The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 829 - Let’s Go Together. Let’s Go, Let’s go

Chapter 829: Let’s Go Together. Let’s Go, Let’s go

How he had jumped off just now was extremely cool too!

It was a pity that the man had such a deep scar on his neck. Otherwise, she would try and pursue him regardless!

While Lin Xuan thought that, it did not cross her mind whether her looks would actually deserve Snow Eagle.

“Huh? You guys are…” It was only then Lin Jiahao saw the barbecue equipment Qin Yirou had placed on the floor.

He did not actually just see them now. It was because he was speaking to Qin Yirou with an ulterior motive. Thus, he had to look for another conversation topic when Yun Jian rejected him after he mentioned said motive.

“Are you guys going to a cookout?” Lin Jiahao asked.

“Yeah, spring is here and things are kicking back to life, so we thought of taking the children out. We didn’t have time in the past but we’re free now, so we think it’d be nice to go for an outing or something as a whole family,” Qin Yirou answered in delight.

“Huh, what a coincidence. We’re planning to go on a trip today too. Why don’t we go together since you guys are heading out as well and the weather’s so nice today? Another person is another company, right?” Lin Jiahan invited himself as usual.

“Uh…” Of course, Qin Yirou did not want to. She wanted to spend some time outdoors with her family and what she prepared today for the barbecue and grill was not a lot. If Lin Jiahao’s family of three was added into the equation, all of them would only get a little barbecued goodness out of the share.

“Cousin, you’re so understanding. You must agree to it, right? It’s decided then. We can go!” Lin Jiahao stood up to stretch and say.

“Perfect. I haven’t had a barbecue for a long time, this is great!” Lin Xuan stood up as well but her oversized figure was nauseating.

“I haven’t had a barbecue for long too. I kind of crave it,” Shentu Lian stood up to say like she would not be leaving if she did not have some barbecue.

“Let me go buy some more food back.” Ge Junjian got up to go out when he saw how caught Qin Yirou was in the dilemma. He did not want her to be this troubled; as long as she was happy, he would be fine spending some money on her relatives.

“Oh, cousin-in-law, you don’t have to buy too much. We don’t eat a lot. Just 100 mutton skewers are more or less enough. Right, Xuanxuan likes sausages. That’s all.”

Lin Jiahao actually took the liberty to say that.

Ge Junjian dismissed what he said completely. He was not someone so obedient. People from the village liked making comments, especially someone like Lin Jiahao. If Qin Yirou had rejected him directly today, the man would probably rush back to the village to tell tales about her. By then, Qin Yirou’s reputation would suffer.

Although Yun Jian did not like Lin Jiahao and family, she could turn a blind eye since Qin Yirou did not oppose it. It was fine as long as she could keep to herself and enjoy her barbecue later.

If Lin Jiahao and family wanted to take advantage of the situation or something worse, Yun Jian would not mind teaching them a lesson either.

“Let’s go! Yay!” Little Yun Zhu and the small girls had been waiting for a long time standing by the side with their little backpacks. Once they heard that they were leaving, three of them sprang up bouncing in giddiness.

“Let’s go, let’s go!” Hearing the noises, Snow Eagle and Mo Sen came downstairs quickly while Si Yi walked behind them.

The moment she saw Si Yi, Lin Xuan’s eyes went wide.

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