The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 471: Tank! You Still Have to Dodge the Instant Death Event

Chapter 471: Tank! You Still Have to Dodge the Instant Death Event

2 a.m. was the dead of night.

A silver-white sword energy unfolded silently; it was as pure as moonlight.

Its lethality was indisputable.


The sword energy blasted the targeted wall.

Accompanied by the sound of the wall collapsing, dense smoke permeated the battlefield.

Dove darted at the moment the wall collapsed and entered through the crack.

After checking the prompts in front of his eyes, Delicious Wind Goose responded loudly, “I have killed four people!”

“I saw it. Back off!” Anderson yelled immediately, pulled out his leather shield, trotted two steps forward, and rushed to Delicious Wind Goose, who sheathed his sword. Then, he raised the shield high.

Accompanied by the gun noise, a burning ember-colored bullet shot out from the lingering smoke and dust.

Anderson groaned after receiving the bullet.

He felt rapid dehydration and became increasingly thirsty. The impact point of the bullet at the leather shield was already charred.

“I have lost 20% of my health. Give me some healing.” Anderson grunted.

Before Anderson entered the battle, he had about 18% of his health depleted. At this point, he was a little flustered after having almost one-third of his health gone.

If this bullet struck Delicious Wind Goose, he might not die immediately, but it would be a fatal injury.

Apparently, it was an attack from a Bronze Rank Transcender.

However, since it was a surprise attack, the attack became possible to injure or even kill a Silver Rank Transcender. Dove and the others have already demonstrated this scenario once before.

Still, the players were the ones who seized the initiative in this battle.

The moment the bullet flew out of the smoke, a devastating arrow wrapped in a whirlwind was launched from the back without making a sound.

The arrow plunged into the rising smoke and dust when Anderson received the bullet. The sharp whirlwind even cleared away an area of dust.

This was the newly learned skill after Dove advanced.

Almost most hunter professions had [Elemental Arrow].

The opponent’s bullet burning with ashes should also be this skill.

This skill would collect the element in the environment around the user to greatly strengthen the next shot, giving it various effects.

The opponent shot a bullet with “fire”. Thus, he should be near a stove.

There were almost no signs around Chocolate. However, even though the sign was an ordinary “air”, it was already deadly enough given her terrifyingly accurate and instinctive counterattack.

Even if they were both Bronze Rank Transcenders and Hunters, there was still a gap between them.

A muffled grunt was heard.

Then, Chocolate’s kill prompt appeared in front of the party members.

That was why Chocolate did not appear in the first place.

As long as the opponent counterattacked, their position would be exposed. Thus, Chocolate must lurk at the back with the broadest view.

The team was not lacking in damage output capabilities.

However, only Dove had the skill to counteract reinforcements and attack opposing hunters and wizards.

Although Dove’s advancement did not contain the mastery of [Trap] type ability, she was an aimbot turret because Chocolate substituted the primary human body.

Sure enough, the Hunter profession should not be played as an ADC at the front row but as an assassin with an aimbot covering her.

Yokai Sensei had such a thought in his mind.

He held a flintlock gun with the muzzle facing the ground in his right hand. Then, he hid behind Delicious Wind Goose and Anderson.

He skillfully took out a silver coin with his left hand. After touching it, he threw it out in an arc and fell into Anderson’s arms.

If there were no wounds and bone dislocations, this healing would restore about 30% of Anderson’s health.

Yokai Sensei pondered in his mind.

This “game” did not show the damage figure or healing amount. Different people had varying constitutions. According to the types of injuries, many aspects depended on the healer’s experience and habit. For example, how much health could be recovered upon each heals, which injury be treated first, and so on.

Anderson was somehow exceptionally good at this rough “estimation”.

“Meow—” Dove’s voice sounded in the smoke.

This was the code they agreed upon in advance.

Anderson and Yokai Sensei secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

One single cry meant that all the enemies were defeated. After that, the rest of the players only had to guard the entrance.

Two mews would signify the presence of a formidable enemy and have the squad ready for battle.

The reason was that “demons” might appear in this stronghold.

Anderson and Yokai Sensei looked at each other, keeping their vigilance up and observing the smoke that hadn’t dissipated.

However, they soon saw the kill notifications appearing continuously in front of them.

“It seems like we are no longer needed.” Anderson couldn’t help but grin.

Dove’s efficiency was outstanding. She would take down one enemy per second on average.

There was an inexplicable feeling of being led by two seniors.

Yokai Sensei shook his head.

As a priest, his perception was relatively sharp.

He could vaguely feel that many people nearby had woken up and were peeping at this place.

They did not open the windows, or even turn on the lights. Instead, they just watched silently in the deep late night of 2a.m..

“Still, we should…” Yokai Sensei withdrew his warning gaze and spoke casually.

But before he finished speaking, he heard a sharp mew, “Meow—”

The players’ eyes quickly became serious.

The next moment, the ground suddenly began to collapse layer by layer.

The ground melted like soft butter. Yokai Sensei, who had perceived something went wrong at the first moment, reacted immediately and retreated quickly. Delicious Wind Goose was a little slower, but he ran the fastest.

Anderson, who raised his shield in a daze, could not react in time. Then, he fell into it.

A middle-aged man’s deep and angry voice came, “Where did you come from, thieves?”

Immediately after, the ground coughed up a large amount of mud like a rising volcano. The gushing mud wrapped Anderson directly, like a bug enveloped in amber.

A man with only half of his hair remained, and shiny red skin stepped out of the ruins.

His right arm was robust, but he just stood there, leaning firmly on the ground like a khaki mud pillar. He only wore a pair of underpants. His left hand had sharp nails and looked like an orangutan hand.

—Rather than walking, it was more accurate to describe it as crawling.

He glanced at Anderson with his dim yellow pupils, then raised his right hand to him and squeezed it slightly.

The flowing mud suddenly solidified. Anderson was sealed inside it.

Then, an arrow flew toward his head.

The man did not underestimate the arrow at all. He plunged his hand deep into the ground. A slightly curved soil column was pulled out like a stretched year cake [1].

The arrow was nailed to the soil pillar under a bang and went straight into it.

But at this moment.

Delicious Wind Goose rushed out all of a sudden. His figure darted swiftly—

He avoided a few earth pillars that rose indiscriminately in front of him with incomparable lightness. Wherever he walked, the ground collapsed one after another. The attacks couldn’t catch up with his speed at all.

As the silver sword energy was unleashed, the middle-aged man was severed in half.

Then, Old Goose’s figure flashed, appearing where the sword energy had landed. Many collapsed mud pillars submerged his original spot. The exploded sword energy caused the mud to splash everywhere.

Old Goose sheathed his sword, signifying that the battle was over.

“A Bronze Rank Demon looks quite scary.” Delicious Wind Goose secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

For safety purposes, Old Goose used two bars of Qi for this attack.

“Old Goose, you’re so cool!”Yokai Sensei couldn’t help but let out a strange cry.

Delicious Wind Goose hissed, frowned, and grinned, “Silent… I only have three bars left.”

“Then, you are a noob, brother.” Yokai Sensei clicked his tongue, “You’re using your ultimate move to snatch the kill.”

“Shut up!” Delicious Wind Goose glanced at Anderson, “Don’t you need healing?”

“No need. I have already respawned and lost 1 level.”

At this time, Anderson had a sad expression on his face. He followed the serval out of the building slowly, “How can this man bind me in seconds? I thought it was an effect like foot trapping. How can it work so well? I was ready to block it.”

“You bring shame to our team!”

Yokai Sensei, who had dodged successfully by relying on his mere 5 points of Agility, let out a cry of delight.

Then, they broke into a mess.

Yokai Sensei evaded the instant death event and watched his friend die. It was undoubtedly joyous for him to throw remarks at his friend. This shame would most likely linger for about a week.

Of course, that would only happen after clearing the level.

If the entire team were defeated because of a teammate’s mistake, there would be no joy but fuming blood pressure.

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