The Sage Who Transcended Samsara

Chapter 1204 - Meng Qi, A Teacher By Worthy Example

Chapter 1204: Meng Qi, A Teacher By Worthy Example

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The torrential rain stopped, the dark clouds dispersed, and the sun lit up Langya. There was a rainbow above the city, and it was another sunny day.

The fairy figure, jade palaces, and the brilliance of the moon all faded and the quiet scene was restored. However, the sound of the zither immediately sounded, melodious and ethereal, as though describing a life without rain nor shine.

Meng Qi sat in the Jade Mirage Palace of Kunlun Mountain and listened quietly for quite a while before light and shadow appeared in front of him, turning into a round mirror that reflected He Mu, Fang Huayin, Daqinggen, and the Celestial Hound.

Looking dejected after losing, Daqinggen looked blankly at Meng Qi and subconsciously said, “Sect master, you could have just sent a message to me if there’s anything, why do you have to go through such trouble?”

Fang Huayin and He Mu also reacted and looked at their teacher with a puzzled expression. They didn’t understand what was so urgent that they needed to be summoned this way, instead of using the quick and convenient virtual group function of the Myriad World Talisman.

Of course, Meng Qi couldn’t say that it was just a spur of the moment. He still had to maintain a certain degree of majesty in front of his disciples, the doorkeeper, and the watchdog. He nodded gently and said without explanation, “I have a mission for you.”

“Please give us your instructions, teacher,” He Mu replied immediately without hesitation.

Fang Huayin also quickly said, “Teacher, what mission is it? I will do my best to accomplish it!”

“Woof!” the Celestial Hound shook his tail.

Daqinggen looked left and right in the round mirror, looking a little lost. Shouldn’t he be the fastest in expressing his loyalty? Why did both of do it before him?

Was it because of his recent losses, or he had too much nourishment, he was totally not in his right state!

No, I can’t let them beat me at my life-entrusting capability.

With a thump, Daqinggen fell onto the ground and shouted, “Don’t worry master, no matter what the mission is, I will shun no difficulties and dangers and not hesitate to lay down my life if need be…”

A series of words sprang up, showing its strong foundation.

The Celestial Hound next to it was obviously stunned, and seemed to have re-acquainted with its little partner.

Meng Qi held his forehead, eliminating Daqinggen’s voice, before saying in a slow tone, “A small matter, but very cumbersome.”

He flicked a finger on his right hand, and four golden rays flew out, passing through light and shadow as well as various faraway places before they arrived respectively at where Daqinggen, the Celestial Hound, He Mu, and Fang Huayin were, and then fell into the space between their brows.

A lot of content surged out and went into the brain. He Mu frowned at once, “What is this?”

His tone was puzzled and full of doubts.

The Celestial Hound was already in a daze, and Daqinggen was even more confused.

Meng Qi smiled and said, “Some of the more extreme views. Each of you shall hold a copy and provoke arguments in the forum of the Myriad World access. Remember to hire helpers and magnify the matter. It’ll be best to get all the idling people involved.”

This was a bait used to catch the Thoughtless Clan, Zhixu Mountain, and the Evil Heterodoxy Sect of the Six Heretical Teachers.

Since they weren’t completely isolated from the outside world, and not merely after magical skills, wealth, power, and control of the world, they still needed to travel and also to test and master their own path, then there would be traces to find!

As long as they stepped into the real world, they wouldn’t be able to get around the Myriad World Talisman. More importantly, those that needed to travel and test were often junior disciples who were mostly curious. They wouldn’t turn a blind eye to the Myriad World Talisman and would at least try to out.

Therefore, in the current Myriad World Talisman, the countless users were likely to have the disciples of the Six Heretical Teachers hiding amongst them. They might have been born in the real world, and their information was impeccable. They could also be using the simple promotion version, which made it difficult to ascertain their identities immediately.

Although he could go back to the past and examine one by one, it would cost him too much time and energy, and hinder the improvement of his cultivation realm.

Of course, this was also training for his own disciples – training their ability to do things and master their own path.

To catch the disciples of the Six Heretical Teachers from the vast users, you would need to find the things that they care most about. And for a person not after magical skills, wealth, power, and control of the world, a noble person, and a pure people, it was without a doubt that they cared most about their own mission statements and path of practice!

In order to abide by their views in the past, the Six Heretical Teachers could part ways with the Gautama Buddha. Afterwards, even if the other party attained Nirvana, they had never wanted to depend on him. There had been many disputes in ancient times, and they had never been involved.

This was the principle of the sects, so the behavior of the disciples could be imagined.

As such, what Meng Qi gave He Mu, Fang Huayin, and Daqinggen were extreme views targeted at the path of the Six Heretical Teachers.

There were also differences in strategies among them. Take the Evil Heterodoxy Sect for example, from the point of view of the Priest of Destiny, they had the pessimism of destiny, and went along with the flow for many things. If one were to really pick on and criticize their views, they would probably not be bothered to come out and argue and would just say it was destined. Therefore, such pessimistic views had to be used against them. For this reason, Meng Qi landed his divine consciousness back to earth and flipped through many books before he decided to use the representative of the Laplace’s demon determinism, hoping to arouse their interests and make them come out to discuss.

Zhixu Mountain and the Thoughtless Clan would respectively refute their views, criticizing all their concepts on the existence of all things. They would criticize to the extreme and would cause anger, but they could not hold up to their views, and this would cause the disciples of the other party have the desire and ability to argue.

In this process, other than Daqinggen and the Celestial Hound, He Mu and Fang Huayin would be exposed to many opposite and even contradictory views, yet each seemed to have some logic. He hoped to train them this way so that they could truly establish their own views and stay firm to their own paths. As such, if they faced the temptation of the Heavenly Demon and other matters in the outside world in the future, they would have the power to resist and not get lost.

Thinking of this, Meng Qi couldn’t help but feel that he was, after all, a good teacher when he got serious, as he not only taught martial arts and killing. If not for his disciples, he could have traveled to the West again to look for the Immortal Demon Deity to inquire, or use the link to communicate with Senior Manjushri.

Fang Huayin, who had been silently reading the contents, nodded and said, “I’ve roughly understood your thinking, teacher.”

Daqinggen, who was crafty and deceitful and had done many similar things before, also quickly understood. He was even faster than He Mu, and only the Celestial Hound took a while, with Daqinggen proudly gesturing, to finally figure out the entire matter.

Meng Qi said with satisfaction, “In this huge world, there are definitely people who have similar goals and thinking, but their concepts are often not formed. In short, don’t act rashly after confirming the suspects. Daqinggen shall use the Myriad World Knowledge Ball to record their water meter number, no, World Talisman number, and do a summary before handing over to me for final review.”

“We will obey your instructions!” He Mu and the rest answered immediately.

This seems quite interesting.

Meng Qi waved away the light screen, leaving only one sentence behind, “Don’t get caught in it…”

The quiet room regained its darkness. Meng Qi closed his eyes and spiritually traveled the various realms, as if flying in the boundless chaotic sea, leaving behind an additional self imprint in every bubble universe found.

A glorious and magnificent temple floated in the dark astral world. In it were golden thrones inlaid with various colored stones, which seemed to symbolize a certain part of the authority in the world.

There was a stone pillar in front of the main hall, and on the pillar column were words written in ancient characters, “Pantheon!”

At this moment, there were figures of different forms but divine power sitting on the golden thrones in the hall. They did not speak, but their minds were like tides, rolling and stirring as they communicated.

There were still many blank spaces on the thrones, which seemed as though they had no owners yet.

Suddenly, the gods who were communicating with their thoughts stopped at the same time and looked to the front, and at the stone pillar with the word “Pantheon”.

Under the stone pillar, there were two dark thrones. They were chaotic and suddenly merged, becoming both chaotic and orderly.

This was the throne that had been lost its owner for tens of thousands of years.

A faint light suddenly lit up, and a figure was outlined on the throne on the left. Its right hand was on the forehead, and its eyes were like chaotic gems, reflecting the figures of the gods in them.

Chaos expanded, and the Pantheon shook gently, as though it was welcoming the return of its owner.

Inside the pointed magic tower, the hooded wizard stood under the glory of the blood moon, examining the ancient ruins that had been abandoned for at least tens of thousands of years.

There were traces of ruin everywhere, but the strange thing was that there was no accumulation of dust, nor was there any growth of weeds.

The wizard cast his gaze on the seemingly complete and strange star formation in front of him, analyzing and remembering the power of ancient times.

At this moment, the star formation lit up in a hurried but orderly manner, bursting brilliant light waves.

The horrified wizard saw a figure in the light wave, looking both like a man and a woman, like a god without gender, looking down at himself coldly.

Uh… Meng Qi who was in the quiet room suddenly opened his eyes.

He was projecting in the various realms which initially went very smooth, leaving behind additional self imprints one after another and producing corresponding images. But he had just encountered a universe that his divine consciousness could not enter!

A universe that cannot be entered? Meng Qi touched his chin and suddenly had a lot of doubts.

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