The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 1211 - Sorting Out

Chapter 1211 – Sorting Out

Lin Yun understood why Zhao Yan was here. After all, they had forged a friendship through a fight and even promised to fight again in the future when his cultivation caught up. However, Lin Yun had no clue why Ye Feifan followed.

“Lin Yun, when are you planning on leaving?” Zhao Yan asked while he looked at Luo Hua because he was also curious about her identity.

“Most likely tomorrow morning,” said Lin Yun.

“It won’t be easy because many people are eyeing the Lightning Shadow Sword…” Zhao Yan then looked at Luo Hua and hesitated.

Lin Yun already knew about the people targeting the sword. It made him feel like the old geezer was too unreasonable. How could he ask Lin Yun to retrieve the sword with no intention of escorting Lin Yun back safely?

“Sorry for being rude, but may I ask about your identity? After all, Ancient Saint Clans are still rare in the Eastern Desolation.” In the end, Zhao Yan couldn’t help trying to probe Luo Hua’s identity.

“I can’t tell you that,” said Luo Hua.

What Zhao Yan was trying to imply was obvious. If Luo Hua was willing to disclose her identity, then no one would dare to come after Lin Yun for the Lightning Shadow Sword. But not disclosing her identity would give others hope to try and snatch the sword.

Seeing that he was declined, Zhao Yan didn’t say anything else. He realized that Luo Hua was arrogant and wouldn’t show any expression to anyone aside from Lin Yun.

“Well then, take care of yourself, Brother Lin. There’s nothing my Zhao Clan can do to help in the Azure Rock County City.” Zhao Yan said before he retrieved a jade token and exchanged his seal with Lin Yun as a form of contact.

In Kunlun Realm, only those with light-attributed saint rune engraved on a token could transmit news regardless of how far away they were.

“Hehe. Big Brother Lin, I’m Lil’ Fan. Let’s exchange contacts as well. Who knows, we might meet again in the future,” said Ye Feifan while retrieving his jade token.

Lin Yun raised his head to look at Ye Feifan. He could tell that Ye Feifan wasn’t an ordinary person based on his temperament, but he had no idea of Ye Feifan’s motive for coming to the Sword Assembly. Zhao Yan even seemed to know of Ye Feifan, but he didn’t seem to care.

Thinking about the information he received from Ye Feifan about the three challenges, Lin Yun took out his token and exchanged contact with Ye Feifan.

“I’ll get going now then,” smiled Ye Feifan as if he wasn’t worried about Lin Yun’s situation.

After the two of them left, Lin Yun continued his discussion with Elder Bai Ting, “Tomorrow should be the ranking battle of the Profound Azure Prefecture, right? Will the Profound Astral Bird be able to make it in time?”

Bai Ting had a difficult expression on his face as he scratched his head, “It’ll take at least two days and two nights. If there’s an accident, it might even take three or four days.”

It was natural to encounter accidents when traveling beyond the first layer of heaven. There were countless demonic cultivators and demonic beasts that could cause harm.

“Not from the third layer, but you can make it in time through the fourth layer,” said Luo Hua.

Lin Yun’s eyes lit up when he heard that. After all, traveling through the fourth layer meant shrinking the distance by four times. Even if there were mishaps, one day should be enough for him to reach the Profound Azure Manor.

“The fourth layer?” Bai Ting widened his eyes in disbelief because it was incredibly dangerous. After all, demonic beasts capable of living in the fourth layer were hard to tame and not even the Azure Rock Hidden Sword Pavilion would have one.

“Let me find a solution. Lin Yun, you go and rest for now. Then, make your breakthrough.” Luo Hua spoke calmly as if everything was in her grasp.

This scene made Lin Yun feel relieved because this meant that he would only have to focus on reaching the Empyrean Realm. It didn’t take long for the three to return to the Huang Clan’s manor.

Lin Yun had a courtyard of his own where he continued to refine the Nirvana Pellet. He was planning to make a full recovery before attempting his breakthrough. After all, the effects of any pellet would decline after multiple consumptions, and the Nirvana Pellet wasn’t an exception.

In the past, he could instantly recover to his top state after taking the Nirvana Pellet, but this was the third time Lin Yun had consumed it. It took much longer for the effect to kick in. Luckily, it could still bring him back from the brink of death and grant him great comprehension.

An hour later, Lin Yun opened his eyes and let out a breath. When he recovered from his injuries, the wounds on his chest had practically recovered. The Nirvana Pellet was a divine elixir and his vitality was strong because he possessed the Azure Dragon Saint Physique.

Right at this moment, cracks began to appear on the sword cocoon in his forehead. When the sword cocoon broke, a golden aura flowed out like liquid that contained an unimaginable sword aura. But it quickly stopped because it was just a small crack.

“Hmmm?” Lin Yun slowly became excited because the sword cocoon finally broke. He initially thought it would take half a year for the sword cocoon to break, but it came much sooner than that. Now, he only needed two or three months to grasp the complete divine firmament sword intent.

“Looks like it was a good idea to come to the Sword Assembly,” muttered Lin Yun. He vaguely understood why the old geezer wanted him to retrieve the Lightning Shadow Sword. He had gone through life and death from the three challengers, and it would have taken six months for him to possess the complete divine firmament sword intent if he didn’t have this experience.

Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts because he knew that the old geezer definitely grasped the complete divine firmament sword intent. Lin Yun could only rely on himself for the comprehension portion, but he needed experience to help him make the breakthrough.

Was retrieving the sword just an excuse to get me out here? Lin Yun took out the Lightning Shadow Sword and fell into deep thoughts. If he really wanted to retrieve the Lightning Shadow Sword, that old geezer could have taken it by force based on his strength. Although he was in the Dragon Pulse Realm, he was a lot stronger than others. Paired with his divine firmament sword intent, who could compete with him?

So did that mean that he had misunderstood the old geezer? Lin Yun’s heart throbbed before he let out a sigh. Ye Ziling had a similar experience as him, and he realized at this moment that he was too biased.

Right at this moment, the door opened with Lil’ Purple and Lil’ Red waltzing in. Lil’ Purple laid on the chair and was clearly here to give Lin Yun some guidance, “I guessed that you recovered from your injuries and were making preparations to reach the Empyrean Realm.”

“Good guess.” Lin Yun smiled because Lil’ Purple had guessed his thoughts.

Lil’ Purple pondered briefly before she said, “Your guess is right. The old geezer purposely made you experience life and death. Perhaps he misplaced the sword or maybe you’re more important than that sword.”

Lin Yun couldn’t help feeling bad when he heard what Lil’ Purple said because it seemed like he had wronged the old geezer this time.

“But at least you took the burden all on yourself and didn’t tell Ye Ziling about it. Otherwise, who knows what will happen to their relationship.” Lil’ Purple’s face changed when she realized that the Lightning Shadow Sword was in Lin Yun’s hand, “Hey, what are you doing?! Don’t scare me!”

“It’s fine.” Lin Yun took a deep breath and unsheathed the Lightning Shadow Sword. He could hear the resonation of countless swords as the sword emitted a cold light. The sword hilt had ‘Lightning Shadow’ engraved on it along with an ancient and profound ‘Mo’ engraved on the other side.

The sword had a total of a thousand lightning-attributed saint runes and the core was a divine artifact. It was a pure lightning sword, and he couldn’t imagine how powerful it would be in the hands of a swordsman who cultivated lightning intent.

Lin Yun circulated his origin energy and poured it into the sword, activating ten saint runes. As his origin energy boiled, his physique showed signs of collapsing. He could only activate ten saint runes with his current cultivation. If he pushed himself to the limit, he might be able to activate 13 or 14 saint runes, but that amount was nothing for the Lightning Shadow Sword.

But even so, Lin Yun could sense that it had greatly boosted the power of his Azure Dragon Sword Aura. Now, the gigantic dragon that circled around Lin Yun looked like lightning crystals.

Sheathing his sword, the lightning and azure dragon both disappeared. Lil’ Purple was shocked and asked, “This… did your broken sword physique fail?”

“I can sense that stronger swords take longer to break. But this sword will ultimately break. In the past, I couldn’t understand why the Flower Burial Sword didn’t break. It must have received the acknowledgement of the broken sword,” said Lin Yun as he shook his head.

Lil’ Purple held onto her chin and replied, “That makes sense. What about the Lightning Shadow Sword? Did it receive its acknowledgement?”

“I don’t think so,” said Lin Yun in an uncertain voice. “I can feel that it’s still competing with the broken sword but the broken sword ignored it. However, itt also seems like the Lightning Shadow Sword changed its mind about me. So I can barely use it now.”

“Then you can use this sword!” Lil’ Purple smiled.

“I guess, but not for long because the sword will still break,” said Lin Yun in an uncertain voice.

“Hehe. Then don’t give it back to the old geezer. Let me see if I can find a solution.” Lil’ Purple immediately began to ponder things. Lin Yun could tell that she loved this sword. After all, she didn’t care when he destroyed the Incineration Sword.

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