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Chapter 859 - Chapter 859: Suspicion (2)

Chapter 859: Suspicion (2)

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Xiao Qirui covered his mouth and coughed dryly. His face darkened as he said, “As generals in the army, instead of thinking about how to deal with the enemy, you’re here arguing with a child who hasn’t even gone through puberty.

Is this the example you set for your soldiers?”

Song Jinghuan’s words just now were really bold. Xiao Qirui specially mentioned her age and said that they were venting their emotions. Anyone who wasn’t stupid knew that he was biased.

However, so what if they knew? The only person in the army who could be on equal footing with Xiao Qirui was Meng Wu. Since he had already said so, could Meng Wu lower himself to argue with a child?

Moreover, Xiao Qirui clearly wanted to protect the young soldier. If Meng Wu really did that, not only would he lose his composure, but he would also completely expose his ugly side to Xiao Qirui. It would not be worth it.

The five of them looked at each other and gritted their teeth. “I know my mistake.”

Only then did Xiao Qirui look at Song Jinghuan. “And you, even if you’re in a bad mood because you saw too many of your colleagues die in battle, you shouldn’t be so loose-lipped. You’re offending your superiors.”

“On account of your young age, General Meng isn’t a petty person. I’ll punish you to run five rounds around the training grounds and personally apologize to General Meng.” He paused, as if afraid that Song Jinghuan didn’t know how serious the matter was. He asked again, “Do you admit it?”

Sun Hao and the others looked at Xiao Qirui strangely. If not for the fact that they knew that General Xiao was only 22 years old and couldn’t have given birth to a 12-year-old child, they would have thought that Song Jinghuan was his son. However, they had never heard of General Xiao having a youngest son.

Last time, Liu Yang was beaten up 20 times for leading the way in causing trouble. Compared to General Song’s words, it was simply incomparable.

Yes, it must be because their little general was too cute that General Xiao protected him like this.

Sun Hao and the others felt that they had found the truth. They looked at Xiao Qirui kindly. After all, they were all in the same boat.

Song Jinghuan cupped his hands and said, “General, you’re right. I was careless for a moment. I’ll definitely apologize to General Meng later.”

“Do you know your mistake now?” he thought.

Song Jinghuan thought to herself, “Absolutely not. It’s impossible for me to be wrong about this in this lifetime.” Xiao Qirui waved his hand helplessly. “Go.”


He looked at the five generals again. “The five of you, follow me in. The rest of you can leave.”

When Liu Jinbao, who had long wanted to leave, heard this, he quickly turned around and chased after Song Jinghuan. Seeing this, Sun Hao and the others followed.

On the training grounds, a group of people was sweating profusely from running under the hot sun. Song Jinghuan turned around speechlessly and looked at the people behind him. She thought for a moment and asked Sun Hao, “Have Tang Shun and the others returned?”

The six people she was talking about were the ones who had been injured and were resting in the tent four days ago. Outsiders thought that they were still recuperating these few days, but in fact, Song Jinghuan had secretly sent them out to investigate the location of the black gunpowder in the Wu Kingdom. Sun Hao shook his head worriedly. “Not yet.”

Song Jinghuan clenched her fists and frowned. “Don’t waste time here. If you have nothing to do, go to the infirmary to help.”

“But…” Sun Hao was worried.

“Can I run fewer laps just because you’re here? Hurry up and go.” Song Jinghuan chased them away impolitely. Seeing that they didn’t listen, she emphasized, “This is a military order.”

“Then run slower, Lieutenant. General Xiao didn’t say that he wanted you to finish running in a day. If you’re tired from running, let’s rest and run tomorrow.” Sun Hao’s tone subconsciously sounded like he was coaxing a child.

The corners of Song Jinghuan’s mouth twitched. This thing could be arranged in installments?

“I know, I know. It’s only five laps. It’s not like we haven’t run it before. Hurry up and go.”

Sun Hao and the others could only turn around and leave.

Song Jinghuan pursed her lips. At that time, she told Tang Shun and the others that no matter if they found out or not, they had to return within four days. Today was the fourth day, so they should be back by now.

Thinking of this, she quickened her pace.

After running one round, she realized that something was wrong. She turned around abruptly and realized that Liu Jinbao was running behind her, out of breath.

Song Jinghuan was speechless.

She jogged back. ‘Why are you still here?”

“I… I…” Liu Jinbao panted heavily. “I’m exercising.”

Song Jinghuan sized him up from head to toe. “You’re already so tired after running one round. You really should train hard.”

Liu Jinbao thought to himself, “Am I being looked down upon?”

Liu Jinbao thought, “That’s not what you said to Sun Hao and the others..”

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