The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 528 - An Armed Intrusion Before The Fight

Chapter 528: An Armed Intrusion Before The Fight

“Xiao Luo, she’s a guest. How could you act this way?” Coach Xu voiced out with a frown when Yu Luo wanted to drive Yun Jian out with a finger at the entrance.

Coach Xu had always thought that his niece was insensible even though it was undeniable that she was talented; she would grasp whatever he taught in martial arts instantly. That was why he accepted Yu Luo as his disciple even when he disliked her character.

When Yu Luo rebuked Yun Jian with a finger at her the moment she came in, Coach Xu had to reprimand her as this was his martial club.

“Uncle, we have a grudge. Stay out of this!” Yu Luo was already treating Yun Jian like an enemy. Her resentment went deep. Despite being in front of everyone else, she could care less.

Leading the rest of Battling Dragons to Yun Jian, Yu Luo’s finger was still on Yun Jian as she provoked, “You aren’t leaving, are you? Okay! We didn’t get to fight in the military. Do you dare fight me now?”

Yu Luo’s undisguised taunting made Coach Xu’s eyelid jump. He knew how capable his niece was. Judging solely on capability, Yu Luo was formidable. Coach Xu had to give it to her that it was only a matter of time for his niece to surpass him.

“Come on! Fight! Fight! Fight!” With the rare opportunity to witness the ability of the legendary Yu Luo from Battling Dragons, the teenagers present in the club stirred in enthusiasm and cheered.

The moment Yun Jian stood up, Chu Ning and others were already standing behind her. Faced with Yu Luo’s provocation, Yun Jian was staring right at her without any fear.

“Me?” Yun Jian asked.

Listening to the cheers and her uncle’s worried look like she was going to injure her opponent, Yu Luo answered obnoxiously, “Yes! Do you dare to?”

“You’re unworthy to fight me.” Yun Jian smirked with despise as she side-eyed Yu Luo before waving at Chu Xiangnan and her other teammates to signal for them to leave with her.

It was not the case of Yun Jian being scared—it was Yu Luo being an unworthy opponent!

Just as Yun Jian planned to leave the club going around Yu Luo, the latter stopped her abruptly. She was enraged by what Yun Jian had said. Blocking her way, she spoke arrogantly, “Do you think you can come and go from our martial club as you please?”

Her voice roused a flash in Yun Jian’s sharp eyes.

“Wow, Miss Yu’s domineering! My idol indeed, I’m so impressed by her!” A young man exclaimed looking at Yu Luo reverently.

“I’m turning into her fan!” Another young man said, covering his face in exaggeration.

When the atmosphere was at its most tense and both sides were at the peak of their vehemence, a group of people suddenly rushed in from the dome-shaped door.

These people wore all black with a piece of black gauze mask covering their faces. What was terrifying about them was that all of them had pistols in their hands.

“Ah!” The teenagers who were sitting in a circle panicked at the sight, terrorized by the intruders who had barged in with guns.

Coach Xu, Yu Luo, and others were similarly shell-shocked and paused whatever they were doing.

The leading man dressed in black with a gun pointed his pistol at Coach Xu and cried, “Ask your students to shut up! We’ll kill all of you otherwise!”

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