The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 739 - Qin Yirou’s Gone To Pick Her Wedding Dress

Chapter 739: Qin Yirou’s Gone To Pick Her Wedding Dress

When the gathering event ended, Yun Jian took Zhang Zhifan and Duan Lei for supper after Han Biao gave her his contact number. Other than the two men, Yun Jian had also brought along Dai Qingqing, Grandpa Cai, as well as Bear.Might and his subordinates.

Being invited by Yun Jian to have supper with her came as a delightful surprise to Bear.Might. Others had no idea but he knew about her identity.

When Yun Jian found out about a nearby seafood barbecue vendor through Dai Qingqing, she did not hesitate to take all of them there.

Bear.Might could not help cracking a grin when he saw Yun Jian guiding everyone into the seafood barbecue place naturally. The boss of Gu Sha Mercenaries would take her company to have a roadside vendor’s barbecue too.

At the sight of Yun Jian ordering with familiarity, Bear.Might could not help commenting in his mind, ‘So the boss of Gu Sha, this woman said to be the richest among secret agents and assassins, will actually have food sold by roadside vendors…’

When supper ended, Yun Jian returned to Novel Park Hotel with a full stomach of greasy goodness.

Early the next morning, she was to depart home.

Bear.Might and his men left early in the morning as well. Before they did, they came to inform Yun Jian about it. Dai Qingqing waved goodbye to Yun Jian with tears in her eyes but the latter placated her telling her that they would meet next time.

It was true that there would be a next time because Panthers Pack’s headquarters was here. Acquiring Panthers Pack to Falcon Hall meant that Yun Jian must go through certain procedures, especially since Han Biao was here—Yun Jian would definitely have to make trips here in the future.

Finally, Duan Lei drove off with Yun Jian and Zhang Zhifan while Dai Qingqing sent them off.

About two hours of drive later, the man arrived at Longmen City with both his passengers. Duan Lei hurried to Falcon Hall’s headquarters to update his gang about the good news once he came back. Falcon Hall would be the top mob in Zhe Province before long and they had Yun Jian to thank for!

New Cruise was also Yun Jian’s. As Zhang Zhifan bonded better with Duan Lei and others, he was also happy when he saw Falcon Hall doing better. After all, the smoother Falcon Hall’s path was in the future, it simultaneously meant that New Cruise would have a powerful support behind it!

By the time Yun Jian got home, it was noon.

Winter had crept away silently as the school reopened and the start of spring was now washing over everywhere. Meeting sunnier days where the sun hung high, the temperature in the day could compare to summer rainy days.

Yun Jian returned home under the gentle rays of the sun.

Once she entered, she saw Lan Su helping Ya Dang down from the stairs.

“Yun Jian, you’re back?” The moment she saw Yun Jian, Lan Su accidentally let go of her hand, having forgotten about Ya Dang who was currently nursing severe injuries and could not walk independently.

“Goodness, oh my god, what are you doing? Is this how you treat a patient?” Ya Dang grimaced in exaggeration.

“Sorry, I forgot!” Lan Su quickly held Ya Dang’s arm again and gently guided him downstairs.

Yun Jian pressed her lips together and asked, “Where’s my mother?”

“Aunty and Aunty Dong Ruan went to try on wedding gowns,” Lan Su, who remembered Qin Yirou’s message, replied.

“Where are they?” asked Yun Jian again.

“United Luenmei Shopping Center. You can go have a look, young madam.” Ya Dang had a hold on his leg as he slowly made his way down the stairs with Lan Su’s assistance.

“Mn,” Yun Jian left the house immediately to go to United Luenmei Shopping Center once she heard that Qin Yirou had gone to try out wedding dresses.

As she stepped out of the mansion, she could still hear Ya Dang’s loud cry from behind her, “Ack, you silly woman, can you go slower! My leg’s going to be crippled because of you!”

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