The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL]



“YAN you–”

Luo Jin stopped whatever he’s about to say the moment he opened the door of his brother’s room. Because there, inside, he saw Luo Yan and Shen Ji Yun holding hands. He narrowed his eyes at the hands of the two clasped together. Then he raised his head and looked at the two.

After he got ready and walked down from his room, he was about to go to the kitchen when he heard from the maids that a guest of Luo Yan came and they went to his brother’s room. The moment he heard that, he quickly walked here. And lo and behold, this was the scene that welcomed him.

And right now, even after he caught them in the act, they weren’t even fazed! Or rather, his brother was not fazed while Shen Ji Yun was frozen between blushing and being surprised.

Luo Yan smiled at his younger brother. “Oh, good morning, Ah Jin!”

“Really, Yan? You’re not even going to let go?” Luo Jin asked in an obvious annoyed tone.

“I’m helping Brother Ji Yun remove his gloves. I don’t think there’s something wrong with that,” Luo Yan said, blinking his eyes innocently at his brother. To prove that, he also removed Shen Ji Yun’s other glove. Then, he put both gloves on his study table. “Brother Ji Yun, you can remove your coat. I’ll hang it here first. You can also leave your bag here. You can get it later before we leave.”

Shen Ji Yun, who finally came to his senses, nodded mechanically. He put down his bag on the nearby chair. Then, removed his coat and gave it to Luo Yan. The other then walked to an adjoining door that seemed to be a walk-in closet.

And so, he and Luo Jin were left there.

“You really are getting bolder and bolder with your actions,” Luo Jin said snidely.

Shen Ji Yun looked at the other. “I don’t know what you mean.”

Luo Jin scoffed. “Yeah, right.”

Luo Yan walked out of the walk-in closet then. He had also removed his coat, as well as the scarf Shen Ji Yun gave him. “Let’s go.”

He said to the two then he pulled both out of his room. As they walked near the living room, they saw Luo Ren climbing down the stairs.

“Good morning, Brother!” Luo Yan greeted.

“Good… morning?” Luo Ren said, his intonation changed at the end the moment he saw Shen Ji Yun. “You’re here early.”

“Good morning.” – Shen Ji Yun’s only response.

“Brother Ji Yun, can you stay here for a sec?” Luo Yan said before pulling Luo Jin up the stairs.

“Wait, Yan–”

Then, when they reached their older brother, Luo Yan pulled him up as well. “You too, Brother.”

The moment they arrived at the second floor, he pulled them to the nearest room and closed it.

“Okay. What is this all about?” Luo Ren asked, a bit confused as to what was happening.

“Yeah, why pull us here?” Luo Jin seconded.

Luo Yan smiled at the two. “My dear brothers, before we go on this trip, let me tell you something first.”

Luo Jin had a bad feeling seeing that smile. Sure enough, that was confirmed by the next words Luo Yan said.

“Please don’t be too antagonistic towards Brother Ji Yun during this trip. I’m not asking you to be friendly, just don’t stop him from getting close to me.”

Luo Ren raised his brow when he heard that. “In short, you’re asking us to let you be?”

“No way!” Luo Jin said almost at the same time.

Luo Yan turned to Luo Jin. “Why?”

Luo Jin was baffled by the question. “Just- just–”

“Ah Jin, didn’t you and Brother already make a promise to me? To not get in the way of my relationship with Brother Ji Yun. Are you going to break that promise?”

“That- that’s before I found out that he’s a total player!” Luo Jin quickly reasoned out.

Luo Yan, even Luo Ren, both looked at their youngest brother with a funny expression.

“Ah Jin, are we talking about the same person?” Luo Yan asked.

“Even I think that’s a complete reach,” Luo Ren added.

Luo Jin’s face turned complete red like a boiled shrimp. He turned to Luo Ren. “Brother, you’re supposed to be on my side!”

“Sorry, Xiao Jin. If that guy is actually a player, then I’d be a playboy who has a hundred girlfriends all at the same time,” Luo Ren said looking at his brother as if he’s an idiot. “That guy just isn’t capable of that.”

“Ah Jin, don’t hate on Brother Ji Yun just because you don’t want me to be with him. If it’s not him, it could be anyone else. At least with Brother Ji Yun, you know he’s a good person. Really good person,” Luo Yan said. “Or do you just not want me to be with anyone else?”

Luo Jin bit his lower lip. He really felt like a stupid kid right now. They already had this conversation. But they’re having this conversation again because, deep inside, he’s still very against the relationship of Luo Yan and Shen Ji Yun.

He might have agreed at first when Luo Yan asked. But that’s because he couldn’t find a reason to refuse. So, the moment he found an opening, he quickly grabbed a hold of that and adamantly refused to let go.

The only thing he knew to do was be antagonistic. If he was being objective, he would see that there’s nothing completely wrong with Shen Ji Yun. Aside from the gender. But even that could be ignored as long as he could make Luo Yan happy. Still, he couldn’t bring himself to agree with this relationship or even like Shen Ji Yun.

“Do you know what Brother Ji Yun gave me for my birthday? A hand-sewn stuff toy that he sewed himself,” Luo Yan added, a soft smile unconsciously appeared on his face. “He loves me, you know? I believe there’s nothing more important than that.”

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