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The Rough Hunter’s Little Lucky Wife

The Rough Hunter’s Little Lucky Wife

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The Rough Hunter’s Little Lucky Wife

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This story is a rehash of the Pea Princess but set in ancient times. It tells the tale of an elegant maiden, and a doting, loyal puppy who also happens to be a rugged hunter! He was serious about pampering his wife! Yue Jiaojiao woke up in the body of a beautiful girl who was grievously injured from leaping off a cliff. If she hadn’t been rescued by a hunter who was passing by, perhaps she would have died. Looking at the soft, delicate “little fairy” in front of him, the rugged hunter decided he would play the role of a loyal puppy to the max! The delicate Jiaojiao was a clean freak, so there would always be hot towels ready all day long. Jiaojiao was being disturbed by her uncle and aunt? Hurry up and sever all ties with them! Jiaojiao’s feet hurt from walking? My arms are capable of lifting her! Jiaojiao said she wanted to marry me? Zhao Zhan was stunned. Was this real? Was this not a dream?***Generally, Yue Jiaojiao would never have offered herself in return for being rescued. However, the rugged hunter was too awesome!***As time passed, Zhao Zhan realized that his wife was a real lucky star. Ever since she entered his life, he had happiness! And wealth! Even those evildoers who framed Jiaojiao had already been dealt with! Still, in comparison to his material possessions, Jiaojiao will always be the most precious gem in his heart. She was the treasure that he would pamper till the world's end!