The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 1303 - Transcendent Geniuses? (1)

Chapter 1303 - Transcendent Geniuses? (1)

Others didn’t feel anything when they heard what Lin Yun said. They were only shocked by the strength of the thousand-rune saint artifact. But the powerful sects were shocked when they heard what Lin Yun said.

Flower Burial was the champion of the Ninth Heavenly Path, someone who swept through the ten Realm Sons. They were shocked because they didn’t think that Flower Burial would really come. Half a year had passed since then, and the champions of the eight other Heavenly Paths had displayed their talent, sending shock throughout the Kunlun Realm.

Each of them was said to possess the potential of becoming saints as long as they didn’t lose their lives along the way. That was the highest evaluation for a transcendent genius, and even the strongest transcendent geniuses were only at that level.

The eight champions shone brightly in the Kunlun Realm, but there wasn’t any news about the champion of the Ninth Heavenly Path, who was the strongest amongst them. There were rumors that he had already fallen before entering the Kunlun Realm because everything about him was covered up by the Nether Divinity Clan.

The Nether Divinity Clan was a clan that had a title bestowed upon them by the Divine Dragon Empire, and they were known as the head of all the clans in the Ancient Barren Domain due to their strong foundation. So everyone felt that even if the champion of the Ninth Heavenly Path was still alive, he would definitely go into hiding.

They didn’t think that it was humiliating, and he would definitely have to face the Nether Divinity Clan and the Profound Sky Sect if he dared to appear. He was too dangerous, and there was a high chance he would fall. But if he had enough time, he would definitely be able to rise in the Kunlun Realm with his talent, so it was the right choice for him to go into hiding. So they didn’t think that he would actually dare to show up in the Kunlun Realm.

“We have no choice but to admit it. He’s a ruthless person who has slaughtered his way through millions of people, the unprecedented strongest transcendent genius of the Heavenly Path.” Ye Xun said in an unwilling tone. He wanted to rely on his strength to take revenge against the masked warrior in the future, but he totally didn’t expect that reply.

“He appeared too early…” Fang Muyang said while shaking his head.

Ye Xun was briefly stunned before he understood what Fang Muyang meant. After all, what Fang Muyang said was true. If Qin Cang or the Profound Sky Sect knew that he has shown up, death would be his only outcome, and no one would be able to save him.

“He’s strong, but there’s still a huge difference between him and transcendent geniuses. After those transcendent geniuses engrave their elysium cores with saint runes, there’s no way he can compete with them,” said Xia Yunzhen. His arm was cut off, and even if he could put it back on, this was still a huge humiliation to him.

While they talked amongst themselves, Lin Yun disappeared and no one dared to chase after him.

Four hours later, Lin Yun landed on a barren mountain and took the mask off.

When he took his mask off, the moonlight and his disguise disappeared. The Mo Clan was truly mysterious, and he still couldn’t figure out the profundity of it. When he swept his gaze at the Lightning Shadow Sword, he couldn’t help sighing.

“The Lightning Shadow Sword is really strong,” said Lin Yun. But the moment he did, he recalled that this sword was also forged by the Mo Clan.

Recalling the Thousand Flame that he previously drank, he finally realized that the Mo Clan was shrouded in mystery. Although there were barely any traces of them in the Kunlun Realm, they had left legends behind everywhere.

If he didn’t have the Lightning Shadow Sword, he wouldn’t want to face Greater Elysium Core Realm experts even if he had grasped the firmament sword intent. Firstly. His odds of winning wouldn’t have been high, for one; secondly, it would reveal his trump card too early.

Even if he managed to win, it wouldn’t be an easy one, and it would be easy for someone to take advantage of him. But it was a pity that this sword couldn’t peacefully coexist with his ‘broken sword’ physique. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have left that quickly.

He could only use this sword for half an hour; otherwise, the sword would break if he exceeded that amount of time. If that happened, he would bleed from his heart. He would rather not have the Dragon Saint Pellet and Quasi-Saint Origin instead of losing the Lightning Shadow Sword. Aside from the Flower Burial Sword, it was rare for Lin Yun to take a fancy to another sword.

After all, the Lightning Shadow Sword was too unique. It was a prideful sword that didn’t bow to his ‘broken sword’ physique. This sword was the perfect example of a swordsman, rather snap than submit. At the same time, the temper of this sword was as foul as Jian Jingtian.

Thinking about it to that point, Lin Yun couldn’t help smiling because it looked like Jian Jingtian really was a legend back then, someone who was ranked first on the three rankings.

Right at that moment, Lil’ Purple flew out from the sword box and sat on the Snow Heed Blade. The blade was gorgeous with a decorated silver body with a blade scabbard that looked like snow flowers. The patterns on the blade were gorgeous, and it was a perfect match with Lil’ Purple’s temperament.

But the blade was too long. It was the same size as her height. She couldn’t even draw the blade. So in her hands, the thousand-rune saint artifact could only be used as a decorative object.

“Empress, this Lightning Shadow Sword should have previously housed a spirit, right?” Lin Yun asked.

“Probably, but it’s already gone. At the very least, it no longer had a spirit when it was in Jian Jingtian’s hands.” Lil’ Purple said. She had previously taken a look at the Lightning Shadow Sword.

“If it has a spirit, it can be called a divine artifact, right?”

Nodding her head, Lil’ Purple replied, “That’s for sure. A spirit that can bear the aura of divine artifacts is comparable to ancient saint beasts. In ancient times, there were people who didn’t like to conduct a ceremony and would rather capture saint beasts to use them as spirits for divine artifacts.”

“Has anyone tried to capture you?” Lin Yun asked.

“Ha. Ha.” Lil’ Purple placed her hands on the blade and snickered, “This empress is from the Divine Phoenix Clan. Unless I’m willing, no one can force me to become a spirit for an artifact. But there were those who weren’t afraid of death, and there were plenty of people who thought that they could subdue this empress…”

“What happened to them?”

“The eradication of their entire family line and not a single person was spared.” Lil’ Purple fearlessly said, as if she was stating something common.

But Lin Yun didn’t believe that as he glanced at her. He felt that she was just boasting. After all, if she was really that strong, then she wouldn’t have been locked up by the Iris Sword Saint for a hundred thousand years.

But as an Ice Phoenix of the Divine Phoenix Clan, there should be those who tried to capture her in ancient times. But since she could survive, this simply meant that all those who played their schemes against her were all dead.

After stabbing the Lightning Shadow Sword into the ground, Lin Yun sat and placed both of his hands on his knees. An iris flower opened beneath him right at that moment. He had to recover himself after that series of battles.

Based on the environment on the Profound Wither Island, regardless of recovering or cultivating, it would naturally be a few times faster than the outside world. In just the time for a tea kettle to boil, Lin Yun reopened his eyes. His eyes were like two swords that could pierce through space.

“Well, time to check my harvest.” Lin Yun muttered to himself.

He had obtained quite a huge harvest this time. With just the Divine Astral Pellets alone, he had obtained roughly seven million of them. Aside from that, Lil’ Red also obtained many treasures. There were all sorts of saint elixirs and jade slips, and there might be incomplete or complete ancient martial techniques recorded on those jade slips.

Lin Yun roughly swept his gaze through them, and he didn’t have a use for most of them. But he could leave them in the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect so that the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect could rise with those jade slips in the future and become the strongest sect in the Profound Azure Prefecture.

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