The Rise of Otaku

Chapter 309 - The birth of a holographic game

Chapter 309:   Chapter 309 The birth of a holographic game

The feeling of bullying a noob was indeed very good, especially the feeling of bullying Little Rat, this guy was obviously just a secondary school student, but he already had a girlfriend, which dissatisfied Zhou Yu a lot, so when he bullied him, he did not show any mercy. After triggering all kinds of combo traps, Little Rat almost began to doubt his life choices.

“Ah~ No, Brother Yu, you’re cheating, and you have taken away all the good cards! Let’s shuffle the cards and play again! ”

Little Rat completely forgot his little girlfriend after losing so many battles, and he insisted on fighting brother Yu to the end. So Zhou Yu put hundreds of cards on the table one by one, and then two people started to select cards again. Then the fierce battle once again started.

Perhaps the game was too addicting, Little Rat has completely forgotten the time, and only until his little girlfriend shouted angrily outside Zhou Yu’s house did he finally wake up.

Then what happened next was like a little romantic drama. His little girlfriend was obviously very mad that he had forgotten about her. Looking back, Little Rat saw that Brother Yu was whistling while cleaning up the cards on the table. There was a smile on the corner of his lips, and he was clearly laughing at him.

The helpless Little Rat tried every way to make his girlfriend happy, but in the end, it was the virtual cards that saved him.

“Look, how beautiful this butterfly is. It was because I wanted to get this thing from brother Yu that it took me a lot of time. I want to give this to you as a gift.”

Zhou Yu could not help but be impressed by Little Rat’s skill. In order to convince his little girlfriend, he even took out a one-star flaming butterfly. This card was useless in terms of combat effectiveness, but its appearance was very beautiful. The projected image was really like a beautiful flaming butterfly. The pretty flaming wings flapped ups and downs, bringing up many little dazzling sparks, stirring up the hot air, like a phoenix.

Sure enough, the girl just couldn’t resist beautiful things. Xiao Lu was instantly attracted by it. Her eyes were fixed on the flaming butterfly, and the words “I want it” seemed to be engraved on her forehead. While Little Rat was secretly relieved, he was also worried. This thing looked expensive at first glance, would Brother Yu refuse to give it to him?

Zhou Yu naturally would not give it to them easily, he sat with his leg crossed and said, “Want it? We can talk about it once you defeat me. As long as you can defeat me on this tabletop battleground, this flaming butterfly will be yours. And in the future, if you run out of the battery, I can also charge it for you for free.”

Oh well, in order to win the heart of the little beauty, Little Rat could only grind his teeth and started to practice his card skill, and every weekend he would run to brother Yu’s house to play against him. However, the damn Brother Yu always put forward various requirements, such as completing the homework, getting high scores during exams, otherwise, he would be disqualified from the duel.

What Little Rat was doing also won the strong support from the female employees of Qin Zhuan studio. The pure puppy love of the children was simply intoxicating. The game “Star Map” was also available in the lounge of Qin Zhuan studio. They all thought that the duel Little Rat said was using this game. None of them could imagine that it was a holographic game, this kind of black technology.

At one weekend, they decided to form a cheerleading squad to cheer for Little Rat, and then they saw an incredible scene in Zhou Yu’s house.

Holy shit, our boss is an alien? Where did he get such a black technology toy?

“Ah!… Brother Yu, can you not go easy on me! It’s been almost a month, and I haven’t even won a single match!”

Although Little Rat had his own special cheerleading squad, he still could not escape his fate of being defeated by Zhou Yu, and in the end, he started to roll around in Zhou Yu’s house to vent his frustration, hoping that Brother Yu would give the card after this. However, Zhou Yu ignored his acting. He simply smiled and said, “you little brat, you think that it will be easy for you to get something from me to please your little girlfriend? It is still the same old rule, if you defeat me, I will give you that flaming butterfly.”

The entire battle had also been recorded, but Zhou Yu didn’t mind it. After all, he would not be able to hide this thing forever, sooner or later, he would need to release this thing. Moreover, games like Star map would only be fun when it was played with other people. But it also felt great when you could play a game that other people couldn’t.

Since it was recorded, the information about this would soon be spread out. And as expected, in just two days, everyone in the studio knew that little boss was hiding something good in his house. So more and more people came to visit him, just to see the tabletop holographic game.

Perhaps because they were all Otakus, Zhou Yu didn’t really mind it. Of course, he would not allow so many people to get into his bedroom, so most of the time, everyone was just playing in the living room. When two people play against each other, everyone would be watching on the side, or swipe their cards to let their favorite fairies.

When the game “Star Map” swept across the domestic gaming market, all other domestic games became very boring and not interesting. Oh well, other gaming companies couldn’t do anything about it. After all, they couldn’t compete with the quality of that game at all. No one knew there was such a good domestic game development team, and it was still in that damn emperor Zhou Yu’s hand.

Once those people with good talent joined him, people would be able to find them at all.

So even if other companies wanted to hire those people, it would not be possible for them to do it. So many investigation companies have failed to dig up any useful information, this included the investigation companies from other counties. In other words, if the developers of Hu Tu studio refused to come out, no one would be able to find anything.

This has already become a well-known fact, and even those journalists have now given up finding the secret of the amusement parks.

However, Zhou Yu was not a person who would stay silent for a very long time.

Today, another video of the emperor Zhou Yu went viral online again.

The room in the video was said to be the Emperor Zhou Yu’s room, and there were many strange small houses, which was said to be the interest of the Emperor. However, that was not the reason why the video went viral, it was the tabletop battle that both the people outside the video and inside the video were watching.

Because of the popularity of “Star Map”, everyone knew the rules of this card duel game, and there were also many people playing online battles through the official website. However, no one would have thought that the emperor would be so crazy that he actually brought the game alive in the real world, and it was using a holographic projection method.

Brother, let me kneel before you to show my respect.

“This isn’t CG, right? Is there really this kind of machine in the world?”

It was indeed possible for Beidou or Qin Zhuan to make such a thing. After all, their abilities were very good. Also, it was not difficult to understand the reason to make this video either. It was to advertise the game after all. However, such a battle video was not just one clip. As time passed, more and more videos appeared. More and more people started to play with Zhou Yu. So people started to question whether it was really a CG. After all, there was no need to make this kind of repeated advertisement.

Did a holographic projection game really exist? There has been a huge discussion on the Internet.

Fans of Zhou Yu expressed their belief in the emperor because no matter what the magical emperor brought out, they would not be surprised. Of course, there were also rationalists who thought that it was too futuristic and the possibility that it was fake was very high.

No one online knew what the truth really was, and these videos made people want to go to the amusement park again to find out the truth by themselves.

They wanted to know what the emperor was really doing in those videos.

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