The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 322: Curse Shaft

Chapter 322: Curse Shaft

“…Austere-Winter and Frostwhisper.” Annan froze slightly and muttered in a low voice.

He suddenly recalled that he seemed to have heard the surname “Frostwhisper” somewhere before.

That happened the first time Annan met the Venerated Skeleton when he introduced himself. The Venerated Skeleton once said to Annan, “You will be a ‘Frostwhisper’ sooner or later”.

Am I going to become a dragon in the future?

Is that why Old Grandmother talks to me in the dragon language?

So after meeting the Old Grandmother’s request, the [Winter Heart] will evolve into [Winter’s Harvest]. Did I transform myself from Austere-Winter to Frostwhisper?

“I wonder if Boffis can speak the dragon language…” Annan muttered.

On the other hand, Citalopram replied with certainty, “Annan must be human.”

That tone even wavered Boffis a little, “Is it?”

“Yes, without a doubt.” Citalopram nodded and answered affirmatively.

It’s because he didn’t trigger my monster boy preference radar.

Being concerned about her indifferent and elegant lady image, Citalopram did not say this directly.

She paused for a while and then changed the subject, “Let’s forget about this but focus on our main business first…”

“Main business?” Boffis tilted her head, “Do you want to see where the sacred bone is?”

“That’s something I’d like to see too, but the more important thing is the ‘Frostwhisper’s Frozen Blood’.”

Citalopram was aware of her priorities. The group came here to get the material Annan required. Even though the group had triggered the side mission at this place, she would still like to perform her tasks in order.

As for the sacred bone, it was obviously a key item related to the main storyline.

At least until her strength reached a certain level, she would not trigger this mission with all the players unprepared.

Under the circumstance that all her actions might have irreversible effects on everyone, she thought she had to exercise extreme caution now.

“I have to bring back what my friend needs first…” Citalopram threw a bitter smile and explained further, “Annan is not only my friend but also my boss.

“For me to pick you up next time, I must at least complete the mission that the boss entrusted to me.”

“Well, no problem,” Boffis answered cheerfully.

She paused slightly and then added, “But these two items are actually in the same place.”

“…Where is it then?”

“It’s right at the Silverstone Curse Shaft.” Boffis replied softly, “The only [Curse Shaft] in the city.”

“What is the [Curse Shft]?”

“It’s the place we dedicated to storing and converting the curse energy to something useful…” She looked at the pit outside the city with a complicated expression and said nothing.

Then, she whispered, “It used to be the largest building here, and now it is the deepest scar in the city.”

At this time, the Child in the public nightmare had also just ended his training.

He breathed a sigh of relief and subconsciously looked at the dazzling giant device.

Ah, I’m still a little concerned.

What the hell is that thing?

It was a massive building, at least 30 or 40 stories high. It could be considered towering even by the modern city’s standards.

Moreover, it was not a boxy structure like a residential building.

It looked like an enormous snail’s shell from the outside with the opening upside down on the ground.

It was getting dark now.

But the city did not become pitch black.

The Child noticed colorful neon lights lit up in sequence in the elvish city from the hillside outskirt.

As the Child squinted his eyes, he could barely see the end of the “street lamps” connected to the ground. They were only as high as the elves’ knees and even thinner than their calves.

On every of these “sticks”, there was a hollow vessel the size capable of putting one person in. The vessel had a glass-like shell; its inside was filled with a single-colored liquid pouring out from the ground, shining brightly.

These sausages-like “street lamps” exuded shimmers of pink, red, blue, or purple, dyeing the passersby into strange colors.

Although the population in the city was relatively sparse, the elves did not return home because of the night. On the contrary, the Child even saw that the number of passersby increased gradually.

Undoubtedly, there was something amiss with this peculiar cyber scene, probably with the snail device that continuously extracted certain substances from the ground.

What energy is it extracting?

Just one “power station” like this alone has supplied the city’s daily needs.

“Julian?” Noticing the Child’s gaze, Boffis tilted her head and jumped around in front of the Child, “Do you still want to go to the Curse Shaft to take a look?”

Is that the power plant called the Curse Shaft?

“Ok.” The Child didn’t know what the original Julian wanted to do in the Curse Shaft, but he nodded silently.

“We can probably go in now.” Boffis blinked her eyes and said lightly, “The workers in the Curse Shaft should have already left work.

“How about let’s go on an adventure? You’ve learned [Aero Strike] anyway! As long as we get back here before my mom comes back, she won’t know we left!”

“But your mother… Teacher, where did she go?” The Child asked Boffis, “What if she didn’t go far and came back suddenly?”

“…Probably not.” When Boffis heard what the Child said, her face became sad. She said uncertainly, “Since she left us all here so suddenly… I think… she shouldn’t be back soon, right?”

No, you’re wrong.

Just because she left the two of us here and left in a hurry, she must not have left far and would be back soon.

You are still too young and inexperienced…

The Child muttered silently in his heart.

But after this period of training, his acting skills had also improved significantly. He wasn’t just someone who relied on sheer luck.

So he showed a hesitant expression on his face, “So…?”

“Let’s go!” After being silent for a while, the energetic Boffis made up her mind, “If my mother finds out, you can say that I took you there!”

“Alright!” The Child responded perfectly and nodded.

“Let’s go! It’s time to have fun. Forget about the training!” Boffis took his hand and went ahead cheering.

Such a familiar tone. Her actions stunned the Child a little.

His childhood friend spoke in the same tone during the holidays. When he was about to start his homework, she would take him to her house to play games.

This forced him to stay at home for the last two days of each school holiday to rush his homework.

It took a long time for the Child to realize that every time his childhood friend asked him to play, she had already finished her homework.

For a while, he felt that he was a little indulged in this public nightmare and didn’t want to wake up.

Such a wonderful time…

Is this really a nightmare?

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