The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 464: Leviathan

Chapter 464: Leviathan

The so-called seafloor tunnel was also part of the deep submerged layer.

I wonder how the Underground Federation does it…

Light ants also piled up the crystal wall that meandered to the other end.

The majority of the tunnel was embedded in the seabed. It was not a semi-circular tunnel but an inverted U-shape tunnel with an arch bridge erected vertically on both sides.

The primary soil component of the sea bottom was corpses and feces instead of soil. Thus, the light shone much brighter than when it was in the deep submerged layer. The crystal walls were polished smoothly by the pressure of the deep sea, and they were sturdy enough to withstand even the immense pressure of the ocean floor.

This “light dragon”, which was meandering and making noises from time to time, had already dispersed the sea creatures from approaching.

Of course, not all deep-sea creatures would be expelled by the intense light and noise. It was not ruled out that there would be animals who could not bear it and choose to attack the crystal wall.

Just as the five people watched, a vague black silhouette like a massive whale with eight tentacles was projected on the crystal wall in the distance. As the train approached, it gradually became clearer with its size increasing.

“What is that?” Jiu Er asked curiously.

“It seems to be some kind of deep-sea creature.”

Lin Yiyi stared at it for a while. Finally, she gave up guessing and shook her head, “They are deep sea creatures. No one can see them anyway, so they just keep growing. It’s unsurprising no matter what they look like.”

But soon, they felt something was wrong.

The creature first approached from the direction of the backlight, and it appeared hazy.

However, as the train got closer, they gradually saw what it was.

At least, they could roughly determine that its body length was more than 200 meters. There was no doubt that it was a behemoth!

It had been hovering above the crystal wall as if thinking about something and looking for something.

“Is it going to hit us?” Looking at the growing black silhouette, Suuankou murmured, “If it hits…”

Thinking of this possibility, the players broke into a cold sweat.

Players could be resurrected, but if that massive silhouette broke the tunnel… Annan would be buried at the bottom of the sea!

They stopped chatting and raised their heads to stare at the shadow.

They could only hope it would give up attacking the crystal wall, and there was nothing else they could do.

Or, perhaps it would hesitate a little longer until the train crossed the Black Sea and reached the northern continent!

Then, even if the tunnel was broken, it did not matter to them!

However, after the train approached, the monster became excited instead.

It turned back and stared at Annan’s group.

Only then did Annan see it clearly that the creature had pale skin, six pairs of eyes, and eight huge octopus-like tentacles. Besides that, it looked like a whale or a shark.

“It seems to be treating the train like some small fish.” Annan whispered, “Everyone, be careful—”

He was not as panicked as the players.

In the worst scenario, he would summon Frost Tower the moment the crystal wall was smashed. It should protect Annan from being crushed to death instantly and buy time for rescue.

However, when the huge “undersea whale/shark” opened its mouth and wanted to bite at them.

It was swallowed by something even bigger without warning!

The new ‘thing’ really swallowed it.

Even as they looked carefully through the crystal wall, they could not make out what it was. There was only a massive mouth with three layers of sharp teeth, suddenly lunging the whale shark from the bottom.

The tentacle shark even struggled a little before being swallowed directly.

“What is that?” Nigel broke into cold sweat out of panic, looking in the direction where the shadow left and muttering.

The players were ashen-faced. At the very moment something was about to happen, they had even forgotten about whether they could be resurrected.

It was an instinctive fear.

However, Annan was rather thoughtful.

He was probably the only one who knew the truth among all the people on this train, including the train conductor.

That was because a prompt popped up in front of him at that moment:

[You have acquired the new mark: “Novice Influence: the Leviathan’s air”.]

[If you don’t remove it in time, you will fall into a random nightmare with the keyword “sea” after seven days (Difficulty: Hard).]

the Leviathan’s air—

This was not Annan’s first time seeing this influence.

According to Benjamin, the Leviathan’s air was around him when he lost his memory and collapsed on the beach at Freezing Water Port. Then, Benjamin eliminated the influence in Annan, considering that he was not a transcender.

Another “Leviathan” known to Annan was an underwater female beast that appeared in Earth’s mythology. The name “Leviathan” itself had the meaning of “crack” and “vortex”, which was a massive sea serpent that could coil a continent.

It existed in this world as one of the Mysterious Lady’s Supreme Monsters.

Annan, who had bought a lot of false tomes, already knew what those three monsters were.

It was just as Annan had expected.

The three Supreme Monsters were “Leviathan”, “Behemoth” and “Ziz”. Among them, the Leviathan was a “giant serpent that traverses all oceans”. It could incur tsunamis at will and was the king of all sea creatures.

It was recorded in the “Book of Job”, representing the three most enormous monsters in the sea, land, and air. Their prototype was the fat-headed fish, the flightless and the green caterpillar. The fat-headed fish and the flightless battled each other, which was also taken from this allusion.

The Underground Federation was a country sheltered by the Mysterious Lady.

Although she and the Silent Lady were not in the Underground Federation all year round and traveled to strange places, she would not ignore the Underground Federation entirely.

Leviathan might have taken on a mission to maintain undersea tunnels.

This also explained why the sea beast hesitated before attacking the underwater tunnel.

It was because of Leviathan’s deterrence!

When Annan was cleared of memory and left Mysterious Lady, Leviathan should have sent Annan away.

Since it was the Sea King Leviathan, not the Giant Bird Ziz…

But would that mean that the place where Annan met the Mysterious Lady was on the bottom of the ocean and not some isolated island?

While Annan was pondering about it, the train passed the sea region and went into the deep submerged layer of another continent.

Although there were the same light ants, the soil component of the Austere-Winter Continent was different from that of Noah. Compared with the Noah Kingdom, which was dominated by warm colors such as red, orange, yellow, and pink mixed with blue and green tones, the crystal wall here was composed of pure sky blue and light purple. It was much more dazzling than the previous scene.

A few hours later, the train returned to the subway level.

Nigel was getting out of the car.

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