The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL]

Chapter 861: WHO SHARES WHIChapter SUITE?

Chapter 861: WHO SHARES WHIChapter SUITE?

LUO YAN looked around the hotel. On the way here, he was already amazed by the sceneries they passed by. He was already aware of how beautiful the mountains here was. But seeing it after so long, he couldn’t help but feel that these mountains looked even more beautiful.

Once they entered the hotel, the manager quickly welcomed them. As if he already knew they were coming. Perhaps, he really did. After all, Luo Yan’s father was not really an ordinary man. Even if the other’s secretary was the one who made the reservation, he still had to use his father’s name. In that way, there’s no chance that the manager wouldn’t know who their hotel’s VIP guest was.

“President Luo, welcome to our humble hotel,” the manager said. “Are these the young masters? As expected of President Luo’s sons, they are all handsome like their father.”

The natural coldness around Luo Wei Tian subsided a bit and he showed a proud expression on his face. He didn’t even mind that Shen Ji Yun was mistaken as his son as well. What’s important was that the other said that his sons took after him. Which father wouldn’t be happy hearing that?

He cleared his throat. “Show us to our suites.”

“Of course. This way, please,” the manager said, leading the way.

The five followed him to the elevator. Arriving at the floor of their suites, the manager started to introduce the presidential suites to them.

“The two suites are next to each other as you have requested. They both have balconies that overlooked the mountains and the surrounding river. It has three rooms each, all have their own bathrooms. Both also has a shared living room and a kitchen. Everything you might want for a comfortable stay is there.”

Luo Yan raised one of his brows. This manager would probably make a pretty good salesperson.

“Here we are,” the manager said, stopping in front of the suite door. “Your other suite is the one at the left. Here are your room cards.” He handed two cards to Luo Wei Tian. “Your luggage will be brought shortly here. There’s a restaurant at the first floor. If you want to eat in your suites, you can call for room service. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay.”

After showing a very professional smile, the manager bid goodbye and left.

“Dad, can I share a suite with Brother Ji Yun?” Luo Yan asked, acting all spoiled.

If it was any other boy his age, people might see him as annoying. But because of his pretty face, everyone would just think of him as adorable.

Both Luo Ren and Luo Jin looked at their brother. They just told him to be careful of their father noticing something and yet here he was being too obvious. Luo Ren shook his head. He couldn’t even feel annoyed. Luo Jin, on the other hand, was doing his best not to shout ‘no’. He could only bite his inner cheek to stop himself.

In contrast, Shen Ji Yun was celebrating inside. If he could jump in joy, he would have already. He was only wishing that he could share a suite with Luo Yan. He didn’t expect that the other would suggest that himself. Really, how come their brain waves seemed to be very connected since yesterday?

His mind was already drawing a lot of ideas. By hook or by crook, he would definitely confess tonight.

“Then, the three of us will share this suite,” Luo Wei Tian said, referring to the suite in front of them.

The plans Shen Ji Yun had in mind just stopped the moment he heard that.

Contrary to him, Luo Jin just celebrated what his father said. “I think that’s a very good idea.”

“I agree,” Luo Ren said, taking the card room for the other suite.

Luo Yan looked at his brothers and his ‘uncooperative’ father and could only sigh inwardly. He turned to Shen Ji Yun. Although his face was still expressionless, he could still tell from the other’s eyes that he was at a lost.

[Sorry, Brother Ji Yun. I already did my best.]

[S City]

Shen Yi Mu stepped on the pedal of the car he’s driving. He didn’t care if he went over the speed limit. He just wanted to arrive at his destination at the fastest speed.

After that call he had with the private detective, he quickly drove to the destination the other told him about. It was a good thing that he had already rented a car beforehand.

From that call, the detective told him that Jiang Yue was working as a school counselor at Guizu Academy. He was really surprised when he heard that. After all, Jiang Yue’s major wasn’t exactly related to being a counselor. Could he had taken another major in the seven years that they separated?

No, the reason didn’t really matter. What’s more important right now was that he finally knew where his Ah Yue was staying in this city. According to the detective, Jiang Yue was staying at the dormitory provided to the faculties of Guizu Academy. It was located near the school. So, that’s where he’s going.

The closer he was to the mark on the GPS system of the car, the faster his heart beat. He wasn’t sure if it was because of excitement or because of nervousness. The only fact he knew was that he wanted to see his Ah Yue. So, so much. The sooner he got there, the better.

After a few minutes, he finally arrived at his destination. He parked the car and got out. He looked at the building in front. The person he’d been wanting to see for the past seven years was just a couple of steps away.

He clenched and unclenched his fists, trying to calm his rioting heart. If he didn’t calm down now, he might not be able to say everything he wanted to say. He didn’t want to fumble at such an important event.

Shen Yi Mu took a deep breath and then walked towards the building.

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