The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 348: Stupefied Old Bread Daryl

Chapter 348: Stupefied Old Bread Daryl

Annan completely understood what kind of taboo did Nicholas Flamel violate.

It wasn’t just ethics or moral prudence, nor was it limited to maintaining the authority belonging to the deities or monarchs. Although Nicholas challenged his peers, monarchs, and deities simultaneously, the real cause of his death was his betrayal of “humanity”.

If the synths made up their minds to hide, it was almost impossible to seek them out.

Firstly, there was the “veto” power of Silent Lady to abolish the synths’ ability to use Transcended power. Then, the Mysterious Lady’s power of “secret” was crucial to cutting off the connection between synths. There was also the element of “luck” and “accident” in finding out the traces of synths. Deity’s level of “decomposition” to destroy and “darkness” to bury them played a role in ensuring the total annihilation of “synths” so that the false deities wouldn’t find ways to exploit them. Finally, the Bone Burying Grandma would personally validate the synths’ death.

“Without the help of the deities, we can’t defeat those synths. But in this matter, the deities will help us after all,” said Bishop Daryl solemnly.

None of the twelve upright deities were human or the “Yaselans” — the native race of the Oasis.

The deities didn’t seem to have any reason to act against Nicholas in the perspective of maintaining the racial status of the Yaselans.

Instead, it would even be a piece of good news for the upright deities to have a superior race born.

However, the popes were human beings.

“At that time, we convened the first ‘Holy See Council’ of this epoch.”

Bishop Daryl replied, “Twelve popes and thirteen saints were present. The final voting result was 23 to 2.

“So in the end, the twelve popes and the thirteen saints all appeared.

“The catastrophe that could bring about the end of the Fifth Age was over in just two days.”

Nicholas’s creation offended too many people.

Anyone with a little sense of reason could realize that human civilization would be replaced entirely by the synth as the synth community developed further.

Aside from the false deities, even the upright deities were offended.

As a creation without a father and mother, they undoubtedly violated “tradition”. Their ability for spiritual communication made them no longer have “secrets”, removing the need for “trade”, no “war”, and no “nobility”.

If synth replaced humans, they would offend five upright deities’ interests, especially the Silver Sire and the Red Knight. They were both upright deities with only one realm.

The demise of the concepts represented the cessation of the Truth. Under normal circumstances, “trade” and “war” would not die. However, there was an abnormal situation ahead.

Nicholas was not stupid.

He was the most brilliant alchemist and the synths’ creator. He must have noticed the issue first. He also knew what he was going to face.

But he still chose to remain silent and even acquiesce to his creations. He just didn’t want to destroy his creations.

Of course, he did not resist when he was arrested and executed.

“I see,” Annan nodded cautiously, “I fully understand now.

“You have done nothing wrong. Synth must be eradicated to protect all human beings. This is indeed a disaster that only the upright deities can stop.”

Regardless of the identity of the leader of the Hermetic School in the capital, Annan had to be cautious, no matter if the leader was the real Nicholas Flamel, the last surviving synth, or the successor of Nicholas’ academic and ideological heritage.

As long as he was not a liar who knew nothing about Nicholas’ secrets, then his mere existence was a devastating threat.

“What are you going to do now?” Annan was silent for a long time, then spoke to Bishop Daryl, “This is obviously a serious matter, but I can’t go back to the capital just yet.”

Daryl struggled for a moment but sighed, “Neither Nicholas nor his partner has seen me. As long as we meet once, he will know that his existence has been exposed.”

“Then, where are you going?”

“I’m going to Denizoya.” Fatty Bishop said solemnly, “I’m heading toward Nicholas’ cemetery. Not many people know the location of his cemetery. There are few people there, and there will definitely be clues.

“I’m not a Transcended either. I’m going by boat, and I’ll be there in half a month.

“Whether he came back to life from the dead or didn’t die at all, or someone moved his body, there must be clues in the cemetery.”

“You are right.” Annan nodded slowly.

This is indeed a solution.

The capital is dangerous. Grandpa Daryl is mighty, but he isn’t a suitable candidate to be there.

We have to validate the information at Nicholas’ cemetery sooner or later as well.

At present, Daryl can’t go to the capital. So it’s best to send him over to the cemetery.

But how do I get Daryl to pass on the information to me as quickly as possible?


That won’t do. What if the letter is lost?

Let Silver Sire help spread the word?

Or get some divine art about it?

Or else, I shall get a player to follow Grandpa Daryl and be a moving observer ward?

Oh ya, divine art…

“Okay, then it’s settled.” Annan exhaled, and his tone became more relaxed, “I almost forgot what I came here for.”

“Isn’t it about what we discussed just now?” Daryl was visibly frozen for a moment.

He looked up in disbelief.

Annan didn’t know if it was an illusion, but he vaguely saw a trace of fear in Daryl’s eyes flashing past.

“It’s not a troublesome thing this time,” Annan explained quickly, “Although it happens to be a troublesome matter every time I come to you, it’s really not bad news this time.”

“Because the news just now is dire enough.” Daryl groaned, “I haven’t heard bad news as dire as this, Your Highness. Of course, it wouldn’t be any worse than this, would it?”

“That’s true. But this time, it’s really good news.” Annan finally couldn’t help but laugh.

He reached his right hand forward, palm down.

Just like when Daryl showed Annan his holy light engraving. The delicate and mystical, shimmering silver rune came from the back of Annan’s hand. It flipped over and emerged into pieces.

These runes spread upward quickly, covering Annan’s entire right arm, extending to Annan’s right cheek, and even covering the entire right neck.

In these complicated silver runes, there was a strange power. It wasn’t much with only one or two runes. However, having so many runes connected, the power turned from water droplets into turbulent tides.

“I’m here to ask you something. I’ve been lucky recently, and I have just acquired 300 holy light engravings from Silver Sire. Is there any high-end, practical divine art that you can recommend for me to learn?”

Looking at Grandpa Bread, who looked at him motionless as if he had been disconnected from the game, Annan asked modestly and gently.

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