The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 1281 - Invincible in the Sword, Dugu Yan

Chapter 1281 - Invincible in the Sword, Dugu Yan

The sky was filled with countless Empyreans, and those transcendent geniuses stood out even more. They were like the protagonists of this world, and the Profound Wither Island was a stage meant for them.

When the eight strongest sects’ disciples gathered up, the big sects also began to gather their men under their strongest geniuses. This made the entire sky full of people, and Lin Yun even saw many demonic cultivators charging towards the profound Wither Island.

“Let us hurry up as well. But be careful because the tornado is really terrifying,” said Ye Ziling with a grave expression. She also didn’t dare to be careless.

Although the restriction only targets Elysium Core Realm experts, no one could be sure that there wouldn’t be any mishaps. But Lin Yun wasn’t in a hurry to enter and followed closely behind Luo Hua.

“Heh. There’s nothing you can do if the restriction left behind by the Profound Wither Great Saint targets her. You’ll only be caught up in it.” Lil’ Purple instantly understood what Lin Yun was trying to do after seeing his actions.

“Continue talking and I’ll have to consider throwing you out.” Lin Yun warned. He was a little terrified of her mouth, since anything bad that came out of her mouth tends to come true.

“Hmph. You heartless fellow. I’ll ignore you!” Lil’ Purple snorted and became quiet.

Their speed was neither fast nor slow. When they stepped into the restriction, only then did they realize that the tornado was a lot stronger than they had imagined. The restriction was so powerful that not even Samsara Edict Realm experts could do anything about it, but it didn’t do anything to Empyreans like them.

As Lin Yun’s group probed their way through, the world became entirely made up of wind.

“Looks like my understanding of wind intent is still too low. The power of wind isn’t any weaker than lightning…” Lin Yun didn’t feel any discomfort here. On the other hand, this place felt amicable to him instead. After all, his Innate Azure Dragon Saint Physique allowed him to have a close connection with thunderstorms.

But Lin Yun soon found something unusual because he could sense that this place wasn’t as calm as he had imagined, and the restriction here wasn’t that simple. Suddenly, sounds of fighting could be heard ahead of them, along with energy fluctuations.

“Looks like they ran into a baleful wind.” Ye Ziling said. Baleful winds were something evil only found in tornados. The ordinary baleful winds wouldn’t have any intelligence and would only know how to devour anything that came close to it by instinct.

Then again, baleful winds would occasionally give birth to intelligence, such as the flame vein that Lin Yun ran into back in the Profound Amber Realm. It would be unavoidable for them to run into baleful winds as they continued deeper into the tornado.

At the same time, there were many stars shining as bright as gems that contained pure wind-attributed energy. The journey to the Profound Wither Island wasn’t simple, and one could see many rare sceneries that were hard to find outside.

Ye Ziling and Luo Hua didn’t hold back. They were traveling at a high speed, throwing many Empyreans behind them. The light was gradually getting brighter, which meant that they were getting closer to the Profound Wither Island.

Many big sects weren’t in a rush and would work together to kill some baleful winds. After all, the baleful winds that bore intelligence could produce saint pearls that contained their essence upon death, and it was a rare treasure that could hardly be found outside.

This harvest before entering the Profound Wither Island merely made everyone even more excited and even forgot about how the Elysium Core Realm experts who died just a moment ago.

“Senior Sister, the Azure Thunder Sect’s party!” Jiang Lichen suddenly said when he saw the Azure Thunder Sect’s party. There were a lot of them. Aside from disciples from their own sect, they also recruited many Quasi-Elysium Core Realm experts. They weren’t young, and they could make a breakthrough if they wanted.

They were probably waiting to enter the Profound Wither Island before making a breakthrough and forming into a terrifying force. Any sects with some foundation would prepare a similar method. The Azure Thunder Sect wasn’t an exception to this.

Since Ye Ziling didn’t wish to cause any trouble and was prepared to route through them, the Azure Thunder Sect’s party suddenly came up and surrounded them.

“Who’s Lin Yun?” An indifferent voice resounded with a person standing out with a group of Azure Thunder Sect disciples around him. This man was donned in purple clothes with his eyes tightly closed. He was emitting a piercing sword ray.

He was Dugu Yan, the strongest Empyrean of the Azure Thunder Sect, and was known to be invincible in the sword. It was said that he could compete with those transcendent geniuses, and Lin Yun had seen this person from afar, competing for the saint elixir.

“Looking for me?” Lin Yun fearlessly smiled.

“You actually dared to stand out!”

“Senior Brother Dugu, you can’t let him off! He brutally killed many disciples of our Azure Thunder Sect!”

“There are no Samsara Edict Realm experts here, and killing him is the same as crushing an ant.”

“Blood has to be paid with blood!” The Azure Thunder Sect’s disciples became enraged when they saw Lin Yun and couldn’t even suppress their killing intent. They had a lot of people. Not only do they have Quasi-Elysium Core Realm experts, but also several Lesser Elysium Core Realm experts who made it through the restriction.

“Lin Yun stays behind, the rest can leave.” Dugu Yan’s indifferent voice resounded. Right from the beginning, he didn’t even open his eyes, as if none of these people were worthy of him to open his eyes. But there were also rumors that he had tempered a pair of Azure Thunder Sword Eyes, a pair of eyes that could kill with just his gaze. His fame also gave him a terrifying temperament and made him have an unquestionable tone.

“What if I refuse?” Ye Ziling raised her brow and placed her hand on her sword. If there was no negotiation, then only a battle would await them. This instantly made the surrounding atmosphere tense up, and this confrontation also attracted much attention.

Everyone was curious because it was too unwise to start a fight here when they were about to enter the Profound Wither Island. But when they saw Lin Yun, they instantly figured everything out.

After all, they had heard that Lin Yun slew the eight geniuses of the big sects, and he was only alive because the disciple of the Radiant Sword Saint stood out. But many people felt at that time that Lin Yun would be doomed the moment he entered the Profound Wither Island due to the commotion he had caused.

They felt that Lin Yun should keep a low profile and sneak onto the island, and everyone really thought that he would when they didn’t see Lin Yun competing for the saint elixir. They thought that Lin Yun would disguise himself and sneak onto the island.

But they didn’t think that he would just enter so openly. Without a Samsara Edict Realm expert’s protection, it would be weird if the big sects didn’t come after him.

“This person is really unlucky to run into Dugu Yan.”

“Dugu Yan is known to be invincible in the sword amongst the younger generation, someone capable of competing with transcendent geniuses.”

“I’m afraid Lin Yun won’t be able to make it to the island. He should’ve kept a low profile. What a pity…” Many people had a favorable impression of Lin Yun, and this scene made them shake their heads with a sigh before they left.

A battle would soon break out, and it would be troublesome if they were caught in it. At the same time, many gazes were directed at Dugu Yan, and were curious about his rumored eyes.

“Big Sister Ye, come here!” Right at that moment, a chuckle resounded. When everyone turned to the source of the voice, they saw a group of people carrying a sword box behind them. They were gathered together like a sharp sword and emitted a boundless sword aura.

“The Sword Sect!” Everyone exclaimed with fear in their eyes. After all, the Sword Sect was the strongest sect in the sword path in the Ancient Barren Domain.

The one who spoke was Mu Qingqing, and she spoke as if she had no idea of the grudges between the Azure Thunder Sect and the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect. She was wearing a smile when she greeted Ye Ziling, and this instantly made everyone from the Azure Thunder Sect nervous with their faces becoming ugly.

“Senior Brother…” Everyone turned to look at Dugu Yan. But Dugu Yan didn’t speak as he turned to face the white-clothed youth standing behind Mu Qingqing with his closed eyes. That white-clothed youth was naturally Sikong Zhou of the Sword Sect, ranked fourth on the Empyrean Ranking.

“Your friends?” Sikong Zhou asked as he turned to look at Mu Qingqing.

Nodding her head, Mu Qingqing smiled. “Can we help them?”

“Oh? Come over, then.” Sikong Zhou casually replied without even taking a look at Dugu Yan. Right at this moment, an eerie sword aura spread out from Dugu Yan, and all the Empyreans who felt it instantly felt like they were suffocating, as if their hearts were being grabbed by an invisible hand.

But right at that moment, a bolt of lightning rumbled by everyone’s ears and the boundless sword aura disappeared. This instantly made everyone nervous and wondered if Dugu Yan was going to fight Sikong Zhou. One of them was known to be invincible in the sword, while the other was the transcendent genius of the Sword Sect. This made everyone wonder who would win if they fought.

At the same time, Lin Yun also widened his mouth. The Azure Thunder Sect clearly came for him, but it looked like there was going to be a fight between Dugu Yan and Sikong Zhou with him being neglected, and the feeling of being disregarded didn’t feel good.

“I’ll wait for you at the Profound Wither Island.” Dugu Yan ultimately didn’t open his eyes and left.

After Dugu Yan, Jiang Lichen and the rest let out a breath of relief, since the pressure from Dugu Yan was too strong, as if Dugu Yan alone was comparable to an entire sect.

“Hehe. Big Sister Ye, come along with us. Let us go together,” smiled Mu Qingqing.

Ye Ziling loosened her grip on her sword and said, “You’ll enter the Sword Sect sooner or later.”

“Senior Sister, you’re not afraid I’ll start a fight with the Sword Sect? After all, I’m known for my ‘good’ temper. You know that…” Lin Yun smiled, but Ye Ziling merely rolled her eyes.

“Looks like I can’t avoid them…” Lin Yun sighed when he saw Qin Tian and Zhang Ting within the group. He had a conflict with them just a few days ago, and they would probably start talking about him now.

Well, it was fortunate that he had a good temper. This made Lin Yun squint his eyes with a smile before he flew towards the Sword Sect with Ye Ziling.

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