The Sacred Ruins

Chapter 31: The Invincible

Chapter 31: The Invincible

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"I think I’ve gone crazy. Argh…" The woman had turned green about the gills as she continued retching. She deliriously screamed as if she had lost all sanity in mind. She allowed his male partner to help her to her feet, then she frantically ran into the distance.

There was the sound of a babbling stream cackling in the distance. It was where she was heading. Alas! The woman could not brook the "contamination" that sullied her hands. How she wished she could hew her hands with an axe and rid the grime and impurity altogether. She delved her hands into the icy water, compulsorily scrubbing them together in the trickling stream.

The man was of no exception. Wearing a somber look, he tumbled his way to the stream as his retching persisted on the way. He adopted a vigorous manner, similar to the woman, as he tried to cleanse his hands.

Chu Feng stood in the distance, watching as the two struggled. He did not ambush them with a surprise assault though; he felt the need to avoid any physical contacts with them. He wanted them to be thorough in washing themselves, so the fight would only end up bloody and not nasty.

It was conceivable how queasy the two must be feeling right now!

"I think I’m out of my mind! I can’t stand this! What a bastard that cow-like creature was! I will find it and kill that son of a b*tch!" The shrieking shrill of the woman echoed within the darkness of the sky.

"Let’s go! Let’s get our target first!" said the man. He had a handsome face, but the look in his eyes was malicious and insidious. He had had enough; this had been a long night brimming with sufferings. He wanted to take a break as soon as he could after having accomplished his designated mission.

The woman did not act to the man’s demanding words; she still persisted on scrubbing her hands.

Chu Feng did a quick twirl before he vanished into thin air.

The two only arrived at Chu Feng’s house after hours had passed. They lingered outside the yard, but at the same time, Chu Feng also pushed open the yard gate and piled out of the yard.

If it had not been for the sake of acquiring some additional information from the two, he would have killed the two when they were still strolling on their way here. At the moment, he pretended to be an ordinary person, putting on a surprised and curious look as he asked them who they were.

"I will not condescend to explain you this, I’ll just get straight to the point. Someone doesn’t want you to live any longer." The man wore contemptuous look; murder was written all over his face.

"Why? Who wants to kill me?" Chu Feng flung himself in a pose of profound astonishment, hurriedly retreating back.

The night sky was clear and spangled with stars.

The man opened his black wings, slowly ascending to the air. He hovered there, giving forth an odor of power and superiority. It felt as if the land beneath him as well as the creatures who lived on it had been confined and imprisoned under his output of power.

"Now, I will give you a chance to choose a method to die. The first will make you seem as if you have been accidentally electrocuted, and the second being that you’ve been accidentally caught on fire, so subsequently, your body will be charred into hard coke. Hurry up and choose!"

He coldly urged, blatantly exposing his heartless indifference to others’ life. He did not seem to care about the loss of an innocent life. Life or death, to him, seemed to have a negligible impact.

"You are a mutant, but you can only do what you are told. You are just someone else’s beck and call. You are worried that if I do not die an accidental death, disturbance might incur. You can easily take someone’s life without the remnant of a scruple, but you fear that someone will chastise you for your misconduct, so I want to know who is this man or woman that makes you fear and boggle?" Chu Feng calmly said.

"Do you think you deserve to make me fear or boggle? You’re a mere ordinary rotting in some places fairly below the social pecking order. Killing you just means is like swatting another fly to me," the man said in a fairly loathing manner.

He was not in the right frame of mind to argue with Chu Feng. He only wanted to quickly finish off this ordinary in front of him and immediately return home for a soothing bath in a hot spring.

"I don’t want to stay here any longer. Let’s get moving and kill him!" The woman seemed like she was in a more agitated state. She had lost all her patience. "Then, we will go to Qingyang Village to find that cow-like creature, and I will kill that bastard!" The woman gnashed her teeth in anger.

The man committed into action. Wasting no time, he rapidly descended and dove down for Chu Feng.


However, in the very next moment, he found himself projected back to the air in an inverted fashion.

Chu Feng firmly stood on his ground. With a single punch of his fist, he fractured many bones at the man’s ribcage. The man’s chest caved in and dented, and his body slanted across in the air then heavily fell on the ground, foaming blood at his mouth.

The man sprawled on the ground, coughing up blood. Astonishment was written all over his face. The force that the punch delivered was terrifying to say the least. He was awed because he could not fathom how an ordinary man’s punch could have penetrated the armor of his mutated body. A single jab of a man almost claimed his life.

The pain of unparalleled acuteness ran through his body, but he quickly recovered. He soared into the sky once again, about to unleash his deadliest ability. He fluttered his wings, gently mopping the blood from the corner of his mouth as he glared at Chu Feng. There was a flicker of malice in his cold eyes and a tone of biting coldness.

"You are not an ordinary. I admit that I’ve misjudged you."

Then, he opened his mouth, towered over Chu Feng and roared. Chu Feng immediately felt a power that was veiled in mystery dash out from the man’s blustering mouth.

Ripples of sound waves were released, but all were visible. Sound had turned into waves of black billows, one after another, surging outward towards Chu Feng.


The towering plants and the formidable boulders had all burst apart from the impact. It was a terrifying scene to behold, and the power that this ability carried was awe-inspiring as well.

The woman stood not far from the blustering man; she could finally set her mind at rest. At the same time, she also retreated in a hurry, for she knew that no-one could stay undefeated with the man lashing out this ultimate ability of his.

In many fights against groups of mutants, this ability allowed him to easily crumple his opponents like sweeping up dead leaves. He had always been triumphant and victorious.

When used against the ordinary, he discovered that he could rout thousands of people in a single breath. It did not distinguish between allies and enemies. Everything that stood in its path was easily defeated.

Chu Feng realized that this fight might prove to be his undoing. The waves seemed to have been all-pervasive; its power could penetrate his body through every opening. It felt as if it was about to tear his body and rupture his skull. A sharp pain pervaded throughout his body.

However, he did not panic. Chu Feng kept his usual composure and tried to use what he had learnt to deflect the damage he was receiving.


Chu Feng used the omnipotent Demon Ox Boxing Style. That man’s blaring roar was soon submerged under thunderous rumbles; a black yak's bellow echoed as the air condensed to form its silhouette.

Chu Feng suddenly realized that the boxing style was not only a set of fist positions that could allow him to physically harm his opponent, it was also a form of sonic attack, ten times more potent than the bat man’s ripples of sound waves.


In mid-air, the man seemed as if it had been struck by lightning, plummeting from the sky before hitting his head on the pavement below. Pools of blood were disgorged from within his traumatized body, and the soundwaves were also no more.

He felt a searing pain up his gullet. Streams of blood gushed out of his mouth from within his chest where the pain was the most concentrated. At the same time, blood also oozed from his eyes, nose and mouth. All the seven orifices of his head had been severely injured.

"You…" The woman’s face turned pale as a sheet upon seeing the man succumbing to his defeat. She quickly jumped into actions, emitting a devious purple gleam with her palm. A vine then appeared, rapidly elongating towards Chu Feng.

Chu Feng dodged the whipping vine. The plant missed its target, but it landed on the ground instead. Upon impact, it cracked open a green slab of stone with an astounding force.

A tittering sound then followed.

More vines wriggled themselves out from a small hole in the woman’s hand, quickly multiplying and spreading their coverage all over the yard. The woman’s intention was clear. She wanted to constrain Chu Feng in a claustrophobic space before she could strangle him to death with the help of the vines.

At the same time, the vines also swung and swayed, blasting on the concrete floor and the boulders in the yard. Without exception, everything it whipped was turned to fragmented shatters. It was truly a horrific sight to behold.


However, no-one shalt understand the power that Chu Feng was in control of. He was no longer the same novice fighter back when he first fought against Zuo Jun. Weeks of practices in the mountains that were all simulative of a real battle had trained him well to be able to fight the two with great facility. Most importantly, his speed was something that neither of the two could even aspire to beat.

Nowadays, for Chu Feng, finishing a hundred-meter sprint was only the matter of a second. Ever since he claimed mastery of the Demon Ox Boxing Style, both his strength and his speed had dramatically increased. His body had gone further and further beyond some of the extreme limits that a human body could allow for.

He was slowly but steadily validating that the so-called sanctification of a mortal was not just another whimsical theory appearing only in the fantasy novels.

Like a ghostly specter, Chu Feng vanished into thin air, then suddenly, he re-emerged in sight then kicked the woman into the air with a blaring boom. The woman had lost all control of her body as she smashed through the yard wall and landed in the orchid farm. Her mouth overflowed with blood; she could no longer get to her feet.

The battle against the two finished within minutes.

Suddenly, he felt a piercing pain at the back of his head. He knew it was his body’s warning sign for something deadly, so he leaped aside from where he was standing almost in an instant.


The badly injured man pulled the trigger of his handgun from a near distance. The pitch-black muzzle gleamed a blazing flare; he clearly wanted to kill him with a cheap bullet.

The bullet roared past. It travelled at a great velocity, but Chu Feng could almost see the trajectory of the ringing bullet, so with ease, he moved his head out of its path. It was a near miss.

Clonk! Clonk! Clonk!

The man fired consecutive shots. His eyes were gloomy and cold. His body was badly injured, and his face was smeared with blood. His chest had almost been penetrated by Chu Feng’s punch. He had been greatly enfeebled, therefore, he wanted to use the firepower of his semi-auto handgun to retaliate and to cruelly dispose of his target.

However, little did he know that Chu Feng’s consistent ardent training had rendered his body excelled not only in speed but also in senses and instinct. This was a power he believed to have been given to him since birth; it was one of the many primitive abilities that had been barred from exploitation. However, now, the ability had been unlocked for him, allowing him to sense danger far in advance.

He could feel numbness or even pain on many parts of his body. The pain served as a timely warning of a forthcoming danger, enabling Chu Feng to escape from harm unscathed.

The pupils of the two mutants constricted. Their faces both turned as pale as sheets. They were frightened by the ability demonstrated by whom they had been informed as an ordinary. They now realized what a lie that had proven to be!

The man was finally out of bullets. Blood was still dripping from the corners of his mouth. He tried to flutter his wings and escape for his life.


A black dagger was sent into the air. It flew like a black lightning bolt, piecing through the man’s traumatized body. With a plop, the man plummeted again into his demise!

The man was near death. He could no longer get to his feet, let alone escape from Chu Feng’s vengeful clutches.

Under the glittering starry sky, a profound silence prevailed over all.

All sounds had become still. Chu Feng was very calm. Clad in the luminance of the stellar sky, it seemed as if his whole body had been gleaming in a godly light. He looked down at the two who were lying on the ground in profound agony.

The two mutants were ever so frightened and astounded. It was beyond their comprehension how this young man named Chu Feng could clobber them without showing a sign of any forms of mutation.

How powerful was he actually?

The two quivered in fear. They felt powerless and desperate. Their lives were in the mercy of this godly presence.

At this moment, Yellow Ox arose from within its room. It looked at the two in bewilderment. If the fight had not been so clamorous, there would be certainly no way for it to come outside.

The woman saw the calf, then the look on her face drastically changed at once. In an instant, she knew that this calf was the arch-criminal of her previous unpleasant encounter. It was this calf that led to her nightmare.

Her urge to vomit finally passed the limits of her endurance. She gagged and retched, quivering as she heaved.

Yellow Ox was baffled at first, then it went wild with rage. Because as it approached the woman, her vomit seemed to have become increasingly severe.

"Do you have no regards for my presence at all?" Yellow Ox bellowed.

With a bang, it stomped on the woman’s head without any scruples. The poor lady showed the whites of her eyes, then immediately, she slipped into a coma.

"Tell me everything you know!" Chu Feng glared at the man who was still awake.

However, his lips were tightly sealed. He was obviously unwilling to divulge anything to Chu Feng who, on the other hand, wanted to inquire closely into the merits of the case. He had the look of someone who would rather die than to submit. The look in his eyes said profound hatred, but there was also a look of dread and scruple.

But in the bottom of his heart, there was a profound sense of fear. For him, Chu Feng legitimately felt like a godly presence.


In the end, Chu Feng also gave a stomp on the man’s head, putting him to sleep.

"Watch them!" Chu Feng said. He walked into the orchid farm. Then, in the middle of this tranquil night, he dialled Lin Naoi’s number.

He knew that although Lin Naoi was certainly not the one directly behind the violence, he felt that she was at least more or less related to everything that had happened.

Maybe the implementation of these violence was directed by one of her followers or someone close to her.

First, there was Zuo Jun who came uninvited to humiliate him with tirades of insults, then there came two assassins who wanted to claim his life. "Do you think I’m weak and easily bullied?" Chu Feng blurted out his angry words.

He would not blame Lin Naoi for the series of incidence, because these were not the work of hers. But all in all, he needed to find out the evil backstage director who so desperately wanted him to meet his undoing. Chu Feng would find him and make him pay!

"Whoever you are, don’t let me find you, or I will make you regret being born to this world!" Chu Feng’s eyes turned bitingly cold.

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