The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 50: Acquire Profession: Wizard

Chapter 50: Acquire Profession: Wizard

[Nightmare has been purified.]

[Purified the nightmare with designated identity. Evaluation ratings increased.]

[Killed Amos. Evaluation ratings increased.]

[Injured Amos’s left eye as Elle. Evaluation ratings increased.]

[Comprehensive Evaluation—B]

[Obtained 152 points in Shared Experience. Perception+1]

[The current purification progress is 39/350. You can enter the dungeon instance again after 71:59 minutes.]

[Obtain dungeon instance clearance reward: Profession of your choice increases by 1 level.]

“Can I not use it for now?”

Annan closed his eyes and asked in his heart.

Because of the wrong information from Priest Louis, Annan entered the dungeon instance with the wrong difficulty. His dungeon instance clearance rewards this time were enough to raise the Silver Rank profession by 1 level. Unfortunately, Annan had not even attained the Bronze Rank yet.

But unfortunately, he had to utilize this reward before he woke up.

“Then, I will choose the profession: wizard apprentice.”

Annan said in his heart.

As long as Annan’s wizard profession was raised by one level, he would attain Transcended just like Don Juan. In this way, the possibility of his identity being exposed would be significantly reduced.

After all, both of them had black hair and blue eyes. They were about the same height and body shape. Soon, Annan would become a Transcended of the same level as Don Juan. Coincidentally, both of them were wizards of Energy Falteration School.

The possibility of replicating this coincidence was low.

According to Salvatore, it was almost impossible to find another person to befit the above characteristic in the entire Noah Kingdom.

No one would have thought that the young heir of Chilly Austere’s Grand Duke would appear in the Noah Kingdom at this time.

Indeed, Annan didn’t expect it either.

After Annan chose this reward, his Profession Overview had become like this.

Wizard (Energy Falteration School) LV11: [Instant Spells LV3 (Chilling Touch, Slothful Eye, N/A)], [Guided Spells LV2 (Impeding Wall, Frost Nova)], [Chant Spell LV1 (Frost Wheel)]

Annan’s wizard apprentice had finally advanced to become a wizard.

Along with the advancement, Annan acquired a new unique spell – Frost Wheel. He suspected that this spell might be a standard feature of Energy Falteration School.

Unsurprisingly, this should be the spell Don Juan cast in front of Annan previously.

The spell summoned a wheel made of illusory frost and ran over Klaus with great precision without damaging the ship deck.

[Frost Wheel (Chant Spell): Requires frost element/frigid element/freezing element as the core. Utilizing chaos power as the curse restraining medium to construct a wheel-shaped light belt, which continuously accelerates its pursuit to run over the dedicated target. The wheel lasts for up to 11 seconds (depending on the wizard profession level) and dissipates naturally after the chase.]

[Cast with the frost element: The initial movement speed of the wheels is tripled.]

[Cast with the frigid element: Cold poison that is difficult to remove will remain on the enemy.]

[Cast with the freeze element: The wheel attack will immediately freeze the enemy.]

[Currently mastered: Frost element]

[Chants: “frost manifest the wheel – forge a path.”]

[Activating an unmastered element temporarily costs 10 Order Power each time. Each chant consumes 1 Chaotic power and at least 10 Order Power. The power (wheel size) depends on the amount of Order Power invested.]

This was the first time Annan had encountered such a long narrative to describe a spell.

But this also undoubtedly showed Annan that he had truly mastered the transcended ability that belonged to the wizard.

Annan was no longer limited to instant spells for emergencies. He had Guided Spells that required teammates to cooperate.

But in the true sense, Annan finally had the wizard’s long-range combat capability.

At least Annan could pull out a cinematic effect on magic casting!

As of Annan’s current status template, he had a lot of mana, and he had mastered the frost element.

This meant that he could easily summon a massive Frost Wheel that moved at an amazing speed. Alternatively, he could summon multiple smaller wheels to pursue the distant enemies.

After Annan read the newly obtained spell, the decryption rewards of the dungeon instance also popped up:

[Hidden details decrypted: 60%]

[You may receive the first stage reward (Obtained when completion reaches 33%).]

Unexpectedly, although Annan only tackled the low-end dungeon instance of the third floor once, he decrypted half of the content.

As a matter of fact, this dungeon instance had a total of six floors.

This showed that Annan’s speculation on the plot was going well. At least, he had a correct framework.

“Get me the rewards.”

Annan accepted the reward without hesitation.

He secretly looked forward to what reward this dungeon instance could give to him.

In the previous dungeon instance, at the easy difficulty, the dungeon rewarded Annan a full restoration effect and raised the level of an unranked profession. There should be more reward in this silver rank distorted dungeon instance!

It should be pretty fruitful.

[Obtained dungeon instance decryption rewards: Shared Experience 200 points. Cursed “Blood-stained Kitchen Knife.”]

[Blood-stained Kitchen Knife]

[Type: Weapon/Tool/Miscellaneous (Blue)]

[Description: A kitchen knife with its blood impossible to be wiped off. Blood will drip continuously.]

[Effect: The ‘Blood-stained Kitchen Knife’ holder will suffer from curse binding “Painting Destroyer,” “Extraordinary Throw”]

[Painting Destroyer: If the ‘Blood-stained Kitchen Knife’ holder sees a portrait of a middle-aged woman while holding a “blood-stained kitchen knife,” he must throw the kitchen knife within three seconds. Otherwise, the holder himself will be injured by the kitchen knife.]

[Extraordinary Throw: When the ‘Blood-stained Kitchen Knife’ is thrown, it will automatically seek out the enemy in a small area as if the knife is blessed with Edict school’s spell “Homing Throw.”]

“What a good item!”

Annan’s eyes lit up. He roughly estimated the weight of the kitchen knife in his hand and couldn’t help but sigh.

“I shouldn’t praise the kitchen knife too quickly.”

At this moment, Salvatore’s exhausted voice came beside Annan, “Firstly, determine your curse vessel. Will it be a ring? Or a necklace? A bracelet? Or something else? It should be closer to your curse binding.”

Annan opened his eyes and found Salvatore not far from him, looking at him tiredly.

On the table in front of him was a table of bronze accessories.

“Give me a bracelet. This will be my choice.”

Annan thought for a while, then extended his right hand to a bronze bracelet studded with sapphires.

“You’re good at making your choice.”

Salvatore muttered, “This happens to be the most expensive one.”

Yes, I also think it is the most expensive, so I chose this one.

Annan added in his heart.

But seeing that the ritual hadn’t been completed yet, Annan didn’t say this out for the time being for fear of angering Salvatore, making the senior quit.

Noticing Salvatore being so tired, he must be awake all the while. Or, perhaps it was a light sleep, waiting for Annan to come back from the dungeon instance.

Annan didn’t say anything but felt warmth in his heart.

“Sorry to trouble you, senior.”

He said softly.

The bronze bracelet, which was put on Annan’s slender wrist, was slightly larger. But after it was put on, the black mud on Annan’s right forearm seemed to be drawn out, slowly flowing towards the bracelet and infiltrating into the bracelet little by little.

As the black mud penetrated, the bracelet began to shrink gradually. Its weight began to decrease miraculously. Until Annan felt that its thickness and weight were hindering him, the adjustment was completed.

“Look, it’s that simple. It’s not challenging at all.”

Salvatore was lying on the table, squinting his eyes like a dead fish and complaining, “What annoys me is why didn’t you wake up earlier?

“It’s not noon yet. Ah… I need to stay up for another day before I get to sleep.”

Hearing this, Annan was touched.

He opened his mouth to Salvatore and asked, “Senior, how long has time passed since I entered the nightmare?”

“Two days. To be more precise, there is still half an hour to fifty hours.”

Salvatore sighed and closed his eyes to rest.

The corners of his mouth were slightly raised; his voice was soft and lazy,

“To be honest, your talent is incredible. It’s quite reassuring.

“I can leave this place without worry.”

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