to learn the Iris Saint Seal?” Lil’ Purple asked.

“Of course. Of course, I’m going to learn,” smiled Lin Yun. After all, no one would mind having more trump cards, not to mention that the Ancient Barren Domain would be a lot more dangerous than the Profound Azure Prefecture.

Since Lin Yun already knew the Sky Opening Seal of the Iris Saint Seal, his learning speed was fast, and he could control it as he wished in just four hours. When Lin Yun tried to use the Iris Saint Seal, a bright light shone from his hands that looked like a silver moon that was before his chest, with purple petals drifting around.

When his hands changed again, he could sense that the entire Iris Secret Realm was like an ancient beast that had awakened from its deep slumber. At the same time, every single movement of his hands would form a connection with the Sovereign Divine Rune in the Myriad Lightning Lake.

When lightning flickered in the depths of Lin Yun’s pupils, a boundless pressure began to fall upon him. It didn’t take long for his forehead to be covered with sweat, and it was starting to feel taxing for him. He could sense that he still couldn’t bear much of the Sovereign Divine Rune’s power with his current cultivation and physique.

The Myriad Lightning Divine Rune was like a massive ocean, and he had barely triggered one-thousandth of the power. But even so, the power was already terrifying for him.

“Lightning Manipulation!” When the seals he formed stopped, he pushed his hands forth and unleashed all the accumulated energy. Ten bolts of lightning swiftly formed into a sphere before it flew out and exploded. As a massive explosion resounded, the lightning sphere was like a gigantic sun, and the shockwave caught Lin Yun before he could even react.

“Golden Crow Wings!” His face changed as he pulled Lil’ Purple into his embrace. A pair of golden wings unfolded behind him as he bent his knees. The toughness of each feather was comparable to a saint artifact that enveloped Lin Yun and Lil’ Purple with it.

The loud explosion echoed for a long time before it finally calmed down. When the golden wings opened up, the surroundings were a mess when Lin Yun looked around, and a black hole had formed in mid-air at the core of the explosion.

This scene made Lin Yun widen his mouth in disbelief as he rejoiced that the blast occurred in the Iris Sword Box. If it was in the outside world, he couldn’t imagine how terrifying the destruction would be.

Even so, the blast still made Lin Yun take in a cold breath with a chill running down his spine. This was because he still wasn’t proficient in it, and the power of the Myriad Lightning Divine Rune hadn’t fully recovered. If he managed to strengthen the attack with his sword technique or a secret technique like the Flicking Divine Finger, Lin Yun couldn’t imagine how powerful it would become. So there was a great potential for him to excavate.

“Why are you making such a big fuss?” Lil’ Purple said.

Lin Yun could only smile awkwardly after hearing what Lil’ Purple said. His eyesight was still too low, and he was despised by her once more because of that.

“I’ll head out first. Senior Brother is still waiting for me,” said Lin Yun as he formed the Sky Opening Seal once more. But he didn’t notice that Lil’ Purple’s face had blushed as she sneaked a peek at him before giving him a soft reply.

When he came out of the Iris Secret Realm and carried the Iris Sword Box on his back, Lin Yun saw Jian Jingtian when he raised his head.

“Was it a success?”

When Lin Yun nodded, Jian Jingtian smiled because everything had gone according to Lin Yun’s plan, and he was happy for him.

“But Senior Brother, I still have to tell you something,” said Lin Yun as he kept the smile on his face.

“Go on,” replied Jian Jingtian.

“There’s an altar in the Sword Saint Mountain suppressing a demon of a foreign race, and it will come out sooner or later. That senior can still suppress it for a few centuries. But after a few centuries, it will be a problem. So this is a lingering threat.” Lin Yun said.

“Don’t worry. I’m here.” Jian Jingtian gave a simple reply that made Lin Yun briefly stunned before he smiled. After a few centuries, Jian Jingtian would become a Saint with his talent. At the very least, he wouldn’t be weaker than Fu Yunzi. Lin Yun didn’t doubt that, which was how confident he was in Jian Jingtian.

“You don’t have much time left. Go into seclusion for the remaining time. Compared to the foreign demon clan a few centuries away, I’m more concerned if you can survive in the Ancient Barren Domain. After all, the Great Saint Origin alone makes you a walking lightbulb.” Jian Jingtian continued.

“Senior Brother, will you come and see me in the Sword Sect?” Lin Yun asked abruptly.

His question made Jian Jingtian’s smile disappear on his face. Jian Jingtian then fell into a long silence before he replied, “I committed a grave mistake when I was young that placed the Sword Sect in a very unfavorable position at the time. I’ve sworn to Tian Xuanzi as a swordsman that I will never take a step out of the Fleeting Sword Sect. Unless…”

“Unless what?” Lin Yun asked. Could there be a way to avoid a swordsman’s oath?

“Unless Tian Xuanzi dies!” Jian Jingtian gritted his teeth. His pupils were filled with hatred when he mentioned Tian Xuanzi. He continued, “One fine day, I’ll take his life personally.”

Lin Yun was silent when he heard that. He naturally supports Jian Jingtian, but it was Tian Xuanzi they were talking about. He was the most talented genius in the Ancient Barren Domain in the last millennium, and his strength was close to the Radiant Sword Saint.

After Lin Yun left, Jian Jingtian descended onto the pavilion again after he sealed the Sword Saint Mountain. When he was about to leave, his gaze fell onto the ‘heaven’ word that Lin Yun wrote. The word had thirty-six strokes that seemed to correspond with the word. Every single sword corresponded to a different mood, and when they were connected, it filled the word with a carefree mood.

“Heaven… thirty-six strokes…” Jian Jingtian muttered to himself as one afterimage after another flew out from his body, swinging their swords while Jian Jingtian remained standing before the paper. When all the afterimages overlapped, an ancient ‘heaven’ word appeared before Jian Jingtian.

Picking up the paper, Jian Jingtian muttered to himself, “Interesting. I was planning to teach him a ghost spirit martial technique before he leaves, but it looks like there’s no need for that now.

“On the other hand, I have to comprehend this well. It looks like that junior brother of mine has a lot of secrets.”

Stowing the paper, Jian Jingtian wore a smile on his face. He was suddenly looking forward to seeing what accomplishments Lin Yun would achieve in the Ancient Barren Domain.

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