The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 475: Ritual: Sniffing The Door Of Secrets

Chapter 475: Ritual: Sniffing The Door Of Secrets

“[…Sniffing the moonlight with blood, granting the vision of the afterimage of the secrets roaming the world. But to follow the path, we must first determine the three paths of seeking knowledge, death, and liberation].”

Nefertari whispered the occult knowledge to activate the ritual, “I offer the ‘subject seeking knowledge’, opening up the door of secrets—”

With her whisper, the ritual called “Sniffing the Door of Secrets” was activated.

The Mysterious Lady’s aura permeated the ritual area.

The stars of the sky appeared in front of Nefertari’s eyes, in a trance.

They moved thousands of times faster before Nefertari’s eyes on mysterious trajectories. Her attempt to see those trajectories gave her a headache.

Of course, she knew that this was the influence of the “Gravity of the Stars”.

It was an Advanced Influence that belonged to the Mysterious Realm. If left unchecked, she might slip into a difficult nightmare.

The simple ritual she held would naturally not summon the deity’s will. However, her aura was enough to bring corresponding influence.

And influence was a residue of power.

This was the test that the upright deity gave to the ritual users, and it was also a blessing to those who were capable.

The three “knowledge worms” gradually stopped wiggling.

The knowledge worms were gradually dyed into a clear moonlight hue through the three yellow crystal lights.

Nefertari cut her right index finger with an iron dagger.

She squeezed a drop of blood onto the head of one of the knowledge worms.

“Firstly, [Secret Eye is a real organization];

“Secondly, [Secret Eye does not exist];

“Thirdly, [Secret Eye can be said to exist, or it can be said not to exist].”

After she gave three options, the blood-stained knowledge worm slowly crawled toward the yellow crystal at 10 o’clock direction.

What this meant was that the answer was the third condition.

It was somewhat expected.

Nefertari nodded silently.

She squeezed out another drop of blood and asked at the same time:

“Firstly, [Secret Eye has another name. ‘Secret Eye’ itself is just its nickname];

“Secondly, [Secret Eye is not an organization, but something else];

“Thirdly, [Secret Eye no longer exists, and the person bearing its name is not the orthodox successor].”

These were the three possibilities she came up with.

Each knowledge worm could be used in this ritual to ask a question requiring picking one option among three. The ritual host could ask a question at most three times in a row. However, even though it was a selection of three options, it was possible to get four answers and even more from the question. If all three options were wrong, the worm would stay put.

With the established “three” certainties, countless possibilities were eliminated.

This was also the concept of “Mystery” that Mysterious Lady would uphold—

This time, the worm crawled toward the 6 o’clock direction and finally crawled toward the light in the 2 o’clock direction with some hesitation.

This meant that the answer was the first option but might have something to do with the second option.

Since it was a disguise, there was no need to continue to question the “Secret Eye” identity. Since they came with a mask, taking it off must not be easy.

So, Nefertari continued to narrow down her doubts:

“Firstly, [Secret Eye came here to take away my or my friend’s assets];

“Secondly, [If Secret Eye is not here to take away my friend’s and my assets, then what Secret Eye will do may endanger our lives];

“Thirdly, [In the case that Secret Eye does not meet the above two possibilities, it is now worthy of trusting or temporarily worthy of trusting.]”

Since it was Nefertari’s last chance to ask a question, she was sharp-witted in adopting a small trick.

She combined two similar answers even though the third option might have six possibilities lurking in it.

Since there was a lot of information to process, the worm hesitated this time, obviously dumbfounded.

The worm thought for a while.

It hesitated and paced around the ritual circle. In the end, it climbed slowly in the 10 o’clock direction.

Seeing that the knowledge worm picked the third option, Nefertari was relieved.

“They are friends rather than foes, Nieusel.”

Nefertari concluded to the friend next to her, “They may be a subordinate of a certain organization or some big shots and came here under that name. But, we can rest assured with the organization at present.

Oh…and you may speak now.”

After three inquiries, the ritual will automatically end.

It seemed they would not offend this ancient and mysterious organization for the time being.

If the other party came here for their money or life, Nefertari could not be reassured even if they were only “temporarily harmless”.

But in the third question, the first two options were ruled out. Only in this way could Nefertari be friendly to them.

“As expected of Secret Eye, it is really secretive.” Nieusel sighed.

Nefertari frowned and muttered in a low voice, “It’s strange…”

Since their purpose of coming here is not to seek money or life, and they are worthy of trust, why did the knowledge worms hesitate at the end?

Nefertari was a little confused.

This organization calling itself “Secret Eye” does not covet our property, and what they do will not endanger anyone’s life.

Under this premise, it should be trustworthy because there is no conflict of interest.

But why does the knowledge worm think that the other party may not be trustworthy?

Haih, forget it.

Let’s act according to the answers instead of being indecisive.

Nefertari made up her mind.

“Are they waiting at your house now?” She ordered rationally and in great detail, “Then Nieusel, give ‘Secret Eye’ the second-level authority. They can go anywhere except for the forbidden area and my house, but don’t tell them about it. Bring some snacks and small gifts to welcome them. Send it as your apology for leaving without saying goodbye and as compensation for asking me to test them. Don’t tell them about the last part.

“Are there two girls among them? Then, you bring them an agate necklace and a topaz ring. Pick those two silver ones from my dressing table and then a silver sapphire brooch for the lad. Let’s see if they dare to wear it. Then, come back and tell me the news.

“Then, accommodate them near your house and find them two houses next to each other. Check how they live, and tell me the room allocation when you come back… Well, that’s all.”

Nieusel replied, “Is there anything else? I made a note.”

Nefertari thought for a moment, “Wait a minute, there’s one more thing—”

She narrowed her eyes, “Give them the [key].”

She added.

It’s unlikely they really came to resolve the nightmare, but we should do it in case, right?

“Leave it to me, Nef.” Like a loyal dog, Nieusel nodded again and again, “I’ve noted them down! I’ll get it done!”

Seeing him rushing away with his things, Nefertari smiled helplessly.

Above their heads…

Annan, incarnated as “Ghirlandaio”, had already found his next target.

A Spirit Thief who tried to steal Annan’s out-of-town traveler’s “curiosity.”

She was a werewolf.

What caught Annan’s attention was that she looked somewhat similar to “Bella”.

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