The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 1215 - The Younger Generation Suppresses the Older Generation

Chapter 1215 – The Younger Generation Suppresses the Older Generation

The sound of the heaven-shattering instantly drew everyone’s attention as they saw a crimson blade suspended in the heavens like the fang of an ancient ominous beast. Based on the demonic aura that the blade released, it was clear that this was a demonic saint artifact.

The blade made Lin Yun squint his eyes because the blade was awfully familiar. But Lin Yun soon widened his mouth because he finally recalled where he saw this blade. If it was really as he had speculated, then it might be even more troublesome for them.

“Hehe, I’m here!” A burst of laughter sounded out as a figure appeared from the broken heaven and grabbed onto the demonic blade. When he landed on the ground, a powerful wave of demonic aura swept out that made the ground tremble.

“Yan Tie, seventh guardian of the Sky Bale Pavilion greets Young Master Luo under the pavilion master’s orders!” Yan Tie smiled and bowed toward Luo Hua. This made both Lin Yun and Bai Ting look at Luo Hua with surprise. After all, the newcomer was the same demonic cultivator that stood in their path back in the third layer of heaven when he was tempering his saint artifact with lightning.

Fortunately, Luo Hua recognized this person and threatened him with the Sword Sect’s name, causing him to retreat. But now, he appeared before them as their backup, so it was unavoidable for the two of them to be shocked.

Nodding her head, Luo Hua said, “Get up.”

Looking at Luo Hua, Yan Tie rejoiced that he didn’t take it too far back then because even the pavilion master had to listen to this woman. He then swept his gaze around and smiled, “You people need to have some shame as experts of the righteous path. My Blood Fang Blade is also a thousand-rune saint artifact although it’s not comparable to the Lightning Shadow Sword. I wonder if you guys are interested?”

The nine figures were dumbfounded with great shock. They couldn’t believe that an expert of the demonic path actually listened to Luo Hua, not to mention that the Sky Bale Pavilion was a powerful sect with a terrifying foundation.

“Hmmm? Aren’t you the old geezer of the Feng Clan?” Yan Tie’s eyes suddenly lit up when he saw a person among the nine and slashed out with his blade. When the thousand-rune saint artifact was activated, it dyed the entire sky red.

When everything returned to normal, one of the people masked by the black mist revealed his appearance with a sword that was snapped in half. The old man was emitting a terrifying aura and was sent flying with a huge gash on his chest.

When Lin Yun saw this person, this person had an uncanny resemblance to Feng Xuanzi. He instantly knew that this person was from the Feng Clan!

When the old man’s identity was revealed, he immediately turned around and left. The eight other experts also took several steps back as they looked at Yan Tie’s blade with lingering fear in their pupils.

Shortly after, they didn’t hesitate to leave knowing that there was nothing they could do to Yan Tie. Otherwise, it would be awkward if their identity was revealed because it would put a huge stain on their reputation.

“Hmmm? Is it really that embarrassing to snatch things? Why are they running so fast?” Yan Tie grinned when everyone left. To someone of the demonic path, stealing was simply the norm.

At the same time, the geniuses who rushed over from the city were completely shocked by Yan Tie’s strength because they didn’t expect that a demonic expert would be here wielding a thousand-rune saint artifact to aid Lin Yun.

“The biggest trouble is here,” said Yan Tie with his brows locked while he tightened his grip on his blade.

His words made Lin Yun’s heart tremble while he began to wonder who could make someone like Yan Tie be wary. It looked like the Lightning Shadow Sword was endlessly troublesome. It was difficult to intimidate everyone without killing a few people.

Right at this moment, boundless sword intent surged forward from the horizon and the strong gale forced Lin Yun to close his eyes. When he managed to open his eyes, he could see a white-clothed elder standing before them.

“I’m Liu Tianyi of the Skysolute City,” smiled an old man at Lin Yun.

The old man’s introduction immediately caused an uproar because the Skysolute City was a haven that the Sword Emperor created. Gongsun Yan also quickly came out from the crowd, cupping his hands together while he suppressed his excitement, “Junior Gongsun Yan, greets Elder Liu!”

“An outer disciple of the Sword Emperor’s lineage. You’re a decent talent and I’ve heard about you.” Liu Tianyi nodded his head. His words immediately made Gongsun Yan excited because he knew about his position despite others calling him a disciple of the Sword Emperor’s lineage.

After all, a subsidiary force would always be a subsidiary force and it could never be compared to disciples cultivating in the Skysolute City. But there was no doubt that this was a huge opportunity for him. As long as this senior was happy, it would be easy for him to join the Skysolute City.

But Liu Tianyi merely praised Gongsun Yan and his gaze was fixed on Lin Yun. When he looked at Lin Yun’s forehead, even he couldn’t help wearing shock on his face. Looking at Lin Yun, he finally spoke out, “You’re Lin Yun, right? Are you interested in joining the Sword Emperor’s lineage?”

His words made the chuckling Gongsun Yan go stiff. He was the one who called the elder of the Skysolute City here, but he didn’t expect that the elder would invite Lin Yun to the Sword Emperor’s lineage instead.

“There are geniuses in the sword like you in the Skysolute City, and there are also those who are stronger than you. You’re talented in the sword, and I believe you can fully excavate your potential under our guidance,” said Liu Tianyi with interest blazing in his pupils.

His words immediately made the crowd explode because they didn’t think that Lin Yun could leave the city, let alone get a recruitment offer.

“This fellow is really lucky!” Gong Haoran’s eyes were blazing with jealousy.

“Gongsun Yan probably even wants to throw out blood. After all, he was so confident that he would have the opportunity to join the Skysolute City. Instead, Lin Yun is getting that opportunity,” smiled Zhao Yan.

“Not interested.” Lin Yun declined without any hesitation, which made everyone’s heart ache.

“Hey, don’t tell me you don’t even know who the Nine Emperors are.” Even Yan Tie had locked his brows together looking at Lin Yun in confusion. After all, everyone in Kunlun Realm knew of the Nine Emperors’ fame, not to mention that the Sword Emperor was the only emperor in the sword. So the haven created by him was naturally the holy land of all swordsmen. How could Lin Yun refuse the offer?

“He’s a disciple of the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect, so I’m sorry about that!” Bai Ting said while he gritted his teeth.

“The Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect?” Liu Tianyi frowned upon hearing that because he had never heard of this sect before.

“Elder, it’s a subsidiary force of the Sword Sect…” Gongsun Yan whispered in Liu Tianyi’s ears.

“Looks like I was being rude.” Liu Tianyi’s tone became less friendly and a lot more polite, which surprised Lin Yun. Could it be that the Sword Sect and Sword Emperor’s lineage had a grudge or something?

Lin Yun didn’t know this yet, but his guess was right on the money. However, he wouldn’t learn more about it until he arrived at the Sword Sect. The grudge between the Sword Sect and Sword Emperor’s lineage wasn’t simple.

“I heard that you retrieved the Lightning Shadow Sword, and I have a strong obsession with the Mo Clan’s treasures, especially their swords. I’m willing to trade it for other treasures and I won’t make you suffer a loss,” said Liu Tianyi.

“This sword belongs to the sect master and Lin Yun can’t make that decision. If senior is interested, you can make a trip with us to the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect,” smiled Bai Ting. After all, it would be great for them to have a bodyguard back in the Fleeting cloud Sword Sect.

“That troublesome?” Liu Tianyi frowned and asked, “Young lad, do you mind letting me take a look at the sword?”

“This is fine.” Lin Yun retrieved the Lightning Shadow Sword and handed it over to Liu Tianyi. He didn’t fear that he would be robbed. This also made Gongsun Yan’s heart throb seeing it.

When Lin Yun saw that Liu Tianyi wanted to draw the sword out, he warned, “Just seeing it is good enough. You might not be able to draw it out.”

His words made the corner of Gongsun Yan’s lips twitch as he glared at Lin Yun coldly, “Lin Yun, you better be polite. How can an elder of the Sword Emperor’s lineage not be able to draw a saint artifact?”

But Liu Tianyi smiled instead, “It’s fine. To an ordinary expert in the Dragon Pulse Realm, they might really not be able to draw out this sword. But it’s nothing to… me… ughh…”

The smile disappeared from Liu Tianyi as he tried pulling out the sword. He was in an awkward position now and Gongsun Yan’s face became ugly as he immediately regretted his words to Lin Yun.

“Some space please,” said Liu Tianyi before he wore a grave expression. In the blink of an eye, he summoned nine dragon pulses that caused a violent gale to sweep in the surroundings.

“This old geezer is pretty strong,” muttered Yan Tie with deep fear flashing across his pupils.

Then, a dazzling sword ray shined out of Liu Tianyi’s body that formed a beam that shot into the sky. The beam alone had broken through two layers of heaven and the sword aura he was emitting made many people close their eyes. But even so, the Lightning Shadow Sword still didn’t budge.

This scene made Gongsun Yan’s jaw drop. But Lin Yun was calm because he already knew that this sword had a foul temper. After all, it would rather snap than submit to him. So how could it possibly submit to a Dragon Pulse Realm expert?

“Let me help you,” said Lin Yun.

“You can draw it out?” Liu Tianyi looked at Lin Yun with doubt in his pupils.

But before he could finish, Lin Yun smiled and drew the sword out easily. This scene made Liu Tianyi feel dazed briefly before he sighed, “It’s true, the younger generation surpasses the older generation. I’ll be taking my leave then.”

Without any hesitation, Liu Tianyi left.

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