The Rise Of The Tamer Family

Chapter 275 - Chapter 275: The Alliance Was Formed, End of the Second Year of Qi Yuan

Chapter 275: The Alliance Was Formed, End of the Second Year of Qi Yuan

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Seeing this, Yang Chen smiled and said,”Alright, it’s better to meet today than to choose a day. Let’s hold the oath of alliance today.””

“I agree.” Dragon Demon Emperor nodded.

“I agree.” Crack Gold nodded.

“I…Ah, no, I agree too.” The Ghost-eyed Demonic Butterfly quickly said.

Seeing this, a smile appeared in the Blue Luan’s eyes.” Me too.””

Immediately, Yang Chen and the four Demon Emperors stood together and made a Heaven and Earth Oath together,”!, Yang Chen (…), “At this moment, I swear to the heavens and earth that we are willing to form an alliance and never betray you in this life. If we violate this oath, the heavens will punish us!”

The moment the oath was made, a seven-colored light floated down from Yang Chen and the others ‘heads and circled around them, announcing the oath.

After the agreement was made, the Blue Luan said impatiently,””Yang Chen, when are we taking action?”

“There’s no hurry. Only by knowing yourself and your enemy can you win a hundred battles.”Yang Chen smiled.

“What do you mean?”

“It means that we have to first investigate the situation in the vicinity and know who is an enemy and who is a friend.”Yang Chen said.

Hearing this, a trace of pity flashed in the Blue Phoenix’s eyes.” So we can’t move now. Forget it, when will we move? Just let me know.””

“No problem.”

Yang Chen smiled and nodded. Then, he focused his gaze on the Gold-splitting Armadillo.” Demon Emperor Gold-splitting Armadillo, I’ll have to rely on you to gather information.””

Among everyone present, only the Gold-splitting Armadillo had more friends. With more friends, there would naturally be more news.

The Gold-splitting Armadillo nodded.” No problem. Leave this information to me.””

“Oh right, 1 still have a suggestion. In order to deepen the close relationship between our allies, why don’t you choose one or two of your descendants to sign a natal subdued beast contract with my Chen family?”Yang Chen asked.

This was a benefit that Yang Chen was seeking for his family. As the descendant of the Demon Emperor was his natal subdued beast, the strength of the family members would definitely increase by a huge step.

“Anything is fine, but 1 don’t have any descendants.””

” I’m also The Ghost-eyed Demonic Butterfly said.

Immediately, Yang Chen shifted his gaze to the flood dragon demon emperor and the gold-splitting armadillo.

The two demon emperors looked at each other and said at the same time,””No problem.”

After agreeing, the flood dragon demon emperor added,””How about this, let’s not choose one or two. We can set a time limit for your Chen Clan members to come and choose.”

“As long as both parties are willing, we can let both parties sign a natal subdued beast contract.”

“Sure.” Yang Chen didn’t refuse. This was a good thing for the family.” Let’s make it three years.””

“I agree.” Dragon Demon Emperor nodded.

“I agree.” The Gold-Splitting Armadillo Demon Emperor did not object.

After the discussion, Chen Yang asked for the last time,” Do you have any other ideas? If not, let’s go home and wait for the first operation.””

All the demon emperors shook their heads, but the Blue Phoenix Demon Emperor said,””Yang Chen, you should give us a human name too. This way, we will look like an alliance.”

“Otherwise, it wouldn’t be right for the Green Phoenix Demon Emperor to call me that.”

Hearing this, Yang Chen was stunned for a moment before he smiled and said,””Alright, how about this, everyone will share the same surname as me. How about we all take the surname Chen?”

“No problem. We are all allies. It is normal for us to share the same surname.’The Blue Phoenix Demon Emperor did not object.

Seeing this, the other demon emperors did not object. Since they were all named after humans, they might as well share the same surname as their allies.

“How about this, Green Phoenix Demon Emperor, your name is Chen Qing. This Qing is the same word as the Qing of your race, so it suits you.”Yang Chen smiled.

“Chen Qing?” The Green Phoenix Demon Emperor nodded in satisfaction.” Alright, I’ll be called Chen Qing from today onwards.”

The Gold Splitting Armadillo also smiled and said,””Since that’s the case, I’ll follow this method and call myself Chen Qiu.”

“Then I’m Chen Jiao.” the flood dragon demon emperor said.

Seeing this, the Ghost-eyed Demonic Butterfly hurriedly said,”Then I’ll be called Chen Die, how about it?”

“All, this…” Yang Chen looked at the butterfly awkwardly.

Seeing this, the Ghost-eyed Demonic Butterfly said in confusion,””Why? Is there something wrong with my name?”

“It’s nothing. It’s just that my sixth sister’s name is Chen Die.”Yang Chen said.

Seeing this, the Ghost-eyed Butterfly thought for a while and then kicked the ball to Yang Chen.” In that case, I’ll leave the name to you. You come up with

Yang Chen thought for a moment, then smiled and said,””How about this, add the feather character in the middle of Chen Die, and you call her Chen Yu Die?”

“Chen Yu Die?” The Ghost-eyed Demonic Butterfly pondered for a moment and said,””No problem.”

After the name was given, the matter of the alliance agreement came to an end. After several rounds of discussion, Chen Yang and the others rode on the flood dragon demon emperor, no, Chen Jiao, and returned to Chen Jiao’s lair.

After arriving at Chen Jiao’s lair, Chen Yang exchanged a few pleasantries with Chen Jiao before returning to Chen City on the Underworld Dragon.

On the way, Yang Chen placed the Spirit-Eared Fox in its territory and handed it two Spiritual Crystals.” You translated it well this time. This is your reward.””

“If you can’t use it, you can exchange it for other resources with the flood dragon demon emperor.”

The Spirit-Eared Fox received the Spiritual Crystal with a delighted expression.” Thank you, Lord!”

After dealing with the alliance, Yang Chen and Zhou Tianli quietly returned to the Chen Family.

After arriving at the Chen family, the two of them did not waste time. They went straight to the meeting hall and found Chen Xuan.

“Grand Elder, is there any news from the Firmament Dragon Guard?”

“No, 1 haven’t.” Chen Xuan shook his head.

Seeing this, Chen Yang looked at Zhou Tianli.” Since that’s the case, Master, let’s bring out our spies and go investigate the Endless Mountain Range together.””

“No problem. With more strength, we will have an extra chance to find the place of detention.”Zhou Tianli said.

Immediately, the two of them began to move.

The Piercing Guards that belonged to the Chen Clan and the spies from the De Shun King Manor headed towards the Endless Mountain Range together.

Time passed in a flash, and in the blink of an eye, it was already the end of the second year of Qiyuan.

After half a year of searching, everyone still found nothing. Yang Chen did not panic. Instead, he comforted everyone and told them not to panic.

After all, the location of the check was definitely in a secret place, it was normal to not be able to find it.

At the same time, in the ancestral manor of Yingzhou.

Sect Master Xu looked at Zhou Muchun and asked,””Milord, hasn’t the High Sect arrived yet? The scouts of the Firmament Dragon Guards have been circling the area, and it’s only a matter of time before they discover our location.”

“What are you so anxious about? So what if you find out? Could it be that you, a Rank Six Evil Sect, can’t even guard a detention spot?”Zhou Muchun said disdainfully.

When Sect Master Xu heard this, his expression turned slightly awkward. A moment later, a flattering smile appeared on his face.” I’m just worried about you, sir.””

“Milord, think about it. Don’t they know that with the protection of my Ghost Fiend Sect, it is absolutely impossible for them to save those commoners?” “Since they know, why are they looking for this place?”

“In my opinion, they want to use the Image Stone to record your face during the transaction and then inform the public.”

“If that’s the case, the Li family will definitely make a move on you. Then, our grand plan will not be completed.”

Hearing Sect Head Xu’s words, Zhou Muchun’s eyes narrowed. It wasn’t impossible.

Immediately, Zhou Muchun looked at Sect Master Xu.” You’ve considered quite a lot.”

Sect Master Xu smiled. He was just making a wild guess.

However, what Sect Leader Xu didn’t know was that he had guessed Yang Chen’s real plan.

“You don’t need to worry about this. When the transaction is made, they definitely won’t be able to see my face. They won’t even be able to sense my aura.”Zhou Muchun said confidently.

“Sir, you mean that you used that pill? However, that pill was the pill that allowed Daren to successfully retreat after Daren was exposed. Was he going to use it just like that?”Sect Master Xu said with some pity.

When Zhou Muchun saw this, he smiled and patted Sect Master Xu’s shoulder.” There’s nothing to pity. Pills are meant to be eaten..”

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