The Sacred Ruins

Chapter 39: The Great Sensation

Chapter 39: The Great Sensation

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Lin Naoi was sharp and concise. Her voice was flat and insipid, and her tone was distant.

Chu Feng placidly answered, inviting her over for dinner.

Lin Naoi paused for a split second before replying with a simple “okay”. She then abruptly hung up her call without further conversation.

Chu Feng was taken aback by the abruptness. He still wanted to address a few things on the phone, but regrettably, the call had ended before he could say a word.

He wanted to bring up the woman. He wanted to know who she was. He wanted to get all his answers from Lin Naoi, and he also wanted to talk to her about the recent morass of events happening around him lately. However, the call just ended before he could address any of these. He did not call back either.

If they were to meet on the next day, he might as well leave all his queries then.

“What the…”

Chu Feng saw the line of words Yellow Ox had jotted down. He was taken aback.

“Rare soil. Mingled with secret blood.”

The sentence was short and concise, but it prompted Chu Feng to raise many questions. “Isn’t it just a chunk of messy stones?” he thought. “Where does this ‘rare soil’ come from?”

And blood? Blood of what creature?

Chu Feng was baffled. Curiosity compelled him to question Yellow Ox closely.

Yellow Ox explained that the fragmented stones were originally soils mixed with blood, but the essence of the sacred blood died off in the end, leaving the soil to condense to a mere chunk of stone and merge together with the rest of the stone box.

“So the blood belonged to a sacred creature?” Chu Feng tried to make a detailed inquiry to make sense of these all.

Yellow Ox told him that the so-called sacred blood belonged to a mystical and elusive creature full of power and skills. However, no-one could have guessed how powerful or how skilful the creature actually was.

Having learnt this, Chu Feng picked up a nib of the shattered stones, pulverizing them into a pile of fine powders using his unique boxing style. He then tasted the fine particles with his own mouth.


Chu Feng spat out that pinch of powder without a second of hesitation. He tasted no blood, for all there were was an insufferable taste of bitterness that was overpowering enough to instantly numb his tongue.

However, Yellow Ox seemed to be lost in a daze. It did not care about Chu Feng’s struggle with the bitter taste at all. It fixated on the stone box that was held in its front hooves, reluctant to divert its attention away from it.

“Wake up!” Chu Feng waved his hands in front of Yellow Ox.

The calf was finally able to collect itself. It clouted and hammered the stone box with its front hooves, as if it were looking for certain things. In its eyes, the box contained something far beyond its ordinary appearance.

All in all, the box had once contained the blood of a sacred creature. This itself could mean something truly awe-inspiring.


At last, Yellow Ox put to use of its Demon Ox Boxing Style and drew its powerful hooves onto the stone box with an explosive force. The box was sent to the air before it penetrated through the yard wall, leaving a gaping hole on the concrete wall.

“What on earth are you doing?!” Chu Feng flamed in fury.

With a passive sort of smile that reflected its guilty conscience, the calf followed Chu Feng out of the yard to check on the stone box.

The box came out safe and sound. Not even a scratch and dent had been inflicted on it.

Yellow Ox was not satisfied. With a cheeky grin on its face, the calf thumped and pounded its front hooves on the stone box with a fierce force. The calf seemed to refuse to stop without at least denting the stone box.

However, the continual pounding seemed to have done nothing to the box itself.

Yellow Ox bared its bovine teeth in agony. The beating on the box seemed to have inflicted more damage to the formidable ox than to the box. This was also the first time that Chu Feng had ever seen Yellow Ox suffering from a miserable loss.

“You deserve it!” Chu Feng mocked.

Yellow Ox refused to accept its lost as final. The calf asserted that the box must have been rigged with some sorts of hidden mechanism. All in all, it had once been in the possession of a sacred creature, so perhaps there were secrets left with it.

Chu Feng’s mouth was slightly open, subtly jerking at one corner. He wanted to tell him that the secrets were the seeds, but he held it back. Chu Feng did not want this calf to seize his beloved seeds as its own possession as a result.

But clearly, he had underestimated Yellow Ox.

Having failed to discover anything noteworthy from the box, the calf suddenly came to the realization of the very existence of those three seeds.

Then, at the blink of an eye, Yellow Ox disappeared in sight and ran into the yard where the parterre was located.

“Oh crap!” Chu Feng lost no time and chased after the calf.

As expected, the extraordinary intelligence of this calf granted it the ability to link the box to the seeds Chu Feng had discovered. It was guarding the parterre while carefully scrutinizing every detail of it by the time Chu Feng had reached the yard. The look on its face showed how eager he wanted to get rid of all the pesky weeds that had been shamelessly robbing the valuable resource for the sprouting seeds.

“Stop! Don’t mess with my parterre. I kept the weeds there to cover up the secrets so that seeds, once they sprout, won’t stand out,” Chu Feng exclaimed.

Yellow Ox nodded its head as a form of agreement. A vigilant look instantly emerged on its face. It pointed at him, warming him to stand away from the parterre so that the seeds would not be somehow spoiled by accident.

Chu Feng was rendered utterly speechless by the calf’s set of demeanors.

At the start, it was the arrogant calf who refused to accept the usefulness of the seeds. When he first planted them, it was full of heartless mockery from the calf. Now, as it started to realize the potential of them, the bastard lost no time in usurping his ownership of these seeds.

“Whatever comes out will be mine.” Yellow Ox wrote on the ground.

“Get the f*ck off!” Chu Feng pulled aside the calf, warning it not to mess around with his seeds.

But the calf had never been a sensible being. It took Chu Feng’s words amiss, bellowing as it tried to object. It gave Chu Feng a warning as well, claiming that if it was not allowed to own the seeds, it would eat them whole someday in the future.

Tranquillity befell as the night had arrived. Glittering stars spotted the nightly sky; moonlights that were pure as water were trickling down the stream of its gleaming beam, laminating the night with its soft light.

Under the soothing moonlight, there was Chu Feng practicing his boxing style, still as assiduously as ever. There had never been a day passing by without him devoting hours of his waking time to the consolidation of his newly acquired martial skills.

Before long, a whole set of the positions was done. Chu Feng paced back to his room and turned on his communicator. A variety of news reports about the war of mutants that had broken out in Taihang Mountains filled the headlines. As millions of others who shared the same platform, Chu Feng was equally interested in the progress of that brutal war.

“Top executives from the Deity Biomedical Group have set out on their journey to Taihang Mountains. They are expected to arrive tomorrow.”

Following this catchy headline of a breaking news, a piece of article went on with a lengthy analysis, but in summary, the whole detailed analysis laid out in an assertive tone, claiming that the wondrous fruit had become something the group had already had. It would be a guaranteed success for this powerful company.

If this were the case, who would even dare to dream about getting it?

Some additional articles also reported that the very existence of Silver Wing in the company meant that even when the deadliest firearms were to be deployed, it would serve as nothing in obstructing the company’s advance.

There was also news reporting that the number of mutants existing in the world had drastically increased lately. By conservative estimate, there were at least a million mutants roaming wild.

Amongst them, some of the world’s most proficient fighters were emerging in large numbers.

Apart from the four superpowers who had always been standing on the tip of the pyramid, a new list had been created to rank mutants with regards to their combat gains from one to one hundred. These one hundred mutants were entitled as the “deadliest beings in the world”. The whole world had turned to become a grander version of Mount Olympus.

Chu Feng carefully went through the list, but only ten people were listed. Because the number of mutants had become a truly overwhelming figure, it was understandable that a thorough statistic was yet to be counted. The list only contained those who were well-known to the public and generally received as proficient fighters.

One of the included mutants could morph into a six-meter golden giant in possession of an otherworldly power. His skin was impenetrable and bullet-proof.

Someone even taunted that he could easily defeat Silver Wing and the other three combined.

The giant himself even delivered a challenge to Kong Kim.

“He is much stronger than Zuo Jun,” Chu Feng remarked. Although both could easily gain the horrific body of a mutated giant, the man appeared on the report was evidently more powerful.

Then, there was another report that caught Chu Feng’s attention.

“Bodhi Genes claims: go big or go home. Kong Kim will join the battle!”

This was perhaps the most sensational news on the internet so far. The enlistment of Kong Kim could mean an all-out war between the two business magnates. Would the fruit be proven worthy of their deadly clashes? Would everything then evolve into another world-ending war that could potentially reshuffle the order of the entire society? These were the questions that no-one could answer.

Chu Feng continued to browse through the overwhelming sea of news reports. Many conjectured that the fruit in Taihang Mountains could prompt at least thousands of mutants to hurry to the battle, fighting for the fruit.

All in all, it was all because that fruit was too much of an enticing attraction!

Plants, especially trees, could bear fruits that empower an ordinary man to become as strong as Silver Wing, Kong Kim, Fire Spirit, and White Tiger.

Some of the mutants wanted a second chance to unlock more powers in themselves in hope that they would replace the giant four in their positions.

“Wake up, people!” Someone tried to throw a damp over people’s over-optimism about the fruit. “Do you really think that by simply eating a fruit, you will become the overlord of this society? How ridiculous!”

“The fruit only served as a supplement to their already-existent power. Its usefulness was ever so slight. Anyone who would think that eating fruits will grant them power are just fools!”

At the same time, a video recording of Silver Wing battling against a team of mutants was uploaded to the internet. Almost instantly, a heat of debate was sparkled.

In the video, there was a young man with a head of silver hair. The hair hung down to his waist while a stream of metallic glitter trickled down. Even his pupils were gleaming a silver shine. The man was the embodiment of a celestial deity. Every pore on his body screamed divinity and holiness.

The video recorded a battle scene. A group of ten mutants challenged him, but all ended up in a gruesome death. The battle finished almost at the blink of an eye with Silver Wing simply wavering his arm, looking all effortless and uncomplicated.

“He’s so hot!” Many female internet users screamed out in admiration.

Especially as the video proceeded towards the end, a mutant who was holding a pair of golden blades did not seem to be willing to reconcile to his failure. He wavered his blades, daringly dashing towards Silver Wing. The cutting bladed landed on the shoulder of Silver Wing, but it was instantly snapped in half and rendered useless.

The video ended on this scene.

The video quickly went viral with millions expressing their astonishment as well as admiration for Silver Wing’s godly power. Many also cheered in joy, wishing for more of the similar contents to be released.

Silver Wing had a perfect appearance. His handsomeness was agreed by everyone. His elegant demeanor and graceful bearing granted him a celestial character and an angelic trait, making him all the more mysterious and all the more fearsome.

It had only been one night before Silver Wing became the subject of everyone’s topic. His appearance, his demeanors, and his jaws-dropping power had all proven to be splendid and remarkable. In the eyes of many young ladies, he was a perfect man.

A look of great solemness emerged on Chu Feng’s face. He felt pressured, and he also realized that he needed to improve.

“He seemed to have mastered a rather strange boxing style. Has there been a master of some sort recruited by the Deity Biomedical Group teaching him that?” Chu Feng raised a doubt.

On the following day, Lin Naoi timely arrived. She called him, letting him know that someone would pick him up.

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