The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 1306 - Eight Ancient Ominous, Burying Heaven with One Sword

Chapter 1306 - Eight Ancient Ominous, Burying Heaven with One Sword

As Lin Yun continued with his breakthrough at the summit of the mountain, he couldn’t afford to be careless since the Heaven Subduing Constellation consisted of four paintings.

The process of creating the Coiling Dragon Abyss wasn’t easy, and Lin Yun had exhausted a great deal of his spirit, failing several times in the process. But he ultimately succeeded in forming the first painting.

The intent within it was neither the boundless ocean nor the dragon aura from the Azure Dragon, but a combination between the two. This required the boundless ocean to make the true dragon stand out. Otherwise, just the true dragon would be enough for the first painting.

With the Coiling Dragon Abyss experience, it was a lot easier for Lin Yun when he formed the Phoenix Parasol. At the same time, Lil’ Purple’s face also gradually calmed down because Lin Yun was truly a monster to form a Sovereign Constellation so easily.

His progress was so fast that it shocked her. He failed to create the Phoenix Parasol several times, even more than the Coiling Dragon Abyss. But just when he was about to succeed, the Phoenix Parasol suddenly broke into pieces. At the same time, a trace of blood leaked out from the corner of Lin Yun’s lips, and he opened his eyes with his face pale.

“Lin Yun!” Lil’ Purple stood up on the Snow Heed Blade and flew over.

“I’m fine. I ruined the painting on purpose,” smiled Lin Yun, telling Lil’ Purple not to worry about him.

“Hmph, you scared this empress. Wait… you ruined it on purpose?!” Lil’ Purple widened her eyes with disbelief as she looked at Lin Yun. She was short, but when she stood on the Snow Heed Blade, her height was roughly the same as Lin Yun’s.

Her cheeks were puffed together, making her look adorable. Lin Yun couldn’t help pinching her cheek with a smile. “That’s right. I ruined it on purpose.”

“Don’t pinch this empress or I’ll be furious!” Lil’ Purple struggled out of Lin Yun’s hand and asked, “Why?”

Releasing his hand from Lil’ Purple’s cheek, Lin Yun said, “You previously said that there are only a hundred Sovereign constellations in the world. May I know why?”

“That’s because, since ancient times, the light of Sovereign Constellations has already filled the boundless starry sky above the thirty-sixth layers of heaven. So the cosmos can’t bear any more Sovereign Constellations,” replied Lil’ Purple.

Naturally-born constellations existed since the beginning of the Divine Dragon Era, such as the Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger, and Black Tortoise that everyone knew about. They were born when the era changed.

After reaching the Astral Stage, a constellation belonging to a cultivator would be born in the starry sky, but their constellations were outshined by Sovereign Constellations. Furthermore, the Sovereign Constellations were all filled, and if someone didn’t wish to accept it, they would have to face the might of a hundred Sovereign Constellations at the same time.

Lin Yun roughly understood what she meant and asked, “That also means that the Divine Dragon Era can only contain a hundred Sovereign Constellations, and one will have to pick amongst the hundred if they wish to walk the path of a sovereign?”

“That’s right.” Lil’ Purple nodded. “From the primordial, ancient, and golden era, many heaven-defying geniuses were born, and those who created Sovereign Constellations were from the Primordial Era. They were invincible in their era, and their constellations were complete after being constantly perfected by those who came after. In the Golden Era, the Sovereign Constellations were complete.”

Lin Yun fell into a brief pondering before he asked, “Can it be that no one has created a Sovereign Constellation since then?”

“There were many,” replied Lil’ Purple. “But they all failed. In the Golden Era, there were many geniuses who failed, and the starry sky had no spot for them. After all, you’ll have the face the might of a hundred Sovereign Constellations when trying to create a new one. So can you imagine how tough it is? Every single Sovereign Constellation has gone through millions of years of inheritance, so how can a new Sovereign Constellation reach the same height as them?”

Suddenly, Lil’ Purple exclaimed, and she looked at Lin Yun. “Lin Yun, don’t tell me that you want to create your own Sovereign Constellation! You’ll die…”

Lin Yun fell into silence in response to her question. This also meant that he had acknowledged what she said. When Lil’ Purple saw that, she covered her mouth in disbelief.

Right at that moment, Lin Yun sighed in a helpless tone, “Earlier, when I was forming the Coiling Dragon Abyss, I could feel that my blood and heart are cold. I could sense how terrifying the painting was, but I couldn’t feel my blood boil. When I was forming the Phoenix Parasol, the feeling became even more blatant. So I…”

Lin Yun raised his head and looked at Lil’ Purple. “So I can’t keep following the Iris Sword Saint’s path. Truth be told, I’m already on a path different from him. At the very least, the Azure Dragon Saint Art doesn’t come from him.”

Lil’ Purple was shocked by what Lin Yun had said.

“I also wish to know what the Eight Ominous Soul Locking Array is, and how it is related to the sword within my body.” Lin Yun’s voice was soft, but as he spoke, he could feel his blood boiling within his veins. “I wish to create a Sovereign Constellation that solely belongs to me, belongs to Flower Burial. Since I’m going to walk on a sovereign’s path, then I naturally won’t walk on a path that belongs to someone else!”

Lil’ Purple was completely left shocked by Lin Yun’s words, and she could feel her heart beating wildly. At that moment, she didn’t even dare to look Lin Yun straight in the eyes.

“You’ll support me, right?” Lin Yun smiled with his fists clenched. This was a bold decision, and it would naturally be great if he had someone supporting him.

“This empress will go along with your craziness this once. You bastard, you’re always making this empress worried!” For some reason, Lil’ Purple could feel her nose becoming sour as she bumped fists with Lin Yun.

Right at that moment, Lil’ Red flew over and looked at the two of them with a confused gaze, since it had no idea what was going on. But even so, Lil’ Red also bumped its fist with Lin Yun and Lil’ Purple.

“You said that the three of us will stay together no matter what happens, and we will never separate from each other,” said Lil’ Purple with her eyes reddened while glaring at Lin Yun.

“That’s for sure.” Lin Yun revealed a warm smile in response.

“So, what constellation are you going to create?” Lil’ Purple asked.

With a smile, Lin Yun teased, “Seems like everyone has something against heaven, so the constellation I’m going to create will have a simple name, Heaven Burial. Eight ancient ominous burying the heaven with one sword!

Lil’ Purple was briefly stunned before she pouted, “Hmph, go on and keep boasting.”

“Isn’t the Heaven Subduing Constellating boasting as well?” Lin Yun smiled casually. “Clearly not. If I really manage to become a sovereign one day, I might really bury all of heaven if I’m not happy.”

Suddenly, Lil’ Purple reached out and placed her finger on Lin Yun’s forehead. In that split second, a huge wave of information began to pour into his mind. It was all related to constellations. In the Golden Era, many people tried to create their own Sovereign Constellation. Although they failed, they still left behind many previous experiences.

When Lin Yun opened his eyes, he nodded his head to Lil’ Purple before pushing the Iris Sword Sutra to the limit. As a silver iris flower appeared beneath him, all the Divine Astral Pellets in the sky melted into a dense golden liquid.

Taking a deep breath, Lin Yun circulated the Azure Dragon Saint Art with his vitality boiling within his body. Then, he opened his mouth and sucked up all the golden liquid into his abdomen like a whale.

Seated on the summit of the mountain, Lin Yun might seem calm on the surface, but a chaotic and terrifying amount of astral energy was coursing through his veins like magma. This wasn’t a good feeling because he had devoured an astronomical sum of Divine Astral Pellets, a total of five million. Even with his Azure Dragon Saint Physique, his physique was faintly showing signs of collapsing, and he was enduring it while recalling the Eight Ominous Soul Locking Array that he had once seen.

The eight ominous beasts were Qiongqi, Kunpeng, Flying Serpent, Aurora Dragon, Nether Spirit, Demonic Phoenix, Ghoul Null, and the Winged Dragon. Each of them had an ominous name, and others needed a reference if they wanted to form their constellation, but Lin Yun was different.

He wanted to use his blood and vitality to be the ink for the Sovereign Constellation that he will create that solely belongs to him, Flower Burial. So, before that, he had to accumulate enough blood and vitality. This process wasn’t easy, but it was unavoidable since he had chosen to take this path.

Aside from that, he also had to break the shackles within his body to release the remaining ominous souls. This was his path, and rather than avoiding it, he would rather gain control of it.

At the same time, the ominous beasts that had already broken through the shackles began to tremble, as though they knew what Lin Yun was trying to do. In the past, the shackles would only break when Lin Yun’s sword intent reached a certain height. But it was different this time because Lin Yun planned on breaking them himself.

He had a bold thought— Destroy the eight ominous souls before using his blood and vitality as ink, creating an unrivaled and invincible sovereign in this Divine Dragon Era.

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