The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 584: Tragedy Writer And Comedian

Chapter 584: Tragedy Writer And Comedian

Thirteenth Fragrance looked at his companion with some concern.

After listening to Thirteenth Fragrance’s explanation, Husky had a stunned expression of “Oh, so that’s it”, and began to flip through his “inventory”, looking for things.

Leaving aside Husky’s comprehension ability, how much did Thirteenth Fragrance’s blood pressure increase?

Husky’s previous preliminary search was objectively quite useful.

He used brute force and smashed through all the doors of other rooms on the second floor except Justice’s room. This effectively saved time during the investigative phase. After all, Thirteenth Fragrance could not do that.

Although the body of “Frederick” had the status and attributes of the Silver Wizard, he was only limited to the stats.

If it were a silver-ranked swordsman, perhaps they could rely on their physical attributes to demonstrate some abilities. However, for a pure silver-ranked wizard, there wouldn’t be much beyond the attribute points they gained from their training.

If the boss came in, he could display the true strength of this “body”. However, Thirteenth Fragrance did not know Idol Spells.

Even if “Justice” did not stop him, it won’t be easy for him to break in.

It was even possible for him to lose health points.

Luckily, even though Husky was lacking in puzzle-solving skills, he was quick and diligent in his work, at least completing all of the early tasks.

“Luckily, this dungeon instance allows a high degree of freedom.”

Husky lowered his head and rummaged through his cloth bag while complaining, “If I pick it up, and then prompts pop up like [Can’t be moved], [Can’t be opened], [A red apple], [A toy knife] or something, I can’t do anything about it.”

“That’s a horror game.”

“I do feel that it will suddenly become a horror-themed dungeon.”

Husky nodded and asked in return, “Don’t you think this set of nightmares having one nested in another is scary?”

“I’m not like you, who get scared into a fool, from watching “Mulholland Drive”.”

Thirteenth Fragrance complained, “It’s okay to be afraid of “P.T.”, but it’s not normal to be scared in playing “Inside” and “Little Nightmare”.”

“What are you talking about? As long as you can’t fight back and die suddenly, isn’t that a horror game?”

Husky immediately countered, “You are not a normal person who can watch “The Shining [1]” while writing a paper. You even play “Layers of Fear [2]” without a change in your expression. I am a serious normal person!”

After the two comedians started talking about the topic of “what is a horror game”, the bullet text was immediately taken off track, and they immediately started arguing about it.

However, it was Husky’s feigned move to divert the attention before changing the topic back to the business.

“Like those horror games, isn’t it easy to go wrong when you stand in place and investigate things? Then, why don’t you take everything you can see to the same place and investigate it slowly?”

“Would it trigger something?”

Thirteenth Fragrance asked irritably, “That is to say, there is no mechanism like that in this dungeon, but there is a similar mechanism in the gallery.”

“Then, we will just die once.”

Husky responded straightforwardly, “I have been wondering for a long time. Since you have to pay the price for the first encounter of a problem anyway, why don’t we hurry up and trigger a few more traps to die?

“—As long as my life triggers enough traps, rounding that up will be a profit.”

As Husky said, he dumped the cloth bag after taking all the food. Then, he scattered everything on the ground.

“Look. I brought back all the things I could take away that might be useful. What is left over are snacks, roasted meat that is still warm, freshly roasted untouched grilled fish, and grilled lamb… The ring on the bedside, the jewels in the drawer, some papers, certificates, diaries, bills, daggers, swords, crossbows, shields, etc. There are two guns, a bag of bullets, some paintings, pens, coats of arms, miscellaneous items, and the clothes they put in the room. I have taken all the items.”

After Husky finished speaking, he sat down on the chair.

He sighed, “Luckily, this bag is big, and I even find a lunch box. Otherwise, I would have to transport it several times for the food alone.”

As Husky said that, he lined up barbecue meat, grilled fish, pastries, and fruits into bowls in his room. Then, he poured a cup of tea for each of them.

He pointed at the “treasures” on the ground, and he gestured “Here you go” to Thirteenth Fragrance with his chin.

“What do you want to investigate? Just investigate the room, there is food and drink here… Anyway, it’s a dream. Don’t worry about hygiene. Just enjoy it.”

Husky took a sip of the juice and smacked his lips. He dug another spoonful of grilled fish steak with a spoon and ate it unfazed.

“It’s great, and this fish has no bones.”

Husky exclaimed, “It would be even better if this juice was served with ice.”

Thirteenth Fragrance had a strange expression on his face.

His rationality told him that Husky was probably stuck with a bug.

According to the guide, the “next scene” of this nightmare should not be triggered until they walked on the street.

At the earliest, when “Justice goes out to order food”, “Frederick” could receive his main mission.

According to the expected process, Thirteenth Fragrance would see his plot introduction. He would know that “Justice” might be deceived by “Trisino” and “Frederick”. Then, he would have to investigate the room because he was concerned for his friend, “Justice”.

After he investigated for a certain period or investigates key items, Justice would return and take him away immediately.

He must have been startled and confused.

However, when they found out that there seemed to be no living people in this town, his attention would be shifted to this new, bigger anomaly.

This should be the script written by the “Tragedy Writer”.

However, Husky didn’t wait for Justice to wake up at all.

He just went outside and brought back all the things he could collect.

As a result, while Thirteenth Fragrance was investigating these things in the room, his plot introduction had not yet appeared.

Is it true that as long as the Husky leaves the room without seeing Thirteenth Fragrance, the plot will not officially begin?

In that case, where would that “other Justice” come from?

Does the throwing axe go straight through the wall?

Things are still going in a good way after all.

Thirteenth Fragrance sighed silently.

Anyway, under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t have been able to obtain as much as I have now at this point. We might as well investigate and see what we can find out… If it doesn’t trigger any plot, then that would be even better.

In that case, they would have enough time to spend here.

If the “other Justice” is out on the street right now, let him sit there and wait.

“Help me keep watch. Stop me from getting killed by an axe flying in through the window.”

Thirteenth Fragrance gave an order and squatted down in front of the miscellaneous pile.

He was like a makeup streamer. He picked up an iron coat of arms, used his hand as the background, and put the item in front of the camera. “Can you see it? Can you see it? I feel like I need a notebook and a pen… “

“Yes! Yes!”

Husky immediately yelled. He dug out the notebook and pen from the miscellaneous pile, “Here you go. Do you want tea? Or a chair? I saw that there is a low leather stool opposite the door, which is quite comfortable.”

“It’s fine.”

Thirteenth Fragrance stopped him immediately, “What if the plot is triggered as soon as you go out? My plot has not yet been triggered, so you just stay.”

“It’s quite boring, so I’ll eat and rest first.”

Huskies looked calm, “These things are so heavy, it’s really tough work for me.”

Annan, who was outside the dream, had an expression of “I saw an extremely rare scene”.

This time, the players were wilder than before.

I wonder if this nightmare is being watched by the Tragedy Writer like the “gallery”.

If Tragedy Writer saw His script turned into a sitcom,what would he think?

Annan was curious about it.

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