The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 338: She’s Watching, I’m Listening

Chapter 338: She’s Watching, I’m Listening

The next moment, Elle’s spirit body suddenly rushed towards Annan.

Annan didn’t feel any chills when the spirit body passed through him.

Immediately after, he felt a foreign body appearing in his abdomen.

It felt like he was about to be in labor.

Without hesitation, he pulled out a silver coin from his pocket, clamped it between the thumb of his right hand and the second knuckle of his index finger, and flicked it casually.

The silver coin seemed to spread rapidly along the inertia and unfolded into a slender and sharp blade in a snap.

Immediately afterward, Annan pointed the blade at his belly.

“I knew that everything would connect back to here.” Annan sighed and slit his abdomen.

As a wizard, Joseph used a sledgehammer.

The police used guns and had hounds with them.

Even Amos’s weapon was the “Venerated Skeleton’s Piercing Rifling”.

Then, where did the serious abdominal injury Amos suffered in the first place come from? Why was there an injury to the internal organs, but there was no trace of fighting or other similar injuries?

There was only one answer.

The incision on his abdomen was cut open by Amos himself.

But, what was his goal?

Annan watched calmly. Half of the umbilical cord emerged from his abdomen like a snake, shattering the bottle full of wine and connecting to Angelo’s abdomen.

The umbilical cord was burning with transparent flames of seven colors, like a rainbow.

Annan watched his health points dropping rapidly and quickly took out the tomato containing the blood of a dozen people and connected it to the other end of the umbilical cord.

At this time, Annan’s health points had depleted to half.

It was pretty much the same level as when he entered the nightmare.

That “meatball” extracted flesh and blood inside the tomato, multiplying, developing its limbs and a face.

It appeared as if Annan had given birth to the entity. It went from an eight-month-old stillbirth to an eight-pound baby girl in the blink of an eye.

The baby opened her eyes which had an aquamarine hue.

The corners of Annan’s mouth rose. Resurrection as a stillbirth?That’s absolutely not the case.

“What shall I call you?” Annan asked softly, “The Venerated Skeleton? Angelo? Or…


“You can call me Elle…Annan. It’s a privilege I’ve granted you for the sake of you staying with me till the end and watching me being reborn.”

The baby girl in front of him made a girlish voice, “And my real name is Angelo.

“Angel of Betrayal — Daughter of the Venerated Skeleton, Angelo.”

Indeed, she was the unborn son of the Venerated Skeleton, who possessed half of the Truth of “Betrayal”.

She could be considered a demi-deity of “the Betrayal”.

Elle attained the Truth of “Betrayal” through a series of tragedies. She was born when her mother was treated as a tool, neglected by her biological father, killed by her adoptive father, and imprisoned by her third father, the Venerated Skeleton. Finally, she was stuck in a nightmare made of her biological father’s curse vessel, reenacting more than a thousand times of betrayal.

That was the Truth of the “Betrayal” that even the Venerated Skeleton himself only got fragments of it.

The Venerated Skeleton had waited for decades at Freezing Water Port to acquire her and complete His truth.

Right now, it was the time for the flower to bear fruit and for the harvest.

The daughter of the Venerated Skeleton would be His most satisfied apostle.

Treachery bred her life, brought her death, resurrected her, and ascended her.

Why would Amos blurt out “Help me, Elle” to Angelo?

Why did he not hesitate to use Elle’s body to complete the ritual to resurrect Angelo?

Why was he so obsessed with this child who was not his and not related to him by blood?

It was precisely because he knew for a long time that Angelo might be Elle.

But because of this, Elle would never forgive his sins.

“Are you satisfied, Elle?” Annan asked in a low voice.

Angelo (Elle) maintained the composure of a baby, smiled, and put her thumb in her mouth. Then, in a burst of spooky and girlish laughter, she spoke, “Yes, I’m.

“Dream is a poison that blinds the kindness and maddens the wicked in a person. Those who ignore morality for the sake of their dreams, those who offend the law for their dreams, those who betray those they love for their dreams…

“I curse all of you.” The dead Elle, or rather the newly born Angelo, declared.

“Your dreams will betray you. You will be exhausted, restless, and betrayed by your friends and family until you finally betray your dreams.

“The dream you have betrayed will turn into your greatest curse, your deepest nightmare. It will haunt you for the rest of your life, and you will wake up from the nightmare because of everything you abandoned and regret for life.”

The curse overflowing from Elle’s mouth turned into chains and disappeared into thin air.

This was a curse that no one knew except Annan.

“So, am I your secret keeper?” Annan whispered.

“Yes.” The baby girl made a soft and sweet voice, “You are the witness of this curse. Would you be willing to?”

Although it was a question, there was no trace of hatred, resentment, and hysteria in her tone.

There was only incomparable peace as calm as the sea. It carried the air of tyranny, particularly in those who tread on a solid path that could not be peeped or challenged.

Only then could Annan see that “Elle” was already dead.

“Of course, I would like to.” Annan also replied thoughtfully, “Although I’m late, I still want to say it’s not your fault.

“So you can undoubtedly hate them, take revenge on them, and curse them. That’s the right of being betrayed. You don’t have to suppress your emotions like that.

“Instead, I think your curse is too gentle.”

From birth to death, and even after being resurrected, Elle was used and betrayed by people who “had an ambition”.

Even if she cursed all the “dream chasers”, Annan would understand.

But she didn’t.

She remained sane only to curse those who disregarded morals, laws and even betrayed friends, relatives, and loved ones for their dreams.

“You’re much more kind than the Venerated Skeleton.” Annan exclaimed, “If only you were the Betrayal Deity.”

“It’s meant to be, Annan.” At this moment, the voice of the Venerated Skeleton came from Angelo’s mouth, “She and I hold half of the Truth of ‘Betrayal’. We will eventually become deities with two sides of the same body. Together with Elle, we will be the completed Betrayal Deity.

“She will be the ‘Betrayed’, witnessing the betrayal; I will be the ‘Betrayer’, listening to the wailing of the betrayed.

“We’ll meet again. Like I said before, you’ll be a Frostwhisper. I didn’t lie to you. I’m not going to lie to you this time.

“I hope you’ll recognize us when we meet again.”

Ah, I’ll try my best,” Annan responded casually.

The surrounding nightmare, or rather the “gallery” itself, began to crumble.

Standing at the door with a sledgehammer in hand, Joseph turned into a hollow puppet made of soil. He collapsed and shattered with the black mud inside overflowing.

Angelo didn’t become a “colored ball of light” this time but a beautiful, energetic baby girl. They didn’t fight in the end.

“Am I going to witness the birth of a new deity again? I don’t want to be your pope.” Annan sighed, put the gun with the last bullet in his pocket on the table, turned around, and walked towards the stairs.

This last bullet was supposed to be used to give Angelo the curse of “can’t travel afar”.

This was also an “opportunity for betrayal” that the Venerated Skeleton deliberately gave to those who conquered the nightmare.

This was, without a doubt, the last malice coming from the Venerated Skeleton.

The baby was incapable of evading the attack. As long as Annan shot her, Angelo would be trapped in the Freezing Water Port. On the other hand, Annan would get a higher evaluation rating from the dungeon for killing the Betrayal Angel.

However, Annan chose to refuse the opportunity.

Elle was miserable enough. As Elle’s secret keeper, he didn’t want to betray her anymore.

Annan also has his bottom line.

“Don’t take all the players as emotionless and immoral demons,” Annan muttered softly.

The frost covering the ground cracked, which finally allowed Annan to walk over via his feet.

“Where are you going?” The baby Annan placed on the table spoke in two overlapping voices, “You have completely purified the nightmare. You don’t need to go anywhere. Just wait for the nightmare to disappear naturally.”

Ah, nothing really.” Annan said casually, “It’s just to satisfy my minor obsessive-compulsive disorder.”

He said and walked to the door of the basement.

Annan took off his shirt and hung it on the hanger.

Elle’s left eye had disappeared from the display cabinet.

Annan still had stab wounds that could hurt the internal organs, but he continued to the gallery entrance.

At this time, the closed gallery door had opened.

Outside the building were a blue sky and white clouds. The birds were chirping in the fragrant flower garden.

The entire gallery was collapsing.

As long as Annan walked out of the gallery, Amos’s soul would be freed.


“Some people are undeserving of redemption,” Annan murmured and walked towards the door.

He exhausted his strength to close the door and returned to the gallery.

He looked at the brightly lit gallery with his belly soaked in blood and dying.

Everything was the same as in the beginning.

In Elle’s relieved chuckle, the gallery’s ceiling collapsed.

The world in front of Annan’s eyes instantly turned to pitch black.

Nightmare: Gallery — Perfect Clear.

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