The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 32: Activate the Forum

Chapter 32: Activate the Forum

Soon, the people in the sea of ​​fire felt a chill.

It felt as if they had just come out from the sauna. Cold air blew on their faces, sending chills on them as if waking them all up.

And, it was not an illusion.

The fire sea’s temperature and altitude on Don Juan’s side dropped at speed visible to the naked eye. After three seconds, the flame was extinguished. Only a few flames remained stubbornly, clinging to the ground and trembling.

The players trapped in the fire saw their young feudal lord standing outside.

On both sides of him were massive fire walls close to five or six meters in height, accompanied by intense black smoke billowing up.

But these black smoke could not get close to Don Juan Geraint at all.

White frost exhaled from his mouth and nose. His skin became abnormally pale and bloodless, and his eyes lit up with blue radiance.

His cuffs and trouser continuously sprayed a violent white chill. These frost-white mists hung tightly on the ground, rippling outward slowly like water waves.

The ground, which was still burning with flames, quickly cooled down. There were cracks and frost traces on the ground.

“Feudal Lord…”

“Thank you very much, Lord Don Juan.”

The players immediately saluted Annan, albeit it looked messy. They were still a little worried whether their salutes were inappropriate.

But soon, they realized that Annan was not looking at them at all.

Annan stared at a corner.

Those merciless eyes, cold like frigid winter, stared straight at the empty corner.

Just when the players were at a loss, they suddenly heard two screams from that corner:

“Master Geraint, we surrender.”

“Help! Help! It’s cold. I’m going to die.”

Two people slowly appeared out of the shadow over there. They were wrapped in frost traces on their bodies, curled up on the ground, and let out a faint cry, “Mercy! Lord Geraint.”

The players’ pupils were slightly dilated.

Regardless of whether the players were in the sea of ​​fire or safety, they all immediately cast their sights over here.

They soon understood why the last two creeps went missing.

These two creeps can turn invisible and hide!

Faced with the two begging for mercy, Annan did not waver at all.

There was no smile on his young and tender face. He just chuckled and breathed out a cluster of frosty white mist as if he was on a cigarette.

“Surrender? Do you want to surrender?”

The corners of his mouth rose slightly. His dense teeth exuded visible frosty air.

Under the pulsating firelight, his expression sent chills to the witnesses.

“Yes! We surrender!”

“We know all the secrets. Please spare us! We can testify for you.”

Oh, surrender—what a gentle word. Even if you just wanted to murder me, I can’t kill the surrendered soldiers according to the nobles’ rules.

“You think so too, right?”

Annan showed a bright smile. His slightly curved eyes were filled with a gentle smile, “But I’m sorry, my dear. There’s no surrender between us.

“It’s you who violates the rules first. This is not revenge, but a blatant murder.”

As he spoke, he stretched out his right hand and raised it with the palm facing up.


“Forgive me, Silver Sire. Please… lord…”

The two of them watched Annan’s movements; they stammered and prayed with horror.

But Annan showed no mercy.

He just showed a genuine, gentle, and elegant smile, slowly retracting his fingers one by one.

Every time he retracted a little finger, the frost traces on the two became heavier. When the five fingers were completely retracted and clenched into fists, they were already motionless with their eyes widened. Vitalities had escaped from their bodies.

Their faces were distorted by intense pain and fear. Their eyes were wide open and frosty, like fish in a refrigerator.

This cold, resolute, and cruel scene made the players unable to hold their breath for a while.

At the same time, the ice shattered around Annan also reflected lights coming from the fire. He appeared like a god, shining in the night.

Annan turned around after the two had died. The frost undulating around him gradually disappeared.

Annan’s smile was faint, distant, and polite; it was far less brilliant than when he faced the two. But, it gave people a strong sense of trust.

“Welcome back from your return in triumph, my loyal guards.”

Annan said slowly, with a cold and pleasant voice, “Forty people, without missing anyone. No one betrayed me, and no friends left me.

“I’m sorry. I was supposed to give you a pleasant welcome. Because of the previous incident, I have no energy or money to hold a banquet for you. I hope you can forgive me. When our times come, I will make up for today’s banquet. I think it must be a luxurious and lively banquet by then.”

Annan’s voice was soft but serious, “I do what I promise.”

After that, he paused and added, “Welcome. You have come back home safely.”

At this time, the mission prompt appeared in front of the players:

[Mission completed: Killing all Roseburg’s private troops (114/114) within 30 minutes. Destroy or seize all Black Fire within 30 minutes (50/50).]

[Completed the main mission: The Tribulation of Black Fire]

[Unlocked: Freezing Water Port]

[Unlocked: Players’ forum]

[The tutorial mission is over. From now on, your death will be punished. Each death will deduct all the current Shared Experience and randomly reduce 1~2 profession level by one level.]

[Obtained Shared Experience 40.]

[Acquired 100 of Don Juan Geraint’s favor.]

[Currently, the affection status is friendly (0/500)]

[After hearing the news that you are coming back, Don Juan Geraint stayed up all night with excitement. But because of this, Don Juan also found a way out of Roseburg’s Viscount’s murder attempt.]

[But now, Freezing Water Port is still facing a catastrophe.]

[You speculate that the old viscount is determined to kill him. It must be because his identity is related to the chaotic situation in the country. Perhaps, there will be other forces behind the old viscount, faintly affecting Freezing Water Port…]

[In any case, this is your home.]

[You decide not to step back. 】

[You have received main mission: Go home]

[Mission requirement: Get your place of residence in Freezing Water Port, and get offline on your bed (0/1)]

[Additional evaluation ratings are being issued.]

Oh, right.”

Annan turned around suddenly, “Yiyi, Wandering Child, Delicious Wind Goose. Follow me the three of you later on.”

At this moment, Lin Yiyi swept across a glimmering panel suddenly.

[Your affection rate with Don Juan Geraint has increased.]

[Currently Trust (0/1500)]

She looked around and stared at the other two.

From their eyes, Lin Yiyi got the information she wanted.

Sure enough, they got the same result…

In 100% completion, is the additional reward the increase of affection rate by one level?

What’s the rest?

If Annan could know what she was thinking, he would be happy to clarify her confusion. Of course, the reward of 40% completion was a 40% increase in the affection rate!

It was a fair, functional, balanced, and cost-free reward!

Oh, another hidden reward was that the three of them would live closer to Annan.

For the players, it made them “extraordinary.”

However, other players did not bother discussing the mission completion.

After confirming that they could still visit the forum while walking with Annan, almost all players entered the players’ forum without exception.

The players lowered their heads like zombies and walked lifelessly behind Annan.

Looking from a distance, it seemed pretty horrifying.

Only one person did not enter the forum.

Jiu Er followed Annan curiously, staring at him closely. No one knew what she was thinking. A creepy smile crossed her lips.

Annan shuddered for some reason.

It was not malicious, but it made his hair stand up inexplicably.

Damn it, what is she thinking?

But, Annan was still delighted in this trip.

After having players guarding the Freezing Water Port, I can safely enter the dungeon instance at least.

At least I don’t need to worry that the entire Freezing Water Port will be set ablaze after coming out of the dungeon instance.

And… I got to deal with Roseburg too.

Annan squinted his eyes slightly.

He thought that he still got to pretend to be angry at this time.

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