The Science Ace Go Back To The Past To Save Her Brothers

Chapter 47 - Helping the Tiger

Chapter 47: Helping the Tiger

“I did not hit you with my car at all! It was clearly you who fell on your own.” Su Jun frowned and explained. Su Jun could not waste any more time. He still needed to go to the kindergarten to make sure Su Su was alright.

However, the old lady on the ground didn’t care for what Su Jun had to say. She simply laid on the ground and refused to get up. She held Su Jun tightly while screaming at the top of her lungs, “This man hit me with his car! He hit an old woman! Does no one care for an old woman? Where is the justice in all this?!”

The people nearby heard the commotion and gathered around Su Jun and the old lady. They began to murmur amongst themselves.

“Hey, this rich dude drives a Rolls Royce, yet he’s still trying to get away with hitting an old woman with his car.”

“Maybe this old lady knows that this guy is rich and wants to extort money from him.”

“That’s not necessarily true. The old woman is clearly clutching her stomach in pain and yelling miserably. What if that guy really hit her with his car?”

Su Jun had never been surrounded by a crowd like this before. The public continued to point and discuss amongst themselves. At this moment, Su Jun was anxious and embarrassed. It seemed like there was no way for him to clear up the grievances he felt, so he could only hold onto the old woman’s hand and try to break free from her clutches.

Su Jun did not expect the old lady to hold on to him so tightly that his pants began to rip. The old woman was stubborn and simply refused to let go. The moment Su Jun would try and touch the old woman, she would scream even louder, “This guy is trying to get away with a hit and run!”

“What are you doing?! Stop that at once!” A crisp female voice suddenly echoed. Then, a young woman with short hair squeezed out from the crowd and pointed at Su Jun.

Su Jun was a little stunned by the woman’s pointing and subconsciously let go of the old lady’s hands. The woman saw this and immediately ran to the old woman’s side. She asked nervously, “Ma’am, are you okay? Do you need me to take you to the hospital?”

The old woman grimaced and said, “No, no, I don’t need to go to the hospital. I just want this man to pay for my medical expenses! Ah, I’m in so much pain!”

Su Jun’s face turned cold as he said unhappily, “How is she injured? She just wants to extort money from me!”

Seeing that Su Jun had exposed her schemes, the old lady immediately cried loudly.

“How can you say that to an old lady? You’re incredibly shameless!” Seeing the old lady cry, the short-haired lady immediately became angry. She stood up, glared at Su Jun, and said, “Apologize to the old lady right now!”

At this time, the old lady who was still on the ground cried out promptly, “This man hit me with his car, yet I have to beg him to pay for my medical bills.”

“The old lady is right. You have to accompany her to the hospital and pay for her medical bills.” The short-haired lady quickly added.

“I get it now! You two are in this together, aren’t you? Your acting skills are horrible. I guess that birds of a feather really do flock together!” Su Jun was extremely unhappy. He was busy and had to attend to Su Su, but these two unreasonable women were bugging him.

“What did you say?” The short-haired lady became anxious. She took a big step forward and grabbed Su Jun by the collar. She scolded, “Just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you can get away with this! If you don’t apologize to her, I’ll cripple you!”

The woman was indeed agile and very strong. However, Su Jun’s expression did not change in the face of the woman’s threats. Instead, he replied coldly, “My car is equipped with a camera that records everything, so you can go ahead and look at the footage for yourself! If I’m telling the truth, I want you both to apologize to me!”

“All right, we can go ahead and watch the footage. Do you think I’m afraid of you? Let’s go to the police station!” The short-haired woman grabbed Su Jun’s collar and refused to let go. She turned around and wanted to help the old lady up. But when the old lady heard that they were going to the police station, her expression changed, and she stopped crying immediately.

Then, the old lady quickly got up from the ground, patted her butt, and glared at the meddlesome short-haired woman. The old lady then disappeared without a trace.

Seeing that it was no longer entertaining to watch, the crowd continued about their day. The short-haired woman was immediately in shock. Su Jun angrily shook her off and glared at the short-haired woman coldly. He then said in a low voice, “It seems as though that old lady has fooled you.”

Only then did the short-haired woman realize that she had stood up for the wrong person. She wanted to explain herself and apologize, but she did not expect Su Jun to have already gotten into the car. He sat in the driver’s seat and glared at the woman again before quickly driving off.

The short-haired woman froze as she looked at the luxury car speeding away. She was utterly embarrassed, but when she thought of Su Jun’s last words, she stomped her foot and said to herself, “What an arrogant man!”

Su Jun drove to Su Su’s kindergarten and then strode into the principal’s office. It was just like the last time. Bai Xin was standing there with a bruised face, and Su Su was standing next to him.

However, there were a few more children next to them this time. Su Jun glanced over and saw a very familiar face.

“Su Qiao?! What are you doing here?”

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