The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 1392 - Alive and Well, Wanting to Seek Death  

Chapter 1392: Alive and Well, Wanting to Seek Death

Qin Yirou had accidentally blurted her honest thought and that made Yun Jian blush instantly while Liu Shan glower at the same time. Ning Cheng was frozen on the spot as he looked from Yun Jian to Si Yi in disbelief.

She was already married? She was actually married?! He had no more chance now?

Ning Cheng did not even consider what kind of person he was or if he was worthy of Yun Jian. Most importantly, he had a girlfriend and said girlfriend must have left in spite right now because he stood her up.

While everyone was simply in too much shock, Si Yi arched a brow and smirked as his reply left very little to everyone’s imagination. “I’ll work hard.”

It was an answer to Qin Yirou’s earlier comment.

Hearing Si Yi’s indirect reply, Ning Cheng’s face fell and his expression darkened like he had tasted poop. Liu Shan looked equally affronted.

“Jianjian, we’re here!” Just when Yun Jian’s hanging head was about to touch the floor from how shy she was, three people entered the restaurant.

The person in front who yelled calling Yun Jian was none other than Chen Xinyi.

Chen Xinyi bobbed her head at Yun Jian before she ran over and grabbed the latter’s other free hand, telling her, “Jianjian, you’re back? I pulled Zhang Shaofeng and Lin Yichen to run over for you when you said that you’re here just now! The two of them actually said that they wanted to come after having ice-cream, pft! I threw the ice-cream in their hands off right away! Aren’t I the best?!”

Chen Xinyi knew that Yun Jian was coming back today, so she had asked where Yun Jian was on the phone earlier. Knowing that Yun Jian was in the restaurant and she was nearby, she grabbed Zhang Shaofeng and Lin Yichen to run their way here directly.

They had gotten into different senior high schools after they graduated junior high school. Chen Xinyi, Zhang Shaofeng and Lin Yichen were still attending school in Longmen City but Yun Jian had gone to Min City.

The trio had just completed their military training as well, so they were on a break even though there was supposed to be school right now.

Yun Jian had just snapped out of her bashfulness and looked up to meet eyes with Chen Xinyi’s gaze that was screaming “Compliment me, compliment me!”.

“You got darker,” Yun Jian scanned the three of them and teased calmly.

“Oh, it’s you, Xinyi. You guys are hanging out around here too? I haven’t seen you in so long. Come visit me at home when you’re free!” Qin Yirou who saw Chen Xinyi greeted.

In spite of it, Chen Xinyi, Zhang Shaofeng and Ling Yichen were dumbstruck by Yun Jian’s harmless tease.

“Gosh, Jianjian, don’t be so direct.” Chen Xinyi covered her face and feigned a look of disbelief.

The others found their focus drifting to Yun Jian and Chen Xinyi’s interaction. Liu Shan and Ning Cheng looked over as well.

“Right, Jianjian, I heard that there are three people in your military school who got into the elite class directly and you’re one of them! Heh, what’s the benefit of being in the elite class?”

The trio had paid extra attention to any news regarding the military school because Yun Jian had gone there. Yun Jian passing the military training’s outdoor survival activity and successfully entering the elite class was already news that was passed around, so it was not unusual that they knew about it.

Yun Jian raised a brow. Turning to see how Zhang Shaofeng and Ling Yichen were looking at her in a slightly anticipating gaze, she smiled. “Being in the elite class means that I’ll have the chance to represent Country Z as a special forces soldier to attend the Hunting School.”

Yun Jian squinted and added as an afterthought. “I have to go to the Hunting School.”

“The Hunting School? What kind of place is that?” Liu Shan asked carelessly with a scowl.

After her question, the others turned to look at Yun Jian wearing doubt and curiosity on their faces.

The Hunting School? To hunt? Was it a school to hunt animals? There was actually a school like that? What school would it be?

Why was Yun Jian so adamant about going? Would she be there to learn how to hunt for wild animals?

The others were slightly dazed.

“Master, is the Hunting School you mentioned located in South America? The internationally famous training base for special forces? It’s said that the elimination rate of the students is as high as 80% with an extremely high fatality rate! It’s called a real training in hell for the special forces! Master, do you mean that school?!” Zhang Shaofeng asked after a slight pause.

The moment the words tumbled out of his mouth, the others were stupefied.

Most of them were regular civilians. Their children’s grades, whose pay was higher, or who married a good husband and had decent in-laws were what they usually talked about.

They had thought that the Hunting School Yun Jian mentioned was only another regular school but no one had imagined it to be a training base for special forces—that was with an incredibly high fatality rate!

Just as they were shocked, they heard Yun Jian confirming it. “Mn.”

This meant that the Hunting School Yun Jian insisted to go was the school that was a special forces training base with an extremely high fatality rate?

They were baffled.

Liu Shan and Ning Cheng initially thought that Yun Jian had applied to the military school because her ambition was to become a policewoman.

None of them expected that Yun Jian was actually… She was actually going to train in a place where one could easily die there?!

But… was she not a regular girl? How could she want to go to a place like that? Was being alive and well so bad that she wanted to seek death?

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