The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 10: The Upright Last Hit

Chapter 10: The Upright Last Hit

He didn’t wait for the old housekeeper to scramble and escape, nor wait for the guard captain to come and rescue him.

Benjamin, who realized that someone wanted to murder him, immediately retaliated in anger!

He raised his right hand and pointed his empty palm at the old housekeeper.

The ring on his right hand gleamed with pure white light.

These lights flowed out of the ring like living things, crawling and squirming on his skin, forming an eye-like pattern in his palm.

There were no light rays or light cannons, but the old housekeeper suddenly let out a miserable scream, and the whole person froze.


Amidst the wail, he maintained a distorted and painful posture lying on the ground. The whole person turned into a crystal-like blood-colored ice sculpture.

The victim was not frozen to death or covered with ice.

It was more like the person turned into a red icicle.

But there was no frost trace on the floor in front of the old housekeeper.

After freezing the old housekeeper alive, Benjamin did not relax.

He squeezed his right hand. The ice sculpture transformed from the old housekeeper suddenly shattered with its pieces shooting out in all directions!

The guard captain, who had been cautiously backing with a sword, was alerted after witnessing this attack. He did not dare to underestimate the wizard. He immediately jumped back and landed on the back end of the ship. Then, he quickly grabbed a guard, utilizing the guard as a meat shield in front of him.

The oncoming bloody ice needles pierced the guard immediately, turning him into a hedgehog. The guards who were eating on both sides were caught off guard by Benjamin’s ice needles too.

As soon as these ice needles impacted someone, they immediately melted and sank into his body. Within two or three seconds, dense cobweb-like black stripes appeared on his skin. The guard captain threw the corpse into the sea without hesitation.

It didn’t take long for the other guards who the blood ice had injured to freeze with black net-like patterns oozing out of their skin.

Benjamin coldly opened his tightly gripped right hand.

The pupils of the guard captain shrank slightly. He jumped high in the air—

In the next second, the guards whose skin was covered with black lines exploded in an instant.

A dark purple flame burst out of them, instantly engulfing anyone close enough to them.

From the body burned to death by this flame, dense black smoke burst out like tiny mosquitoes. The black smoke gathered in the air, forming a massive hand and attacking the guard captain.

“…The Alteration School.”

Seeing this terrifying attack, the guard captain’s expression relaxed.

Indeed, the alteration school was the wizard school that was least afraid of facing a crowd.

Whether it was human beings, animals, plants, gems, or cursed objects, the Alteration School would be able to leverage them and alter them. These entities would be continuously transformed into their power. Before they were eroded to the limit by the curse or their transformation was interrupted, the chain reaction had no limits.

But in the same way, the alteration school was the school with the fewest instant spells.

Their place belonged to the battlefield or laboratory.

Indeed, the mysterious power Benjamin used was just an active ability he got from curse binding.

In front of Klaus, a Silver Rank Melee Fighter, Benjamin had no room to cast spells.

Because he still had to protect Don Juan.

On the other hand, Klaus had no scruples.

Klaus’s previous panic expression had gradually calmed down.

As Klaus jumped to the highest point he could reach in the air, he had already wielded the long sword in his hand.

The silver hit of Klau’s long sword shone brightly; some light streams that were dimmer than Benjamin’s light trace flew out of it and imprinted on the back of his hand, fingers, and sword edge.

In the next moment, he was like gravity being reversed, changing direction easily in the air. He ran wildly on an invisible slide like a sonic hedgehog with his speed soaring!

“Windrunner? You’re a Windrunner who transferred his occupation into a swordsman.”

When the old man noticed this, he sneered softly, “A layman Transcended…”

He still didn’t cast spells.

He was just staring at Klaus calmly while turning the ring on his right hand.

“I’m here to cast my curse binding-”

He chanted softly. If Annan was not behind him, he could not hear what the old wizard was muttering at all,

“First, I will never take a step back in this battle!”

The old wizard’s voice fell. An illusory rune appeared before his eyes and then disappeared.

He continued to chant, “Secondly, I will give up using spells in this battle!”

After he finished speaking, he twisted the ring back again.

At this time, Klaus was still running freely in the air at a rapid speed!

The black smoke cloud chasing behind Klaus almost reached him, but he soon threw the cloud behind him. As Klaus flew, the air around him gradually became blurred.

After accelerating a few more laps, he ran to a high point. Then, he began to dive toward the ship floating on the sea-

The old wizard squinted at him and bluntly opened his right finger towards Klaus.

Are you catching up to me?

But, it’s already too late!

Klaus was in ecstasy and high spirits.

He had remembered the old wizard’s abilities.

“Inferior Crimson Crystal” was a must-have ability for wizards in Alteration School. Its typical lock-on time was four seconds. Benjamin accelerated it to one and a half seconds. The unrecognized ability behind Klaus needed the Inferior Crimson Crystal as a medium before it could be released in the air.

Moreover, he could activate it in one-fifth of a second.


It was like the sound of a leather wallet falling to the ground.

In front of the old wizard, an illusory barrier suddenly appeared. It collided with the swooping Klaus!

The barrier was instantly cracked, but Klaus’s forward charge was stopped!

Klaus was bounced away mercilessly, flying out for a distance.

In less than a second, the “Inferior Red Crystal” had quickly locked on the enemy.

The curse binding of “Give up using spells in this battle” offered Sir Benjamin the temporary ability – [Efficiency Enhancement]!

It was the ability to speed up the abilities’ efficiency!


Like the old housekeeper, Klaus immediately wailed in pain.

He fell directly to the ground; blood-dyed crystals appeared on his left arm and right cheek.

The crystallizing speed on him was much slower than that of the old butler. At least he could resist after falling to the ground-

As this process continued, Annan, who was hiding behind the old wizard, finally saw the model of this ability:

In Benjamin’s palm, there was a slender and illusory tube like a blood vessel. One end was connected to Klaus, and the other end was submerged in the “eye” pattern in the old wizard’s palm.

As if noticed that Annan was peeping, the “eye” pattern moved a bit!

Its eyeball that was initially in the center suddenly shifted to the left.

It was like squinting at Annan!

But, Annan didn’t have the slightest fear.

He just stared back.

What are you looking at?

Perhaps he noticed John’s gaze, or perhaps the pattern on his palm told him something, the old wizard – Benjamin tilted his head slightly and nodded kindly to Annan.

“Don’t go there, little John. Be careful.”

Seeing Annan as if going forward, the old wizard stopped him mercilessly, “Klaus is just acting. He hasn’t lost his combat power.”

“This bit of pain can’t compare to the severe pain during the rank advancement stage. If he could lose his resistance in pain, he would have lost control during the rank advancement stage.”

Hearing this, Klaus, who was crying painfully and lying on the floor, stopped abruptly.

He raised his head, stared at John, and raised from the floor slowly. His left eye had crystallized, while his right eye was bloodshot with anger.

“You betrayed Don Juan first, and then you betrayed me! You are a more shameful betrayer than me, John!

“Do you think you will be better off? You are also a traitor, a spy sent by Chilly Austere’s Grand Duke! If I am dead, you will die too!”

Klaus snarled in a low voice, the muscles on his back twitching and bulging abnormally.

As if rib cages were growing on his back, a small wing made of bones slowly protruded from his back.

Upon seeing this, the old wizard’s face suddenly changed.

He glanced at Annan and immediately changed his words, “Don Juan, kill him! Use the frost spell I taught you. I will help you control him!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his open right hand suddenly clenched. The bright red spar suddenly pierced Klaus’s joints, turned awkwardly in the air, and nailed it to the deck like a crab.

“What is this?”

Annan raised the unsheathed sword and asked curiously.

The anxious old wizard replied while sweating profusely, “Don’t ask and retreat! Don’t get in contact with him via a weapon!”

After receiving the order, Don Juan immediately opened his right hand. The bronze ring shone with a faint brilliance. He said quickly in an unknown language,

“The freeze element, the structure of the line, the frost is the wheel, the flesh is the path.”

He raised his right hand with his five fingers connected into a circle. An icy blue magic circle appeared at his fingertips. Azure blue lines intertwined each other with an azure blue halo condensed in it.

Don Juan threw it out with force.

When the halo flew out, it quickly grew bigger in the air, turning into a massive frost wheel that was as tall as one person.

The frost wheel was without material existence but a hollow and gorgeous shape composed of azure blue rays of light. It shone mysteriously.

It landed on the deck without any reaction, just rolled forward quickly. But when it hit Klaus, it left a horrible and canine bite-like frost mark.

But, it couldn’t freeze the guard captain. The situation was getting worse.

The guard captain only applied a little force, and the thin ice covering him broke apart.

Is the spell cast at a distance too weak?

“The freeze element-”

Don Juan’s face turned pale. He ran over with the courage while chanting again.

But before he finished chanting, he was interrupted by Annan’s tugging.

“Do we have to use ice?”

“Yes, using the sword is useless!”

Don Juan noticed that his spellcasting was interrupted by Annan. He didn’t bother blaming Annan. He just jumped on the spot a little bit in a panic before rushing forward quickly. At the same time, he chanted again, “The freeze element- ”

His chanting stopped again, and his footsteps slowly stopped.

This time, it wasn’t that he was interrupted by Annan again.

But he was stunned,

“John” didn’t hesitate to make three sword attacks forward without any fancy move. It was as simple as cupping one’s hands like a New Year greeting.

However, three frost marks flew out of thin air and were engraved on Klaus.

Then, a surging cold breath burst out, instantly covering the guard captain’s body. It froze the guard captain directly. Only the aftermath pushed Don Juan back, causing him to stagger and sit on the ground.

Klaus’s mutation was, therefore, interrupted. He maintained his posture while losing all signs of vitality.

The old man also raised his eyebrows and looked at “John,” baffled.

It is the legendary Frost Sword-

Don Juan instantly recognized that it was the enemy duke family’s iconic ability.

But the old wizard Benjamin knew more than Don Juan.

This was not the chill capable of freezing the flesh.

But the harsh winter frost capable of freezing the soul.

The high-ranking swordsmanship was handed down from the Frost Sword Sanctuary three hundred years ago. This sword ability wasn’t named before the owner’s death. The descendants called it “Frost Sword.”

It contained the already solidified frost elements and a strong curse that only Chilly Austere’s Grand Duke’s direct bloodline could suppress. It was the Frost Sword passed down from generation to generation.

Its real meaning was that it was equivalent to the Grand Duke’s inheritance right. Only by succeeding Chilly Austere Sword could you get the full version of Frost Sword.

Why did John use this ability?

Or…Am I in someone’s nightmare now?

But just when the old wizard was going to ask John in detail, John had disappeared.

The next moment, the whole world became still.

Then, the world was suddenly cracked, shattered, and melted silently.

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