The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 485: Nightmare: The Wizard Among Us. Cleared!

Chapter 485: Nightmare: The Wizard Among Us. Cleared!

The situation went on as expected for Delicious Wind Goose.

Although he was eloquent and instigated wars, he was voted out the next day when everyone did not want to reveal their ambitions.

Under the low buzzing sound and the clicking sound of mechanical rotation in the room Old Goose was in, he was lifted high. The seat rose to a height of more than four meters, and he was seemingly almost ejected out of it.

The nine buttons in front of him lost their luster at the same time. No matter how hard Old Goose pressed them, there was no response.

Delicious Wind Goose sighed softly, sat on the chair, and closed his eyes to wait for the execution, “Fine.”

All for the sake of a necessary sacrifice.

Delicious Wind Goose had achieved his goal.

Of the three in their squad, only Delicious Wind Goose had the villager role. He was a defenseless sheep, and it would only be beneficial if he fed himself to his teammate. No matter if he stayed on the defense or made a move, he would die for nothing.

However, under the deterrence of Delicious Wind Goose, others had to use a round of voting opportunities to vote out a villager who could not resist. Of course, they knew Delicious Wind Goose might not be an Idol Wizard.

But after his death, the Idol Wizard who worthed two kills was hidden.

If Dove reacted quickly, she should be able to realize that the first person to approach Old Goose was the real Idol Wizard. So what Dove had to do was avoid him and not kill him. The point was to lead others to kill him.

In this way, other people had to vote out the person who had two kills on the third day.

Although they killed people secretly at night, they still had to maintain their superficial image during the daytime.

They would attack secretly while condemning others for being suspicious.

“This ritual is fascinating.” Delicious Wind Goose sighed.

Of course, his actions still came a bit late.

They did not enter as a four-person team and missed the opportunity on the first day, leading to a problematic start. His remedial action only ended up bringing the situation back to a balance of power.

In this state, Dove and Anderson could still die, getting ambushed while killing others at night. Even if they were defensive, they could have been murdered by two people working together.

I hope everything goes well…

Hope they both are ok.

…Um?” Delicious Wind Goose waited a long time, but his execution hadn’t yet arrived.

The room creaked for a long time, but nothing happened.

Instead, he heard the sound of gas escaping, as if some gas were slowly injected into the room.

“Oh, it isn’t an instant death…” Delicious Wind Goose sighed.

He also did not expect that his nonsense speculation previously would be correct.

Their life and death were only decided after the outcome was determined.

However, this was also a reasonable guess.

Suppose the participants would be killed after their character was dead. The possibility of being killed could be avoided as long as they used their skills last. When skills were not used, the participants were regarded as “idle”, so there was no need to point out that they were “playing defense”.

In other words, the wizards would only be confident enough to use their skills when they did not know they were being killed. Thus, there would be wizards choosing not to use their skills.

Although this was not a logical puzzle game, it still required logic when Delicious Wind Goose deduced the hidden rules of the game.

In retrospect, it seemed pretty accurate.

If even this speculation went wrong, others would immediately guess Delicious Wind Goose was the newcomer.

But this was also a no-brainer. Delicious Wind Goose could only describe it ambiguously to ensure his words were provocative. Thus, he did not leave a way out for each of his statements so that the words seemed to have “weight”.

“Is it a hypnotic gas?”

It doesn’t seem like it.

Soon, Delicious Wind Goose, sitting on the chair, felt his body start weakening.

His limbs began to tingle and become cold. His breathing gradually became rapid, but he was still a little out of breath.

Soon, he began to feel dizzy, with bouts of dizziness before his eyes and a metallic buzzing in his head. The sound of ocean waves seemingly rang in his ears. A severe pain stung his ears every time the tide rose.

I see.

A thought popped up in Delicious Wind Goose’s mind.

The losers did not have to do anything. Their test was about how long they could survive in this poisonous gas.

In a darkened room, his legs were bound to the seat.

Fortunately, he could still read the bullet text

When Delicious Wind Goose gradually lost consciousness, he suddenly woke up.

[Main mission: Win the “game” (Completed)]

[At least one team member survives to the end (Completed).]

[The victory conditions of the whole team are not in conflict (Not complete).]

[Stop the “Idol Wizard” from winning (Completed).]

Ah, we have cleared the dungeon.

Sure enough, Dove still did not disappoint him.

The players just cleared the level three times in one breath.

However, they would still have to deal with Ike Searing-Fang.

That person is a dangerous man.

Delicious Wind Goose just had such an idea in his head.

The system prompts were still rapidly emerging in front of his eyes:

[Nightmare has been purified.]

[You have purified the nightmare with the designated identity. Your evaluation ratings increased.]

[You have not completed the other layers of the nightmare. Thus, your evaluation ratings have dropped.]

[You have seen through the essence of ritual. Your evaluation ratings increased.]

[Comprehensive Evaluation—C]

[Obtained Shared Experience 110 points, Perception+1.]

[Your Perception attribute is greater than 10 points and meets special reward conditions.]

[Acquired dungeon instance clearance reward: Given a profession (wizard apprentice), Level 1.]

[The wizard apprentice is your second profession. The amount of experience required to upgrade the profession’s level with Shared Experience Points increases to 200%.]

[Warning: If the “wizard apprentice” advances to a transcended profession “wizard”, you must promote this profession to Level 30 before attempting to advance to Gold Rank.]

[According to your soul attribute, the school you get is: Idol]

[You are given Order Magic: Flash]

Um?” Delicious Wind Goose froze for a moment.


Can a nightmare really change jobs?

I can change my profession to wizard as long as my attributes meet the standard and the dungeon clearance is smooth.

You gotta be kidding me?

Is that where the “alternate profession” originally came from?

Delicious Wind Goose was shocked. Not only he, but the bullet text who witnessed this scene also went crazy.

“—OMG! You guys hurry up and activate the teleportation waypoint!”

“—Fuck! We have just started tackling a nightmare here, and we don’t have any free time to spare this week!”

“—We can’t spare a hand here either!”

“—What are you guys fighting for!? Luckily, our team is close to Natta County, and we can arrive the day after tomorrow.”

“—Hey, hey, don’t farm this nightmare too much yet. Leave as soon as you have the profession, and leave some nightmare attempts for those who want to change jobs later.”

Although the profession given was just a wizard apprentice, its requirements were low!

In addition to the special boost in attributes, the players started the Mist Continent game with an average of 5 points in all attributes. This meant that as long as they challenged 5 nightmares, they could steadily increase their Perception by 10 points.

That was a whopping free 10 attribute bonus.!

The nightmare’s reward simply opened the door for a job transfer for new players!

Considering that it only tinkered with the levels in the [Wizard Apprentice] profession, it was actually a piece of good news!

After the highest-level profession had successfully advanced, it won’t be troublesome for subsequent professions to advance as well. They just had to find a nightmare and clear a level to advance.

But if they did not advance the profession, it would not drag them down.

To advance into Gold Rank, all transcended professions must reach Level 30. If the challenger had two transcended professions, it would take three times the experience points to advance into Gold Rank.

The players would not choose this approach unless it were a special case.

But if it was just an elementary profession, the bonus was negligible. For example, a Lurker profession with a stealth skill, a Hunter profession with a pet, and the improved attribute points were hardly adequate.

The wizard apprentice profession was different!

—When the [Wizard Apprentice] was maxed out, it allowed the user to equip 4 spells! Moreover, the experience required for the apprentice level was minimal. At the same time, it also increased the user’s mana pool.

Although the spells were not strong, they were practical and flexible. In addition, it also came with 10 Perception attribute points.

If you want to improve your strength and agility, you only need to undergo training. However, the Perception attribute could only be improved by clearing the nightmare. Besides the Will attribute, the Perception attribute was the most precious.

Even Annan found the reward bountiful after watching it. He had already turned off the live broadcast. Seeing that the forum suddenly broke out in a commotion, he looked through the rewards that Delicious Wind Goose got with some curiosity.

It was also the first time he had seen such a nightmare that directly rewarded a profession.

To be honest, Annan was a little moved.

But he was not greedy to acquire [Wizard Apprentice] as the alternate profession. His wizard profession had reached the Silver Rank already.

Annan was mainly coveting the designer of this ritual.

He could come up with a wizard job transfer ritual, couldn’t he also make a job transfer ritual for the lost [Monk] profession? He might have Demon Blood’s crafting skills.

Ike Searing-Fang is indeed a talent!

Should I start thinking about getting him on my side?

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