The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 350: Where Did My Money Go?

Chapter 350: Where Did My Money Go?

Annan had a fruitful harvest on this trip.

Besides the three divine arts Daryl recommended, Annan also acquired multiple blessings for himself.

Under the [Priest] description, it became like this.

Priest (Silver Sire 0):

Divine Arts: Clanging Object, Sharp Object, Eternal Youth, Silver Coin Imprint, Ritual: Daryl’s Silver Blaze

Permanent Abilities: Medium Resistance to Fire [remaining validity one year], Silver Muscle [remaining validity six months], Scotopic Vision [Permanent], Cleansing [Permanent]

Additional Abilities: Robust (Strength+1, Constitution+1), Sturdy Physique (Constitution+3), Flexible Body (Agility+2, Constitution+2)

As for [Silver Blade], it was merged into Silver Knight’s profession skill list after consuming Annan’s final available skill point.

Annan’s Constitution attribute just soared to 31 points.

Then, it reached 36 points after counting in [Silver Muscle] bonuses.

Among the divine arts he purchased, the most expensive was not the “additional abilities” that permanently increased his attributes but the diving art [Silver Muscle].

There were two powerful divine arts that contributed to the Constitution.

The first option was the [Silver Muscle], and the other was [Clear Body].

They were all complex and high-level divine arts that only those at the bishop level or above could master.

According to the Old Bread, [Silver Muscle] could transform one’s skin into sanctified silver through the ‘tensing of the muscles’ when suffering piercing or cut, or when the user was attacking.”

On the other hand, the system provided a much more detailed explanation.

Silver Muscle: Constitution +5 when attacked, Strength +3 when attacking (cannot take place simultaneously); if “Silver Muscle” is activated when attacked, piercing and cutting damage suffered is negated by 30%. You’re immune to lightning damage below Gold Rank.

Purchasing this divine art alone would cost a whopping 180 engravings.

Although it was not as expensive as a ritual divine art, renting for half a year would cost 30 engravings.

Annan thought carefully for a long time.

During these six months, the player could earn many holy light engravings.

It felt like a loss to purchase this “buff” type of divine art. He didn’t need to bless the others with this divine art. Also, it would consume a lot of “sanctified silvers” — silver coins that were blessed by those above bishop rank.

Rather than an outright buyout, it was better to rent it temporarily.

Since it was a buff, it was utterly rentable.

Annan also compared the [Silver Muscle] with the [Clear Body]. The latter could also increase the Constitution by five points. The advantage would be thorough immunity to negative energy damage below the Gold Rank, and the negative effects imposed would be halved — such as poisoning, aging, burns, and other effects.

However, considering that Annan owned the curse [The Last Work: David], the [Clear Body] had a minor benefit on him.

On the contrary, the [Ritual: Silver Blaze] could not be rented. It was better off to purchase the divine arts: Silver Muscle, Scotopic Vision, and Cleansing.

Then, Annan got himself some flame damage resistance. After all, neither his body nor marble statue form gave him high heat resistance. Just relying on the cooling of Energy Falteration School alone was difficult to cool down the flame spell to an acceptable level immediately.

They said every profession had a specialization. For example, it was difficult for the Silver Sire’s priest to demolish a city wall. But, it was easy for a Destruction Wizard of Silver Rank to bring the entire city into ruin.

Corrosive Acid, Heat, Explosion, and Earthquake were prominent Destruction spells.

Annan had to consider the possibility that Nicholas could also utilize Destruction spells.

After the shopping, Annan’s combat power increased by a notch. Even though he was still a new and fresh Silver Rank Transcended, he was confident that to fight against multiple Silver Rank Transcendeds at the same time.

Annan hadn’t really fought against Gold Rank yet, so he wasn’t too sure.

If intelligence, physical fitness, lifespan, and talent would all improve by leaps and bounds, like evolution after advancing to Silver Rank…

Gold Rank should have attributes that overwhelm Transcended of a lower ranking.

For example, the defenses of [Silver Muscle] couldn’t resist the elemental power coming from a Gold Rank Transcended.

Father Flint’s ability system was quite overwhelming for Transcended, who had no elemental power.

However, with the combo of Silver Blaze, Silver Hand, Frost Sword, and Silver Blade, Annan felt that he wasn’t utterly powerless against the Gold Rank now.

But I’m pretty concerned with my wallet now.

Needless to say that Old bread was a great salesman, living up to the reputation as the former Silver Sire’s pope. Before Annan could react to what he bought, he had spent all his holy light engravings.

Moreover, Old Bread also got himself 18 holy light engravings as commissions.

Such a big sale was a favor. In return, Annan convinced Bishop Daryl to let Lin Yiyi follow him to the Denizoya kingdom for “experience”.

However, the actual goal was to make her a moving observer ward [1]. While she explored the map, she could send intelligence to Annan in time.

At the same time, Lin Yiyi’s Transcended profession was “Treasure Diamond Island Guard Knight”.

The full name of the United Kingdom was called Denizoya & Fildes Archipelago United Kingdom. The Treasure Diamond Island was located in the Fildes Archipelago, not far from Denizoya.

In other words, there might be clues of Lin Yiyi’s silver rank advancement near Daryl’s destination.

On Annan’s side, he could take one person with him when he headed to the capital.

Eugene Geraint left Annan the password in the letter before leaving.

It was the password to call upon the special intelligence agency “One-Eyed Crow”.

He graned Annan and one of his guards a safe entry to the Noah capital through the special route One-Eyed Crow founded, bypassing the surveillance of the city gate directly. However, the group couldn’t be on a large scale, with two people being the best man count.

Of course, Eugene had never taught of Annan coming alone. After all, he was the son of the Grand Duke, the future Austere-Winter’s Grand Duke. Thus, it would be too indecent to travel alone.

Since Lin Yiyi would be going abroad to expand the map, Annan would choose another player to accompany her from the Child’s party.

Annan planned to have Dove and Chocolate with him.

Citalopram, Suuankou, and the Child were suited to lurk in the dark. Annan didn’t want to get them involved in the official matters blatantly.

The team combination of Dove and Chocolate would be considered 1 slot, and their combat power wasn’t inferior at all. Dove’s cat body was deceptive, which was convenient to scout for intelligence.

Annan had contacted One-Eyed Crow to head to Roseburg. He would be departing in about a few days.

Old Bread won’t be leaving until the day after tomorrow.

He was going to send someone away with Annan tomorrow.

It was the first priest that Annan saw after entering this world — Priest Louis.

The 1.9-meter tall, muscular young priest with a stunning crimson slicked back hairstyle. He had served the people of Freezing Water Port for many years. After Annan cleaned up [Nightmare: Gallery], his mission at Freezing Water Port finally came to an end.

Having acquired ample holy light engravings, he was about to return to the capital to become a true “Silver Knight”.

Indeed, Priest Louis was an emissary originating from “the Silver Hand”.

This organization was the “Silver Knight” reserve team.

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