The Rich Young Lady Destroyed Her Dream Girl Script

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Enchantment Failed, Xi Yan Gets Back Up On His Feet

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Fortunately, it’s not difficult to guess his mood.

“Everyone has things that they are good at, so why do you have to compare yourself to others? You’re the one and only you!” Chen Xiangxiang smiled as she looked at Xi Yan with a sincere gaze. “I think you’re very good. You’re kind-hearted and generous, and you don’t care about trifles. You’re a man of indomitable spirit.”

Xi Yan felt dizzy from being praised and scratched his head. “Really? I’m not as good as what you say.”

“If you’re not good, Wang Zinan wouldn’t admire you this much, right?” Chen Xiangxiang joked.

Wang Zinan was the girl that Xi Yan always had a crush on. She was beautiful and had good grades. Although she wasn’t born into a wealthy family, she had always been self-reliant. She was like a goddess in Xi Yan’s heart, so the filter he had towards Wang Zinan was a little over the top. Thus, when he heard this, his mood improved a lot.

“Does Zinan really admire me a lot?” Xi Yan scratched his head, feeling a little embarrassed. How am I worthy of such a wonderful girl like Zinan?

“It’s true.” Chen Xiangxiang’s tone was very serious and firm. “Academic results don’t represent everything. I believe that you can succeed even without studying, so you don’t have to care so much about your academic results…”

“I’m sorry, but he has to care.” Yan Xi’s voice suddenly sounded beside her ear, scaring Chen Xiangxiang.

“Sister Yanyan, why are you here?” Chen Xiangxiang stood up naturally. “Are you here to look for Brother Xiyan?”

“System, why didn’t you remind me that Yan Xi was coming?” Chen Xiangxiang criticized the system in her mind.

However, the system seemed as though it had crashed, and there was no response.

“Since academic results don’t mean anything, why did you study so hard?” Yan Xi didn’t expect to see Chen Xiangxiang comforting Xi Yan when she came over, but the words that Chen Xiangxiang said surprised her a little.

According to the description in the novel, Chen Xiangxiang takes her academic results very seriously. And even after she entered the entertainment industry, she still insisted on studying and she even got enrolled into Beijing University.

Later on, she even relied on her top student persona to gain countless fans.

Yet now she’s actually persuading others not to care about their academic results?

Chen Xiangxiang looked a little embarrassed. “Sister Yanyan, you can’t generalize this matter. I…”

Yan Xi didn’t intend to listen to her explanation at all. She turned her head to look at Xi Yan and smiled. “Big Brother, let’s go. We’re going to the express class.”

Xi Yan was dumbfounded for a moment. “The express class? Wait, what do you mean?”

“I meant it literally. Miss Ye Qing is the teacher in charge of the express class, and she has already agreed to accept you into her class. Will you be willing to give up this opportunity?” Yan Xi smiled as she spoke.

Her smile was warm, firm, calm, and faintly encouraging.

Xi Yan shook his head. As if the clouds had parted and the sun had appeared, the unhappiness that he had just suppressed in his heart had instantly disappeared.

“No, I won’t give up this opportunity!”

That’s the top class in the entire Shengyang High School!

Only a fool would give up such a good opportunity!

At this moment, Xi Yan couldn’t be bothered with Chen Xiangxiang. He carried his bag happily and said, “Yanyan, let’s go there right now. By the way, I still have some things left behind in the international class. I have to go get it!”

Regardless of anything, the fact that the express class was willing to accept him was already something to be happy about.

Liu Yusheng has always been sarcastic to me, and this time, he even chased me out of the class without any explanation! Who knows how the situation is being spread about in class? Most of them are probably saying that I’m trash and that I’m embarrassing. I have to go back and tell everyone that it’s not that the international class doesn’t want me, but instead I’m the one who doesn’t want to stay in the international class anymore!

Yan Xi followed behind him and left calmly and firmly.

She didn’t even look at Chen Xiangxiang once.

Chen Xiangxiang bit her lower lip, and panic flashed across her eyes. She tried her best to call out to the system, but it only responded when she left the Plum Garden.

“What exactly is wrong with you?” Chen Xiangxiang’s heart was burning with anger. “Why did you screw up at such a critical moment? Also, what’s wrong with your ‘Beauty’s Fragrance’ power? Why wasn’t it effective?”

This was what made Chen Xiangxiang extremely angry. This one-time use item cost me 1,000 points, but it had no effect at all!

The system’s mechanical voice was cold. “… The effect of ‘Beauty’s Fragrance’ has already been used, and there is no problem with it. But if it is applied to someone with a firm stand, the effect will be greatly reduced.”

Chen Xiangxiang quickly calmed down.

So basically, the effect of such bewitching things is just mediocre.

If Yan Xi didn’t rush over, I would have almost succeeded!

Looking at Xi Yan’s unchanged favorability score, Chen Xiangxiang couldn’t help feeling annoyed.

Besides, why are Yan Xi and Xi Yan going to the express class?! Is Ye Qing’s brain damaged? Or did the Yan family do something?

“Mr Liu, sorry for disturbing your lesson, but I’m here to get my things.” When Xi Yan rushed to the international class, there were still a few minutes before the lesson ended. He knocked on the door and walked in with a neither servile nor overbearing attitude.

“I’m going to the express class, and speaking of which, I really have to thank you for your guidance in the past two years plus, Mr Liu. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been chosen by Miss Ye.” Xi Yan grinned, and his smile was a little bright.

Yes, I do want to show this off, because I’m just that straightforward and superficial!

Liu Yusheng’s face was ashen.

The class was immediately in an uproar.

“Xi Yan is going to the express class?!”

“What’s going on? I thought he got into trouble and was persuaded by Mr Liu to quit school! Turns out he’s actually going to the express class!”

“Miss Ye is much stricter than Mr Liu. Moreover, she never cares about the wealth and power of her students’ families. Yet she actually agreed to accept Xi Yan? Ah, this is just like a dream.”

“Who cares? I want to go to the express class too! Too bad Miss Ye didn’t take a liking to me!”

Xi Yan took his things and left as the other students looked at him with either envy or jealousy in their eyes.

Xi Yan’s vanity was greatly satisfied when the class monitor of the rocket class, Lu Yang, came over and said with a smile that he was here to help Xi Yan move his things.

Xi Yan didn’t have that many things, but Lu Yang’s arrival undoubtedly made his acceptance into the express class more realistic.

At this point, Liu Yusheng’s face was already as black as ink.

In the express class, the learning atmosphere had always been tense and serious.

When Yan Xi and Xi Yan followed Ye Qing up to the podium, many people had yet to understand the situation.

“Everyone, take some time to listen to what I’ll be saying next.” Ye Qing knocked her finger on the podium. After everyone had looked over, she smiled and said, “There are two students who will be joining our class starting today. Everyone, please clap and welcome them!”

Everyone was extremely surprised.

Shengyang High School does indeed have a system where the students are separated according to their performance in school. But in order not to affect our mentality during the second semester of our senior year, there basically wouldn’t be any changes in our class arrangements until we graduate.

The disadvantages of changing classes or schools at this time actually outweigh the benefits of doing so!

We do know who the boy standing on the podium is, but who’s that girl?

She’s so tall, and her figure is also very well-proportioned. Moreover, she’s wearing a red floral dress that complements her fair skin and beautiful eyes. She’s so beautiful!

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