The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 1379 - You’re Not My Senior Brother!

Chapter 1379 - You’re Not My Senior Brother!

When Lin Yun said he believed he could protect the Kunlun Realm, he didn’t believe in his own words. He didn’t mind waiting for a decade, but Lil’ Purple would probably go insane. So Lin Yun could only try and become shameless.

The old man was briefly stunned upon hearing what Lin Yun said because he also never expected that he would be so shameless. Even the old man didn’t dare say he could protect the Kunlun Realm. A brief moment later, the old man smiled as he shook his head.

Lin Yun awkwardly smiled, “Senior. I might sound like I was boasting earlier, but I can prevent the Sovereign Divine Rune from being discovered by others. I might not be able to protect the Kunlun Realm, but I’m confident I can protect the Sovereign Divine Rune.”

“No.” The old man’s expression became serious, and he said, “There’s naturally nothing to say about your talent since you can make it through the thirteen stages at such a young age. I’m the one who set up the thirteen tests, so I know clearly, and you don’t have to be humble.

“Five years. I’ll wait for you for five years. Five years later, you can come and retrieve the Sovereign Divine Rune,” said the old man. “I’m not trying to make things difficult for you, but the Sovereign Divine Rune involves a big secret. It’s so much so that I haven’t grasped it fully, even after researching for many years. If I give it to you too soon, it will only bring harm to you.”

Lin Yun naturally believed what the old man said, and he had no problems retrieving the Sovereign Divine Rune a decade later. So he turned to look at Lil’ Purple beside him.

Lil’ Purple didn’t look at Lin Yun but was looking at the old man with rage in her pupils as she coldly said, “At least you have some eyesight, and you barely have some strength. But don’t you think it’s ridiculous for you to say those words before this empress?”

The old man’s face changed when he heard what Lil’ Purple said. As he turned to look at Lil’ Purple, he unhappily said, “I can sense the aura of the Divine Phoenix Clan from this lass, but you’re pitifully weak, and you’re too rude to me.”

“What are you trying to say?” Lil’ Purple said with her teeth gritting.

“If it’s not for this young lad, I would’ve chased you out by now. The Sovereign Divine Rune is important, so it’s naturally best that not many people know about it,” said the old man.

“What impudence!” Lil’ Purple finally exploded, with flames gushing out from her pupils. This surprised Lin Yun because this was the first time he had seen Lil’ Purple so furious.

“Do you know who you’re talking to?” Lil’ Purple’s face became frost as she continued, “Seven Sovereign Divine Runes, they all belong to the Iris Sword Saint and me. A junior obtained my opportunity and dares to speak to me in this manner? You even wanted to chase me away? What are you trying to do? Rebel against an elder?”

The old man’s face changed when he heard what Lil’ Purple said before he turned to look at Lil’ Purple with disbelief. His entire body was trembling as he pointed at Lil’ Purple, “W-W-Who the hell are you?”

“This empress is the Divine Phoenix Clan’s Supreme Heavenly Slaughter Empress of Four Seas, Eight Barrens, 36 Heavens, and 72 Earths!” Lil’ Purple said coldly.

When the old man heard what Lil’ Purple said, he took several steps in disbelief before he examined Lil’ Purple, “I remembered now. You’re that phoenix, and I saw you when I obtained this Sovereign Divine Rune. But I remember that you’re already dead!”

Lin Yun was shocked when he heard what the old man said. Did that mean that she already marked the Sovereign Divine Runes? And what did the old man mean when he said she had already died?

“Speak! What did you see?!” Lil’ Purple asked anxiously. She had been sleeping for a hundred thousand years, and Lin Yun was the first person she saw after so long. So she had forgotten many things, and some were important.

“I witnessed the battle that ended the Golden Era… I can’t describe what I saw. They seemed to be waiting for someone, but the person that they were waiting for didn’t show up. But even so, you guys still fought to your very last breath until all of you died in that battle,” said the old man as he recalled.

Hearing what the old man said, Lil’ Purple began to tremble with tears rolling down her cheeks. “This empress is already dead? So this empress also joined that battle…”

The old man didn’t say a word as a form of acknowledgment for what Lil’ Purple said.

“So all of this empress’ friends are dead, and that lord still didn’t show up? Why? Why did I come back to life? Why am I the only one who survived? Where’s the Iris Sword Saint? Did you see him?” Lil’ Purple asked with her voice filled with sorrow.

“I didn’t,” replied the old man. “I only saw some fragments of the battle when I obtained the Sovereign Divine Rune. It’s also thanks to this Myriad Lightning Divine Rune that I can become famous.”

Suddenly, the old man fell to his knees and continued, “Junior, Fu Yunzi pays his greetings to this phoenix senior. Senior is someone who died fighting in the Dark Era, so I naturally have no intentions to be rude to you. I have no intentions of letting down senior’s inheritance. I also fought in the Dark Era, but I was too weak, and I couldn’t end the chaotic Dark Era.”

Lin Yun widened his mouth at this scene with disbelief filled in his eyes.

“You can get up now,” replied Lil’ Purple.

But Fu Yunzi didn’t get back up and had joy flashing through his pupils. He then continued in a grave tone, “No. The Sovereign Divine Rune is my greatest opportunity, and I have never forgotten about it. So please accept three kowtows from this junior!”

As Fu Yunzi performed three kowtows on the ground, each of his kowtows sounded like a bolt of rumbling lightning. When he was done, he slowly got back up and apologized again, “Senior, I would like to apologize for my rudeness from before again.”

“It’s fine. You didn’t know about my identity from the start,” Lil' Purple replied. But the corner of Lin Yun’s lips twitched because there was a high possibility that Fu Yunzi was a Sword Saint. So he wondered if Lil’ Purple had taken it too far.

“I have no regrets in death now that I can see Phoenix Senior before I disappear,” smiled Fu Yunzi. He then turned to look at Lin Yun, “I didn’t think that you’re the servant of Phoenix Senior. It looks like I was a little rude earlier. You better follow behind this Phoenix Senior well, and endless opportunities will be waiting for you in the future. It looks like you have an unimaginable future ahead of you.”

Lin Yun opened his mouth and wanted to explain, but Lil’ Purple snorted, “Heh.”

In the end, Lin Yun could only bear it all and let Lil’ Purple have all the limelight for now.

“You can go first. I have something that I wish to tell Phoenix Senior privately,” said Fu Yunzi as he looked at Lin Yun.

Fu Yunzi wanted to chase Lil’ Purple away, but now, Fu Yunzi wanted to chase him away. When Lin Yun heard that, he was stumped with his mouth widened. Was he being chased away? Hearing what Fu Yunzi said nearly made Lin Yun throw out a mouthful of blood. He now realized that Fu Yunzi was pretty annoying.

“The Heavenly Path is already broken, and this matter concerns whether the Dark Era can truly be ended. I have to hand the Sovereign Divine Rune over to Senior, so I would like you to leave for now,” explained Fu Yunzi.

“Leave the sword box behind, and you can leave,” said Lil’ Purple.

There was no way Lin Yun could become angry with Lil’ Purple. So he could only give her face now and leave his sword box behind with a bitter smile.

“How do I get out?” Lin Yun asked, thinking about the demonic cloud above the altar.

“Oh, yeah. Without Phoenix Senior, it’ll be hard for you to leave. So, let me send you off,” said Fu Yunzi, making Lin Yun smile bitterly because Lil’ Purple had gotten all the limelight this time. He had seen a soul fragment left behind by many seniors, but this was the first time that he was chased away so directly.

“You’ll get used to it in the future. The fact that you can follow beside this empress is your glory,” said Lil’ Purple as she turned around and gave Lin Yun a playful wink.

Lin Yun knew he couldn’t stay behind any longer because it was too awkward to stay with them. He then cupped his hands together at Fu Yunzi, “Senior, please send me out.”

“As you wish. Keep in mind to serve Phoenix Senior well. In the past, she died and bled her last blood for the Kunlun Realm,” said Fu Yunzi. This time, he had transmitted his voice to Lin Yun and didn’t let Lil’ Purple hear it.

As Lin Yun felt an immense power descending on him, his entire world began to spin. When the world lit up again, he realized he was already outside the Sword Saint Mountain. He could see Jian Jingtian slowly descending when he raised his head.

“Weird. Why did a seal suddenly appear on the Sword Saint Mountain?” Jian Jingtian asked in puzzlement. But since Lin Yun wasn’t in a good mood, he didn’t explain it to Jian Jingtian.

“Junior Brother, your current state isn’t right. What’s wrong? You didn’t obtain the inheritance?” Jian Jingtian smiled. But his face suddenly changed, and he asked, “Where’s your sword box? And the artifact spirit? Why are they gone?”

Artifact spirit? Lin Yun now realized that Jian Jingtian had mistaken Lil’ Purple for an artifact spirit. So this made Lin Yun fall into deep thoughts on whether he should tell Jian Jingtian the truth. Jian Jingtian could be trusted as someone who had saved him once, especially when Jian Jingtian confronted Tian Xuanzi to save him. Furthermore, he also had many doubts, so perhaps Jian Jingtian might be able to answer them.

“She’s not an artifact spirit.” Lin Yun roughly skipped everything about the Iris Sword Saint and told Jian Jingtian about Lil’ Purple’s origin. When Jian Jingtian heard what Lin Yun said, his eyes were filled with deep shock.

“Senior Brother, do you think she’s that Supreme Heavenly Slaughter Empress?” Lin Yun asked.

“I’m not too sure, but it should be right that she’s a phoenix. Since even the senior in the Sword Saint Mountain has confirmed it, then there’s nothing to doubt. As for a title like the Supreme Heavenly Slaughter Empress, this is a little too…” Jian Jingtian also couldn’t find a description for it because that title was a little too ridiculous. Who in the world would give themselves such a long and absurd title? But it was a fact that Lil’ Purple was a phoenix.

“Well, there’s no need for you to overthink it. You just have to follow that phoenix well.” Jian Jingtian had envy filled in his pupils, and he continued, “This is an unimaginable fortune for you. Phoenixes are auspicious beasts that can bring you good luck, and I heard that many saints have willingly become a phoenix’s servant. So it’s your glory if you also become her servant.”

Lin Yun’s lips twitched when he heard that, and he wondered if Jian Jingtian was his senior brother.

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