The Sacred Ruins

Chapter 1645 - 1645 Chapter 1644, the Grand Finale

Chapter 1645 - 1645 Chapter 1644, the Grand Finale

1645 Chapter 1644, the Grand Finale

I was originally writing the ending with great passion, but in the end, the starting point had given me an extra chapter. However, I hadn’t finished writing the final ending yet. That extra chapter was a supplement to the ending, i had no choice but to hurry up and write the final chapter’s ending. This speed increase had definitely affected my state of mind greatly.

Ninety years had passed, and most mortals had already ended their lives. Ying Xiaoxiao also had a strand of white hair. Although she had been very happy these years, she had been feeling sad recently. She was really going to grow old.

“Brother Chu Feng, I’m going to change, but I don’t want you to see my old age.”She began to let Chu Feng leave on her own accord. Although there was endless longing.., but she really didn’t want her old body to appear in front of the person she loved.

“I’m not leaving. I’ll accompany you to the end.”Chu Feng shook his head.


“I’m content with your words, but I don’t want that. You should… leave. Wait for me… to be gone before you return,”ying Xiaoxiao whispered.

“It’s fine if you want me to leave. You should leave too. This is the dog Emperor’s talisman. You should leave the Yang Realm!”Chu Feng said.

“I…”Ying Xiaoxiao was conflicted. She couldn’t bear to part with him.

“Don’t worry. I Won’t Grow Old. I’ll live on in the world. When I’m strong enough, I’ll look for you!”Chu Feng said. This way, they could meet again in the future.

In the end, Ying Xiaoxiao shed tears. She was reluctant to part with him and disappeared amidst the multicolored light.

At this moment, Chu Feng couldn’t fall asleep for a long time. He actually fell asleep when it was almost dawn. An evolver at his level originally didn’t need to fall asleep.

In his deep sleep, he actually had a dream. He dreamed of sinking and that they had a child. Finally, he dreamed of Ying Xiaoxiao. She was also holding a little boy, and then he was done.

It wasn’t a nightmare, but rather a very relaxed and warm dream. It made him unwilling to get up for a long time.

A thousand years later, Chu Feng went to the Soul River and found the soul within the ancestral material. At night, his wondrous technique was upgraded to the ten treasured wondrous techniques.

He had actually met Lin Naoi here. They had been separated for too long and had never thought that she would be here. Her condition was very delicate, as if she was undergoing a transformation.

However, the woman from the pollen path sighed from behind him. “I’ve failed. You’re still you!”

What was going on? Chu Feng was shocked. He suddenly recalled what the pollen maiden had said to Luo. She had also reflected a form. Could It Be Lin Naoi? However, she didn’t give Lin Naoi any past memories.

“The two of you are separated because of me, and because of me, you are reunited once again. Everything is up to you!”After saying these words, the pollen maiden completely disappeared.

Lin Naoi opened her eyes, and they were very bright. She sighed softly, and there were too many things she wanted to say. Although the woman from the pollen path did not give her the memories of the past, she also gave her a lot of guidance.

“Let’s go together and become immortals of the mortal world!”Lin Naoi took the initiative to speak.

In the following time, they traveled through the world of the living together. For tens of thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years, the two of them were never separated.

They became immortals in the mortal world and traveled through all the mountains and rivers.

During this process, Lin Naoi told him that the bronze coffin that was related to the ancient heavenly emperor and Heavenly Emperor Ye might have a great background. The original owner of the bronze coffin was most likely the person the strange race was looking for. This was what the woman from the pollen path told her.

In fact, the woman from the pollen path even suspected that the stone jar in Chu Feng’s hand was actually one with the bronze coffin. It was… a urn of ashes.

Chu Feng was shocked and didn’t speak for a long time.

However, in the end, Lin Naoi said, “This is just her guess after all.”

After becoming immortal Hong Chen, Lin Naoi reluctantly bade farewell to him. She said that she wanted to find some opportunities left behind by the pollen maiden and walk her own path.

Another 200,000 years had passed and Chu Feng had advanced further on the immortal Hong Chen. As expected, he was still at the peak of the immortal realm!

He knew that if he continued to evolve, he would become an immortal king. And now, he was most likely unafraid of ordinary immortal kings.

After reaching the peak of the immortal realm, Chu Feng began to tour other great worlds. They were all broken and damaged, giving him a vivid impression of the scenery.

Time passed by slowly. 1.5 million years later, Chu Feng met Yaoyao by accident. They both entered the realm of immortal kings.

On the following cultivation path, the two discussed with each other and discussed the later paths and techniques. They both reaped enormous rewards.

Time passed mercilessly. The creatures on the earth changed generation after generation. Finally, a new era had begun. Chu Feng and Yaoyao watched as geniuses competed for hegemony and experts rose. They were like outsiders, watching the joys and sorrows of the mortal world, they only wanted to find those people from the past.

“I heard that after the Great War, all of our people… died,”Yaoyao told Chu Feng.

Chu Feng’s heart immediately became sorrowful after hearing this.

“In the future, I will reflect all of you. I want all of you to Live!”He swore.

“Strange Land of Woe, I greet your entire family’s ancestors for eighteen generations!”

A loud roar came from the woe earth when this great era Rose. It was the Dark Immortal Emperor of the past and also a peak-level creature who had returned after stepping on the emperor’s bone. Chu Feng and Yaoyao privately called him the emperor’s bone.

The emperor’s bone brother appeared again? He went to find trouble with the woe Earth again. He actually didn’t die!

Chu Feng and Yaoyao were both shocked, but then they were incomparably happy.

“The rat in the woeful soil, t-rex, you’ll be destroyed sooner or later. That fierce tiger who chased me turned me into a fierce tiger who was even more powerful than him. I killed him back!”

Then, the bone king brother made a big fuss in the woeful soil and left.

Some creatures chased after him, but there was no trace of him.

The great era was brilliant, but in the end, it was full of regret. The strange race still came, and at the end of this era, Chu Feng and Yaoyao had become peak Dao ancestors. They needed an opportunity to break into the immortal emperor realm.

They secretly participated in this great battle, but they also ended up with a sad ending. Both of them were heavily injured and relied on the hidden opportunity of the stone jar to escape with their lives in the end.

“The Immortal Emperor Path is at its end. You and I need to step on it separately. Let’s part ways here!”Yaoyao also left, leaving Chu Feng alone.

That’s right. Creatures at the end of the path no longer needed to walk with others. Instead, they needed to kill their way up and break through the terrifying ceiling of evolution.

There were a few times when Chu Feng wanted to use his dual dao fruits, but he held back in the end. He wanted to become even more powerful in the future.

He would cross the peak of the road by himself. He was confident that he could do it.

When he entered the immortal Emperor Realm, he would consider another collision and fusion of the dual dao fruits. He wanted to see if he could sublimate to the extreme. When the time came, he would go to the land of woe to kill the Great Tyrannosaurus, kill their strange ancestor, and exterminate all of them!

In the middle of this new era, Chu Feng felt that he could try to break through. However, at this time, he actually sensed the violent energy fluctuations of someone else. It was outside the world, not far away from him. That Was… Yaoyao? !

He rushed over and saw that woman with incomparable grace. It really was her. She had relied on herself to sublimate and stepped into the domain of the ultimate level.

Chu Feng sensed something and also stood on the same spot. With a boom, he broke through the limit. He integrated himself into the ten treasured techniques and became the eleventh ancestral material. He himself was the one who had transcended and was now coexisting with the path!

He was about to break through!

“No!”But in the end, he was freed again. At the final step, he had refined the light wheel and caused them to disintegrate. As for the DAO marks, they were branded into his heart.

With a boom, he advanced and said softly, “How can I be bound by law and Dao? I’m above this!”

On this day, the land of woe was shocked as several figures charged out.

It was just that at this level, even if several immortal emperors joined forces to kill them, Chu Feng and Yaoyao wouldn’t be afraid even if they joined forces. It wouldn’t be a problem for them to escape if they couldn’t beat them. The other party definitely wouldn’t be able to kill them in a short period of time.

In truth, the two newly ascended peak-level immortal emperors were simply newborn calves that weren’t afraid of Tigers. They didn’t escape at the first moment and instead killed their way over, blocking a strange immortal emperor who was deeply surprised and found it inconceivable, first, they killed one of their emperors!

After that, the two fled. They used the stone jar to hide their auras and stopped the hunt.

Even though they knew that the immortal emperor they killed could still be resurrected in the land of woe, the two were still filled with joy and a sense of accomplishment. They could finally fight with peak-level beings.

However, this battle had finally revealed the uniqueness of the stone jar in Chu Feng’s hands. In the depths of the strange land, even the ancestors were deducing.

“What a pity. I didn’t expect that stone tool to be such a crucial item. Back then, there was a person who carried endless strange energy and was buried in a bronze coffin. You and I received his gift and took over our coffins and buried them in this plateau. From then on, they would be imperishable for all eternity. Even if the immortal emperor of our race died, he could still be resurrected here. However, we never thought that there would be a stone jar. That might be a primitive jar that carries ominous energy!”

Some of the strange ancestors were sighing and deducing. In the end, they were even more shocked and said, “There are even seeds on him? !”

“I didn’t expect that after killing that woman from the pollen road, he didn’t get any seeds and actually fell into Chu Feng’s hands. No wonder he advanced by leaps and bounds and grew to such an extent.”


Chu Feng and Yaoyao went into hibernation. On this day, Chu Feng felt full of malice. He frowned and said, “There’s an unimaginable existence among the strange creatures deducing me? !”

Next, he and Yaoyao were very careful. It was their turn to be serious and deducing the road behind them. They wanted to be stronger.

Chu Feng told Yaoyao about his idea of using the two dao fruits to take risks and break through again. She immediately began to think seriously.

“I have an idea. We’re walking on different paths. Now, what if we treat you and I as one dao fruit and watch your two dao fruits collide to advance? What would happen then?”

“We’ll fulfill one person!”

“No, we’ll fulfill one person first and then come back to fulfill another person. That’s because, after all, after walking the immortal Emperor Path, there’s no harm in walking along this path again without being fulfilled.”


After that, they continued to perfect it. In the end, they wanted to take the risk and move.

With a boom, hundreds of thousands of years later, Chu Feng and Yaoyao took action.

That day, the terrifying energy fluctuations shocked the world and shook the woeful soil. It made everyone’s hair stand on end and they were all terrified.

Even the strange immortal emperor was apprehensive as he searched for the source.

Chu Feng transformed once again. Although he was still in the immortal emperor’s domain, he felt that he could kill a fierce tiger and even fight against the Great Tyrannosaurus.

However, Yaoyao was coughing up blood and her body was fading away as if she was about to be annihilated.


Chu Feng roared. He immediately reversed the dao fruit and injected all of his dao and essence into Yaoyao’s body, giving her the dao fruit.

Yaoyao slowly solidified her body and gradually recovered. Her Dao was soaring and her cost was comparable to a great tyrannosaurus-like immortal emperor.

Then she saw Chu Feng’s face turn pale. He quickly reversed the dao fruit and allowed Chu Feng to recover.

Just like that, they hid in no man’s land for tens of thousands of times and hundreds of thousands of years. They used stone jars to hide their auras and continuously reversed the Dao fruit.

After a million years, they stabilized and were immortal emperors who could slaughter a great Tyrannosaurus.

“We can’t try again. Moreover, our dao fruits are the same now. We can’t complement and collide with each other anymore. We’ll have to walk on our own for the rest of the journey,”said Yaoyao.

“Yes, but I want to go to the woeful soil and kill their immortal emperors to vent my anger and avenge my old friend!”

That day, the two of them broke into the woeful soil together and started a massacre. They shocked all the worlds in the universe and also made the High Heavens’Luo and the distant brother di gu dumbstruck.

From then on, Yaoyao could still be considered restrained, and Chu Feng was simply brother di Gu’s second-best style of doing things. He would make a big fuss whenever he had nothing to do.

It wasn’t until later that he began to restrain himself. He wanted to let his two dao fruits collide.

However, he didn’t know that in the depths of the woeful soil, several ancestors were standing on terrifying ancient coffins and deducing. They wanted to take him down and obtain his stone jar and seeds.

“There are some problems. I still need to go to the woeful soil and blow up two immortal emperors to verify it,”Chu Feng said to himself after coming out of seclusion.

Then, he charged into the land of doom. It had been two million years since he entered the land of Doom last time. He felt that after such a long time, the other party probably wouldn’t be so nervous anymore.

However, this time, Chu Feng was trapped as soon as he charged in. There was a tyrannosaur level immortal emperor taking action, and there was more than one of them!

The most terrifying thing was that there was also an ancient coffin in the sky that intimidated him from afar.


Chu Feng fought in the land of evil and killed until his blood splattered everywhere. However, he couldn’t escape in the end and was stuck in a deep swamp.

Yaoyao had arrived and so had the emperor’s bone. Unfortunately, an ancient coffin had opened and a terrifying creature had walked over to attack them.

Chu Feng’s Stone Jar was sent flying after the fight. The three seeds flew in different directions and were shaken off.

His heart was in turmoil as he desperately chased after them, but it was too late. The creature who had walked out of the ancient coffin had personally taken the stone jar and the three seeds!

After obtaining the stone jar and the seeds, the monster turned around and left. He entered the highest land of woe. There was a plateau there, which was also the ancestral land of the strange race!

“Ah!”Chu Feng roared. His heart was incomparably pained and regretful. The seeds had accompanied him for so long, but they had actually fallen into the hands of an outsider.

Even though he was cautious in the later stages and no longer used the seed to advance, as for the Immortal King Domain.

He felt that the five elders of the pollen road were right. He could rely on himself to sever the shackles and not rely on the seed. Perhaps he was even stronger.

However, now that he had lost the seed, he still couldn’t bear to part with it. After all, they had accompanied him for a long time.

At the same time, he still didn’t know what the other two mysterious seeds were used for. He only knew that they had absorbed some soul materials, but they were no longer active.

No matter how high he reached, he could not make the other two seeds take root and sprout.

“Hehe… Haha…”in the Strange Land of the ancient beasts, a few ancient coffins trembled. Their terrifying whispers shook all the great worlds.

They were too powerful. Most importantly, their ancestral land was extraordinary. It could allow them to revive even after they died in battle.

Otherwise, some of them would have been truly killed by the desolate heaven monarch!

“Very good. The stone jar is the carrier of our grand sacrifice. It preserved his body and carried his endless strange power!”

“We’ve finally obtained it!”

“There are actually three seeds. One is the pollen path’s ancestral seed. We’ve seen it many eras ago and killed that woman. Now, we’ll plant it and see what the other two can grow. I think that no matter what kind of seed is buried in the ancestral land, it should be enough for it to grow!”

Following that, an ancient coffin shook and came towards Chu Feng, wanting to kill him.

Chu Feng’s eyes were red. He had lost the stone jar and the seeds, which made him furious to the heavens. Now that the race’s ancestor had come and wanted to kill him, he naturally had to go all out!

“Yaoyao, Brother Monarch Bone, you guys retreat. Don’t Lock Me Up. I’m going to start a massacre!”Chu Feng roared.

Yaoyao realized what he was going to do and decisively retreated.

The Dark Immortal Emperor was in a daze. Who Was Brother Bones? Was it me? Then, he also ran away.


Chu Feng made his move and let the two dao fruits collide. He didn’t care about anything else and exploded here, charging at the most important checkpoint in his life.

With a boom, 80% of this land exploded. Countless strange creatures were killed and injured.

Only the ancestral land wasn’t damaged.

An immortal emperor could travel through the river of time with a single thought. Naturally, Chu Feng was fast enough to break through. He succeeded and killed a tyrannosaur-level immortal emperor with a single move.

After that, he met the ancestor who had walked out of the ancient coffin. He was a life form that had truly reached the peak of its level.

However, he wasn’t afraid because he had also charged into this domain.

“It doesn’t matter. He just transformed not long ago. He’s only a little stronger than the great Tyrannosaurus immortal emperor they spoke of. Our great ancestors have all come into being. Naturally, we can kill him and make him unable to escape.”

“Hehe, even the desolate heaven monarch and Heavenly Emperor Ye were killed back then. A new junior like you will naturally perish too!”

“What? !”Chu Feng’s heart immediately ached when he heard this. The desolate heaven monarch and Heavenly Emperor Ye had both died in battle?

He knew that the roots of everything lay in the ancestral land. There was no solution, but they could be resurrected continuously while others couldn’t. They would eventually be exhausted to death.

“Our race is undefeatable and undefeatable!”An ancestor of the strange race said coldly in the ancestral land.

However, after he finished speaking, the plateau of the ancestral land underwent a shocking transformation and exploded with a boom.

“Who dares to claim to be invincible? Who Dares to claim to be invincible? !”

A seed that had been buried earlier had now grown and transformed into the desolate heaven monarch. He held a large sword and with a boom, he split three ancient coffins!

“F * ck!”At this moment, the strange race was shocked. They exploded. Some immortal emperors could not help but shout and curse. How did someone sneak into the ancestral land?

“Don’t be afraid. He’s only one person. We have six ancestors. We can kill him!”An old monster shouted. Black blood was dripping from his eyes.

The strange race was shocked. They thought there were only five ancestors, but there was one more.

However, after that ancestor said these words, his ancient coffin also exploded. It was destroyed by a cauldron made of blood!

“I am the heavenly monarch, and I will kill all enemies!”

It was heavenly monarch Ye. He was actually transformed from another seed.

The strange race exploded. Back then, didn’t the ancestor say that he had killed these two people?

Not only the strange race, but even Chu Feng felt his scalp go numb. What kind of situation was this? ! Of the three seeds on his body, two were unable to grow anything. It was actually those two heavenly monarchs? !

They had been dormant for many years, waiting for this opportunity to enter the ancestral land? !

“That’s right, you guessed it right.”Heavenly Emperor Ye nodded, revealing his bright white teeth as he smiled, causing the strange race to be terrified.

He further said, “A long time ago, we were already very powerful. However, we knew that if we killed them, these people could still be resurrected. However, if we made a mistake once, we would die and our path would be destroyed. Therefore, the desolate heavenly emperor used a drop of blood to travel the long river of time. He suggested that after we discussed it, we decided to use nirvana as a seed and wait for this opportunity today. “As for us outside, we’re just a split soul. There’s no need to worry about it. We can let them regenerate with a drop of blood today.”

Chu Feng was shocked while the strange race was horrified. The few strange ancestors were incomparably furious.

“Did I hide the stone jar and seeds too tightly, causing you to wait so long for nothing?”Chu Feng asked guiltily.

The desolate heaven emperor said, “No, this is just right. Only after you use the stone jar and the seed to become an immortal emperor and the strange races investigate will they update the stone jar and the seed’s extraordinariness first and think of ways to get it.”

Chu Feng sighed. This was truly… making him have endless words, but he couldn’t say anything.

In the end, he asked in a low voice, “Why do the three of us look alike?”

“Because, according to our guesses, the bronze coffin and the stone jar were used to carry the corpse of that person. Over time, they naturally have his aura of rules.”

“And we often have these few items with us. By bringing them with us, they have a subtle influence on our appearance. It’s as if the same Great Dao mother’s womb has affected the three of us.”

After that, heavenly emperor ye continued, “For example, the Empress’s deceased elder brother had also been in contact with the bronze coffin for a long time, so he is very similar to us.”

“You can think about it. We’re actually still somewhat different from when we were young. We’re slowly changing.”

Chu Feng was dumbstruck.

Then, he shouted, “Leave one for me!”

That was because he discovered that the desolate heavenly emperor had made a move. He had suppressed the three great ancestors at the same time and was charging towards them.

Heavenly Emperor ye smiled and said, “I’ll leave one for You!”He left two for himself and left one for Chu Feng.

“How infuriating!”The six great ancestors were furious. These people were looking down on them too much.

“Who do you think you are? If the ancestral land hadn’t been continuously resurrected, you would’ve been killed long ago!”The desolate heaven monarch said coldly.

With a PFFT, he had already chopped down one of the ancestors with his sword while speaking. His blood dyed the soil of the land of woe.

“Experts at the peak of the road stay behind and kill them together with me. The rest of you, all the Dao ancestors, activate the great sacrifice and destroy the foundations of the various worlds!”

Some of the ancestors roared in anger and gave out orders in a frenzy.

However, at this time, the Dao ancestors who had just charged out of the woeful land flew back and many of them were blasted apart.

“The desolate heaven monarch’s heavenly court has arrived!”Countless people roared.

Afterwards, Chu Feng saw many people. Many of them were familiar, such as the ten crowns king, the Heaven Horn Ant, the nine daos one, and ancestral master Meng. In addition, there were also dead lunar jade rabbits?

At the same time, there were also many people he didn’t know, such as the dual-pupiled man, a scarlet dragon, and the desolate heaven monarch’s own son..


The violent tremors came once again as a large group of people arrived.

“The Heavenly Emperor Ye’s Heavenly Court’s forces have arrived!”

Then, Chu Feng saw a big black dog with a wide grin, a fat Taoist who had transformed from a rotting corpse, and the battle Saint Emperor. Some people who should have died had all appeared? !

Chu Feng was tongue-tied.

“They’re all alive?”

“They’ve never died. What you’ve seen is their reflection in the heavens. Their true bodies are all bitterly cultivating!”Heavenly Emperor Ye explained.

In an instant, Chu Feng felt that the entire world was a pit. The two great heavenly monarchs were a group of dead people. There were pits everywhere. He had been cheated by the entire world!

“Heavenly Emperor Chu, we’re here too! Heavenly Emperor Chu’s troops have arrived!”!

That was the black yak, Yellow Ox, Li Li, Old Gu, and the others. In addition, there was the tearful Zhou Xi, Ying Xiaoxiao, and many more people. They had all been rescued back then.

“Other than pits, the entire world also has highlands. There’s also true love and love!”Chu Feng shouted.


The bell rang. An immortal emperor had come to kill, but Wu Shi was still alive. The giant in the pit was actually his incarnation. Not only had he recovered, but he had also become stronger.

His white robes fluttered as the great empress arrived. She charged straight into the woeful soil.

In an instant, a shimmering willow branch tore through the void, piercing through two immortal emperors. A peerless beauty in a long dress also arrived at the same time.

Someone exclaimed, “It’s the Willow Deity!”

Following that, Luo, brother Emperor Gu, Yaoyao, and the others all arrived.

In addition, there were also the desolate heaven emperor’s son and the Heavenly Emperor Ye’s son.

The strange race realized that in terms of high-end combat strength and the number of Dao ancestors, they no longer had the advantage.


Everyone roared. The destruction of the land of woe!

There was no suspense. When the desolate heaven monarch and heavenly emperor ye occupied the ancestral land, nothing would go wrong.

The six great progenitors were all killed!

The rest were also killed one after another. The destruction of the land of woe!

It was over. However, there was still the closing speech and some other important additions to the ending.

As for the new book, see you on May 1st! After I take a break, I’m going to write a fantastic new book for you.

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