The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 469: It Is Common Sense To Take All The Missions Coincide With Our Journey

Chapter 469: It Is Common Sense To Take All The Missions Coincide With Our Journey

Although Delicious Wind Goose did not become the Holy Grail Knight, he still chose to serve the Cup-holding Lady.

He endured his desire to advance to the Holy Grail Knight and caught Cup-holding Lady’s attention, granting him holy light engravings.

In fact, this was also one of his plans.

In other words, this could also be regarded as Delicious Wind Goose’s test on Cup-holding Lady.

For other upright deities, this might be annoying to Them.

But what the Cup-holding Lady liked most were the children putting themselves on the brink of danger.

Instead, she started paying attention to Delicious Wind Goose.

Delicious Wind Goose suspected the abnormal appetite and sexual desire that appeared from time to time in the past few days was because the Cup-holding Lady was watching.

Delicious Wind Goose traded these holy light engravings for three months of [Smell of Desire] before heading to Natta County.

He could accurately smell the “desire” aura emanating from others.

This would give him the upper hand when negotiating.

But he had miscalculated, whereby the sinister thoughts filled this city everywhere.

Every inch of this land was stained with desire and blood.

It was like hell on earth.

“Be careful. But, we don’t need to humble ourselves unless necessary.”

Delicious Wind Goose said slowly, “At max, I will drop to Level 20. For the rest of you, you can only drop to Level 10 at most. Yokai Sensei has no Transcended profession yet, and your death has no punishment. Worse comes to worst, we will brute force our way out. “

“Okay, got it.” Yokai Sensei shrugged, “Don’t worry about it too much. For now, we should find something to do since we’re free. 48 hours… Should we massacre this place? Or can we join some forces?”

Even though his original goal was to be a healing tank…

After getting so many silver coins, Yokai Sensei still couldn’t resist the temptation. He had saved up holy light engravings and wanted to buy Divine Art “Clanging Object”.

Shortly after entering the city, he seized another flintlock.

In the current state, Yokai Sensei was confident about skirmishes.

Although the flintlock only had a single shot and was inconvenient to be reloaded, he could hold the flintlock in his right hand and the silver coin in his left hand to release [Clanging Object]. Within twenty meters, he had the confidence to defeat two opponents instantly.

Well, it was possible to equip every part member with a flintlock, except for Dove & Chocolate.

If Delicious Wind Goose and Anderson had a flintlock gun each, they could reduce the enemy’s manpower by four the moment they entered the fight.

Anderson would protect Dove. With her rapid-fire ability, her pet could kill one person every two seconds, even when it was the pet possessing her body. Of course, this was limited to a distance of fewer than 30 meters.

For transcender enemies, Chocolate’s ambush would be deadly.

A serval with three times the strength of an adult male could easily snap off the enemy’s neck.

After Dove advanced to the “Beast Summoner”, the Serval would acquire a stable [Sneak] ability.

Sneak could be activated in a third of a second and get out of sight from everyone. Chocolate that controlled Dove’s body could use three seconds to guide and directly recall the cat to within ten meters of it. This did not necessarily mean a defense measure, but it could also be regarded as a “redeployment”.

Although Anderson only had an ordinary [Guard] profession, he was the guard with the highest success rate for parries.

The “Guard” profession had an ability called “Perfect Block”. The specific effect was that if the user performed a full block immediately before the attack hit, the damage would receive a parry penalty. The penalty scoring was equivalent to half of the higher attribute between Strength and Agility.

In other words, since Anderson had 18 points in the Agility attribute, if he perfectly parried an enemy’s attack with 20 points of Strength, then the remaining damage he received would be regarded as only 11 Strength in the attack.

If the enemy’s Strength attribute were less than nine, he would be immune to the damage.

Coupled with the curse “I will not back down” that he held, when he blocked in front of his teammates, he could be immune to the knockback, knockdown, and knock-up effects of this attack at the cost of taking twice the damage. In addition, it allowed him to protect the party members at the back.

As a simple and reliable tank, Anderson did not need fancy skills or abilities as long as he could sustain the damage for his teammates.

The team did not have Noxus Wine with the highest attack power, Sister Hyphen as the strongest Parry and Tank, and the only Mage — Longjing Tea. However, the current team, composed of four people and one cat, remained the most potent urban warfare combination players could come up with.

Dove’s participation did not seem to be fully capitalized. In this environment, the Serval was stronger than its owner.

A team capable of attacking fortifications, Boss Monsters, clearing mobs, remotely sniping, and ambush — the players came together to form this lineup, not just to purify nightmares.

The players were accustomed to accepting all missions before going to a destination.

In addition to Annan’s mission to “set up the teleportation waypoint”, they also received an additional mission from Salvatore:

“—If you’re going to Natta County, try to get a few bottles of Demon Blood. Even just one bottle is fine. I’ll make each of you a bottle of powerful reagents that can temporarily boost your attributes as a reward. Also, I will pay you at the market price. If you have additional bottles, I will buy the rest at the market price.

“—Oh, by the way, it’s better to collect some demon materials. Blood, eyeballs, horns, internal organs… It will do as long as they are complete. I will give each of you a bottle that contains preservatives. Just throw whatever you get into it. When you return, I will give you money or a reagent according to the quantity.”

The mission spelled at least one bottle of Demon Blood and enough “materials”.

The latter condition was manageable. Since it was in Natta County, there would be demons.

But the former mission…

“To get Demon Blood, we must establish a good relationship with the local gang organization. This is not something ordinary people can make.”

Delicious Wind Goose glanced at the ordinary moon in the sky and said slowly in a low voice, “In other words…you need to gain some faction reputation at least to the level of [Respect]. Only then will it be possible to get Demon Blood.

“It’s best to get more of them and sell them to Salvatore. At least, we should not let those players who support and invest in us lose money.”

“There are three gangs here. [Rotten Meat Gang], [Red Dead], [Mushroom Eater].”

Yokai Sensei took the flintlock and ammo from Delicious Wind Goose before asking, “Where are we going?”

“It can only be the [Red Dead]. I have already investigated beforehand.”

Delicious Wind Goose did not think too much and immediately replied, “Although [Mushroom Eaters] are the primary producers of Demon Blood, they are also the only gang that domesticates demons.

“For us to get the materials, let’s exclude this option.

“The [Rotten Meat] is a gang full of prostitution, gambling, and drugs. Judging from the name, there may be cannibalistic customs. Even if Dove doesn’t come, we can’t enter.”

Delicious Wind Goose said solemnly, “Although it is a game, this is another real world. We have to maintain an appropriate moral bottom line.

“As for [Red Dead]…these illegal ritualists and transcenders who manufacture and sell arms are all made up of felons. I speculate that their higher-ups are spies sent by other countries or rebels of the Noah Kingdom. What they’re doing isn’t quite right.

“They’ve been making firearms in their factories at Natta County, and the firearms they’re making are of high quality. They can even produce ‘Black Fire’. But the problem is that they have the most transcender. If Natta County doesn’t have firearms, this place would have been unified long ago. But instead of doing that, they sold the guns to other Natta County people at a higher price.”

Delicious Wind Goose said slowly, “In my analysis, they are not planning to stand out. A chaotic Natta County and an orderly Natta County are entirely different. The chaotic Natta County is just useless and dangerous garbage, and the latter already has the value of being noticed and used.

“The leader of ‘Red Dead’ is most likely using this gang as a cover to do something secretly. I will post these analyses on the forum later, but the truth has nothing to do with us. We don’t want to explore blindly, asking for trouble. This is the hidden plot that the later players need to consider, we just need to complete our mission and pave the way for them.

“Another reason is that they have the lowest level of restraint on the lower and middle ranks, with few rules other than limiting internal conflict — including fighting other gangs or looting and killing neutral parties.

“Let’s attack a stronghold of the [Mushroom Eaters] first. We kill them all, preferably hunting a few demons. Then, we throw their bodies out and rest for a night. The [Mushroom Eaters] will take revenge, and we will have Dove using your ambush abilities to kill them all.

“After this matter, we will seek out the [Red Dead]. In this way, we carry some [weight] in their eyes. Only then, we can ask them for Demon Blood and the nightmares’ keys.”

Delicious Wind Goose narrowed his eyes and frowned deeply.

Compared with the past, the bald, burly man had begun to show a condensed and dangerous aura.

—It was just like the painting that the Paper Princess gave him.

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