The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 320: People Of Osser

Chapter 320: People Of Osser

“The very first sacred bone…” Citalopram muttered.

Although she had no idea about the power of the sacred bone, it didn’t affect her understanding of what this concept was.

She knew that the “Dyeing” mentioned in the Third Age was the Gold Rank in their original timeline.

In a sense, the Gold Rank was a requirement to be eligible for “sacred bone”, which was equivalent to the rank signifying the highest level of Transcended power — divinity. Also, the sacred bone was sacred, impossible to mass-produce, and non-renewable.

Despite all that, Boffis’ mother had the capability to possess a sacred bone.

Most importantly, the sacred bone was the oldest and theoretically the most potent “Justice” bone!

Even if it couldn’t be awakened, it had a tremendous value as a collection. This was probably one of the most valuable treasures in this world.

“Is your mother a big shot?” Citalopram asked cautiously.

Could it be that Boffis was the eldest daughter of an affluent elf family?

Seeing Citalopram appearing nervous, Boffis couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

When she smiled, she politely covered her mouth with the sleeve of her right arm, showing a vaguely noble temperament.

“It depends on what you think~” The corners of Boffis’ mouth twitched.

She floated around Citalopram for a lap. Her white gauze skirt swayed in the air like a fishtail and lightly patted Citalopram’s face.

If Boffis is still alive, I must be able to smell her scent…

But because both of them were in a soul state now, Citalopram could only vaguely feel a slight sense of contact. It felt like the hot smoke from a scented candle pressing on the face.

Citalopram reached out without hesitation, grabbed Boffis’ skirt, and wanted to pull it to her side.

Ugh—” Boffis let out a cute scream and quickly reached out to hold down her skirt, begging for mercy, “Stop, Miss Citalopram!”

“There’s nobody else here…”

“But the players are watching too!”

Boffis groaned continuously.

At this time, Citalopram realized that those players were looking.

She couldn’t help but click her tongue and gently let Boffis go.

Your dress is so lewd. Why are you shy?

So she licked her lips again.

Intimidated by the Citalopram’s predatory gaze, Boffis shuddered in the air and retreated two steps back. It wasn’t until she was three people away from Citalopram that she finally blushed and sorted out her clothes because of her attempts in struggling to break free.

“Mom… Ugh, my mother,” Boffis whispered, “She’s the captain of the Storm Legion.”

“Storm Legion?” Citalopram asked curiously.

Boffis explained softly, “It was an air force composed entirely of Wind Dancer and griffin. Griffin may have gone extinct… They have a great affinity with the wind, with their sharp claws easily tearing through the air and wings hurling gusts. Even when flying above clouds, they can target through the thunder cloud and hurricanes to lock on enemies on the ground.

“Wind Dancer is a profession that can walk, run, and jump on thin air. Also, they can swim dexterously in the air like a fish… And, I’m a Wind Dancer.

“Of course… The Wind Dancer definitely can’t fly as high as the griffin. But they could fly a few dozen meters off the ground easily.”

Boffis’ tone was filled with pride, “If only I were alive, I could let you hug me.”


“No, no!” Boffis quickly realized what was wrong with her words and immediately blushed, “I mean, you can give me a hug and feel how light my body is!”

“How light?” Citalopram asked relentlessly.

“The stronger the Wind Dancer, the lighter the weight will be. I weighed less than 20 pounds!”

“…Hey, that’s really light!” Citalopram was really surprised and even a little envious, “Then, will you get fat from eating and become… a fluffy ball?”

Her first reaction was actually… If your body was so light, did it mean that it won’t sag?

But considering that there were still male players watching the stream, Citalopram did not ask this question directly.

To be honest, I’m a little envious…

“No way!” Boffis responded firmly, “I take good care of my body.”

“Does that mean you will still get fat?”

“…Yes.” Boffis tilted her head slightly and muttered in a low voice, “For male Wind Dancers, they will deliberately gain weight. That’s because even if the weapon is reduced in weight, it will still have some weight.

“To balance up with the weapon’s weight, it is necessary to increase their muscle mass. Similarly, they have to wear metal boots.”

“It’s not easy…” Citalopram exclaimed, “Is your mother Gold Rank? Ah, no… I mean, Dyed rank?”

“I can understand what Gold Rank is…” Boffis nodded and said helplessly, “We also used curse vessels. But at our time, we classify them in better detail for the rankings above Transcended.

“The path of ascendancy is like the alchemy process… Corruption, calcination, condensation, purification, dissolution, dyeing, and ascendancy. Are they too hard to comprehend? This is actually a metaphor for the process of upgrading from bronze into gold. In the first two levels, bronze is used as the vessel. Then, for the next two levels, it’s about dissolution and dyeing, representing the Silver Rank. Finally, the Gold Rank is the ascendancy part, the state after getting the Book of Truth.

“My mother is not a Dyed rank. Strictly speaking, it can’t really be regarded as a Gold Rank because she has obtained her own Book of Truth.”

“…What?” Hearing this, Citalopram was startled.

She had gotten the Book of Truth in the Third Age… Could it be that Boffis’ mother has become a deity?

“…May I ask, which book is it?”

“It’s okay to tell you.” Boffis sighed and said with a bit of melancholy, “Mom didn’t activate the ritual back then because she’s not here but in the capital. If mom didn’t die, she should have become a deity…

“But if she really became a deity but never came to me once… I would rather…” When she said this, her expression became a little gloomy.

Hey, since we’re talking about this,” Citalopram remembered the situation on the Delicious Wind Goose side, so she interrupted the previous topic, “Do you know the Fallen path?”

“…Of course.” Boffis nodded slightly and became serious, “But you better not touch it.

“Demons… We have spent tremendous efforts to exterminate them.”

“‘Your clan’? Or ‘We’?”

“It’s us’.” Boffis was surprised, “Isn’t it taught in your history books?

“We Osserians… During the Second Age, it was because the land we lived in was occupied by demons that we fled into the desert.

“—’Osser’ means ‘escape and refugee’.”

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