The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 467: Natta County

Chapter 467: Natta County

Sure enough, Maria did not possess the “storm” element.

As Annan’s sister, her soul element was naturally “frost”.

As the Daughter of the Storm, she was not required to go through the soul burning process to absorb the “storm” element.

Instead, her mission was to appease the living storm.

The Daughter of the Storm was the most peculiar tower’s daughter.

They were priestesses who worshipped the concept of “storm” itself.

The elemental power surging within her would only be Artaste’s storm element.

In the past, the mission of Storm Tower was to suppress extreme weather: tornadoes, typhoons, tsunamis, thunders… natural disasters that were difficult for human beings to fight against, and only the pure “language” power could resist.

But since Artaste, the essence of Storm Tower had changed.

It still inherited the most ancient and orthodox language power spell, the predecessor of the current Edict spell.

But now, the mission of each generation of the Daughter of the Storm had evolved “into absorbing and preserving the ever-expanding elements of the storm.”

Right above the Storm Tower was the space crack connected to the immaterial world.

The escaping elemental power must be collected to ensure that the storm did not further erode reality. If the storm were allowed to expand, this crack would become bigger.

The Daughter of the Storm did not need to burn her soul to increase her depth of the storm element. It could reach a higher realm even beyond the limit of 100%. However, it would alter her soul tremendously.

Until the end, the soul would grow to the extent that the body could not hold it. Only death awaited it. After all, only a sentient brain could store the elemental power.

The overflowing elemental power born after their death could further erode reality. Thus, the Daughters of the Storm would throw themselves into the crack above and die in the immaterial world at the critical point.

This meant that they died without a whole body.

This was also the responsibility of a transcender.

Thus, only responsible girls would be acknowledged during the Daughter of the Storm selection.

To solve this problem…not to die after receiving this strength, the solution was simple.

The power of such a high element concentration had already satisfied one of the conditions of the ascendancy ritual. As long as she could become a deity and become a “living pillar of the world”, she could completely control the concept of storm and suppress this curse that had been passed down for hundreds of years.

However, the [Anthem of the Storm and Heart] was lost since the Storm’s Eldest Daughter perished.

The Storm’s Eldest Daughter was a transcender who lived in the early Yaselan Empire and a transcender who lived in the middle of the Third Age.

At the end of the Third Age, the Anthem of the Storm and Heart appeared sporadically several times. At that time, there were still elites holding the anthem from time to time in the historical records.

After the end of the Third Age, there came 200 years with no historical records.

Since those 200 years had ended, the Anthem had never reappeared in this world.

It was like the anthem had disappeared out of thin air.

The anthem still existed in this world — Prophet magic could confirm this. However, its specific location had been lost. Only those who hold the storm element could see it. The Truth Fragment would not manifest until a qualified person appeared.

It was even possible that someone hid the anthem. As long as the person who held it was not dead but had been living somewhere after a complete collection of it, it would hinder the Book of Truth from appearing.

But how did the person who possesses the anthem to live so long?

Why hadn’t the person holding it ascended yet?

That was all a mystery.

To take a step back, the Storm’s Eldest Laughter, who was almost the incarnation of Storm, failed in the ascendancy. Could the other Daughter of the Storm as her heirs succeed in the ascendancy with this Book of Truth?

However, Maria remained fearless in this situation.

She was just regretful that she couldn’t get the Book of Truth.

When the unqualified were born, the Book of Truth would only circulate on different “seeds” in the form of page fragments.

The birth of qualified people alone was not enough to make the Book of Truth fully manifest at once — it was just that it could be manifested.

The number of sacrifices must also be sufficient.

Just like the sacrifice that gave birth to “light” was the “mirror”.

That was because [light is born from a mirror].

However, Maria had no idea what the sacrifice that gave Storm would be.

That must be occult knowledge hidden in the storm realm.

As the Daughter of the Storm, Maria knew that the entire [Anthem of the Storm and Heart] was four pages long. One page was the truth about wind, and the other was the truth about thunder and electricity; the remaining two pages remained unclear.

However, even if she just obtained a page or two… Even if it was only one page, she would try the ascendancy ritual.

It was much better than waiting to die.

Annan arrived at his destination…

On the other side…

Delicious Wind Goose, Dove, Anderson, and Yokai Sensei, four players and a cat, had also arrived in Natta County.

As the player who participated in the mission the most, Delicious Wind Goose had successfully advanced into Silver Rank. He was also the first to acquire the Silver Rank profession among the players.

He did not choose the unpopular and rare professions, given his character.

Otherwise, he would focus on something else rather than choosing the warrior profession.

Being a warrior was the most common and staple profession in almost all games.

And, it was his pursuit to play with an ordinary profession.

Moreover, Swordmaster hardly got any advancement, so its profession advancement would not be underwhelming.

Therefore, when Lin Yiyi, who had reached the critical point at the same level, was still trying to get the designated gems, he had already advanced.

Therefore, the advancement of Delicious Wind Goose was also simple.

The new profession’s name was — Sword Saint.

The advancement could only come from the two professions, [Swordmaster] and [Sword Dancer]. It was a profession that extracted the strengths of many swordsmanships and elevated its swordsmanship to the limit.

Unlike [Swordmaster], Sword Saints could not fight in armor. They could only wear the most common cloth armor. At the same time, they had to swear not to put poison on their weapons and not to alternate their profession to any other profession.

As compensation, Sword Saints would gain exceptionally flexible mobility and devastating attack power—and the real secret was that the Sword Saints had two “switches”. That would allow them to convert the Strength attribute to the Agility attribute and vice versa. They could manipulate how much the attribute shifts, and there was no limit to using it.

In addition, Sword Saints could also accumulate energy resources called “Qi” through meditation, which enabled them to slash out powerful penetrating sword energy. The upper limit of Qi was related to the Perception attribute. The Sword Saints, with a solid will, could instantly exchange positions with their sword energy. As for the number of times to activate this ability, it was closely related to the Will attribute as well.

Thus, there was a high demand for the four attributes: Strength, Agility, Perception, and Will. However, there were only these three skills available to them. Other than that, there was no other ability given to them.

Undoubtedly, it was a simple profession with high damage output.

With Anderson as the “guard”, Dove and Chocolate taking on the role of the [Hunter] and [Thief] profession, and Yokai Sensei as the Silver Sire Priest, the four of them formed a five-person team with one Tank, one Healer, one Hunter, one Thief, and one DPS.

[DPS: Damage per second. The powerhouse of delivering damage.]

—Indeed, it was a team of five.

Only in this way could they effectively adventure the game, the currently known most difficult dungeon instance — the birthplace of Demon Blood, Natta County.

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