The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 36: Is There Anything You Can Bring Into The Game?

Chapter 36: Is There Anything You Can Bring Into The Game?


When Lin Yiyi opened her eyes again, she found herself sore all over the place, curled up in the computer chair.

Only then did she realize that she seemed to be asleep in a chair. Her phone had already dropped out of her hand and fell to the ground.

Was it a dream?

No, that’s not right…

Lin Yiyi raised her head and looked at the time.

Half past three in the morning-

It happened to be the time she slept in the game.

If it was a dream, that dream was too real.

Hmm, wait…”

Lin Yiyi reacted and turned on the phone.

She quickly turned to the homepage with “Mist Continent” and tapped on the app.

But she failed to open up the app.

After tapping the app, only a window popped up:

The character’s sleep time is less than eight hours. Players are asked to rest before entering the game.

It isn’t a dream!

Lin Yiyi felt a burst of ecstasy bursting out of her heart!

That was not a dream. She was selected and became the first batch of players of this next-generation game!

“Why are you still playing Snowfield Ghost Cry 5? Can that be as fun as Mist Continent?”

After the ecstasy, she felt a little gloomy in her heart.

Damn, after playing Mist Continent, how will I enjoy playing other games?

She still had to make a video. That was her career.

If possible, Lin Yiyi certainly wanted to make a live stream on Mist Continent. But the main problem was that the great god who selected them was probably unwilling to reveal the game. It was a realistic problem.

According to Lin Yiyi’s understanding, the first test phase of many masterpieces in the game industry was secretive. Players participating in the test had to sign a stringent confidentiality agreement, promising not to disclose the game’s content before it was announced otherwise.

Although they did not sign a confidentiality contract, the binding force of the alien technology itself was far more powerful than the contract.

She was terrified of being “exiled.”

Lin Yiyi truly and deeply loved the game, loved the mysterious and magnificent world…

…and the pretty blue-eyed shota [1].

Moreover, even if the great god who summoned them did not ban live streaming, she could not record with naked eyes.

This was not a question of how to get the camera.

Her body did not enter that world at all.

Lin Yiyi clearly remembered that after using the [Charge] skill on her character, her legs had been sore and painful all the while. It did not get better until she lay on the bed and chose to go offline.

But when she just woke up, she felt that her body was the same as before she fell asleep. The only difference was that curling up in a chair for three hours gave her a minor backache.

Unless the planner could provide them with a live streaming interface, there was no way to record video, let alone streaming to the audience.

She slept for eight hours a day. These eight hours could synchronize the game with reality.

So for the remaining 16 hours, she would be either busy with work or spend her time playing games. Maybe I should go for a game adventure?

At least for Lin Yiyi, this was not a very difficult choice.

Given her appearance and voice, it was too easy to be famous. It was precisely because of her love of games from the heart that she chose this line of work.

Her initial thought was to prevent herself from playing games in the future due to work. That was why she chose the game industry as her career path.

Now, since the game time conflicted with work time…

…naturally, she would go for games!

She wanted to at least cool off for a while. After adventuring the unexplored part of the game until she had no regrets, then she would go back to make some game videos. She would slowly release the videos and delay the update schedule. As for live streams, she would turn off those events for now.

Lin Yiyi was lucky now that she had just finished the ending of a series of games. This way, she could spare a lot of time to delay the schedule further.

Looking at the “Upload Complete” prompt on the screen, Lin Yiyi was lost in thought.

She decisively changed the time for the regular release from tomorrow to three days later.

In terms of weekly schedule changes, she had delayed for ten days.

“If I can’t produce a video in the end, I will go to Jiu Er for a talk episode.”

Lin Yiyi made up her mind.

Let’s finish all this.

“It’s half past three, eight hours later. Well, I still need to sleep for tonight.”

Lin Yiyi said with a bitter face, “But I don’t think I can fall asleep at all…”

How about?

I will sleep during the day after finishing up the games.

Since when I am here, my character over that world is sleeping. Does it mean that my original body is also sleeping when I am playing the game?

If this is the case, not only did my time not decrease, but it extended eight hours longer!

“But, I got to verify it with experimentation.”

After entering the game, she would have to find someone to observe whether her body stayed in place and fell asleep or her body was sucked into the phone.

The game is fun, but it’s not good if I die suddenly while playing.

Lin Yiyi lowered her head and scrolled through the phone. She finally found Jiu Er’s WeChat account and then started typing her message quickly.

Before she could send the message, Jiu Er called over on a WeChat call.


Lin Yiyi was overjoyed.

Previously, there was no communication at all between the two.

This phone call showed that what happened was not a dream!

She answered immediately, picked up the phone, and said directly, “Jiu Er, are you coming here, or do I drive there?”

“What do you want?”

On the other end of the phone came Jiu Er’s sharp and vigilant voice, “Sister Hyphen, I am a minor.”

“It’s not hyphen; it’s Yiyi.”

Lin Yiyi habitually retorted and then subconsciously lowered her voice, “We’re going for an experiment about the game. You know. Let’s meet again.

“Speaking of which, why do you want to call?”

“I want to ask you,” Jiu Er thought for a long time before speaking out softly, “Do you think it is useful for us to learn cooking?”

Lin Yiyi became speechless.

Lin Yiyi was stupefied as she did not understand what Jiu Er meant. “What do you mean?”

Although she knew this streamer was known for a wonderful thought process, Lin Yiyi had thought that Jiu Er had pretended it for the entertainment of the show, especially she kept juking in the MOBA game while dealing damage.

But she could not react to Jiu Er’s wonky logic.

“I mean,” Jiu Er explained, “Shall we bring something to the young master?”

“You mean that after you learn how to cook, you will bring your skill into the game to compete for the maid position?”

Lin Yiyi was alerted immediately. But, after thinking about it, she felt that this idea was great.

The only question was: Could the Cooking Crash Course teach her something in two or three days?

After Lin Yiyi raised this question, Jiu Er also seemed to feel that this plan was not reliable.

“Since cooking is impossible…”

Jiu Er muttered in a low and fluttering voice, “Then, we can only prepare fried food.”

Do you plan to use fried food to compete for the maid position?

“You go to bed first, Jiu Er. I think you are already sleepy and lost your mind.”

Lin Yiyi replied decisively, “Let’s do this. I will send you the address. Are you on a summer vacation? Can you go out to stay at a friend’s house?”

After all, Jiu Er was not an adult. They said she was a rich young lady. In Lin Yiyi’s eyes, she must be the kind having bodyguards around when traveling at night…

“If I can’t get out, you should come to my house.”

Jiu Er leaned close to the microphone and whispered, “My house is massive.”


Lin Yiyi was silent for a while, then nodded, “Then, I will pack up and go to your place.”

After all, Lin Yiyi was a single girl living alone at home. If she entered Mist Continent during the day and went into a coma for one day, it would not be safe. It might be safer to live there with her fellow netizen.

Jiu Er answered, “Then, I will go to Uncle Li and call the hospital.”

“Why call the hospital?”

“Buy some intravenous drips.”

Jiu Er said, “Infusion of saline or nutrient solution will do.”

“Don’t. Let’s eat normally.”

Lin Yiyi was tortured by Jiu Er’s strange and creepy logic. She replied decisively, “I will supervise you then. Don’t call the hospital. Please send the address. I will drive over when I have finished packing up.

“Then, I will prepare bath water for you first?”

Jiu Er agreed with “Uhm” before she whispered, “But, I still feel like calling the hospital. What if you die suddenly at my house?”

“I beg you not to piss me off to death.”

Lin Yiyi hung up the phone quickly.

She felt that her blood pressure soared. She could die on the spot if she did not hang up the phone call.

This person is a mess. The most outrageous thing is that she flaunts her wealth amidst her stupidity.

How did Jiu Er’s fans stand this creepy girl? Wouldn’t they be pissed off? How could this girl be so popular?

-Just because her face looks good?

“If this is the case, then I have to show my face the next time I record the video. Then, the audience would probably forgive my delay.”

Lin Yiyi mumbled while packing up her clothes and daily necessities.

On the other side of the world, Annan finally returned home.

Not surprisingly, Salvatore had already figured out the source of the Black Fire.

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