The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL]


LUO YAN stared at the three tall people standing around his hospital bed. Thinking that these three were his new family, his peach blossom shaped eyes brightened. Because if they were related, then that meant this body would not remain a dwarf. This body being so small for his age was only the result of him being in a coma for too long. Once he's done with physical therapy and got back to full health, he would definitely have a growth spurt. Then he wouldn't look like a pretty shota who looked like an easy target for perverts.

Luo Wei Tian stared down at his second son. Xiao Yan's face was thin, his cheeks sunken. One could really see the effects of the seven year coma on him. But his bright and clear eyes were still the same as that day. The day he lost a part of his heart - his wife. And now looking at this son of his who looked exactly like his wife, he felt like his heart was being gripped by something.

"Xiao Yan, welcome back," he said, his gaze soft and full of emotion.

Luo Yan turned to the older man. Seeing the way he looked at him, he suddenly remembered that little snnipet of memory the original owner had. This cold looking man was gazing down at him with the same soft expression. And to Luo Yan's surprise, he felt a sudden burst of emotion and the need to just cry his heart out. There was a voice inside him that just wanted to call out to the man.


Luo Yan blinked and then turned his head away. His gaze colliding with the other two younger men. Then a memory flashed inside his head again. A teenage kid smiling down at him and a young boy clinging to him. Luo Yan felt the same kind of emotion again.

[Older Brother Ren... Ah Jin...]

He immediately gazed down. What the heck was happening? Was this the residual feeling of the original owner?

"Is there something wrong, Yan Yan?" the one who he could only assume as his older brother asked worriedly.

Luo Wei Tian turned to the old doctor. "Doctor, how is my son's condition right now?"

"President Luo, I think it's more appropriate to have this discussion in my office. If you could come with me, please," Doctor Han said. This was the first time he had seen the always cold president this emotional. But he guessed this reaction was only natural. After all, they've been waiting a long time for the second young master Luo to wake up.

Luo Wei Tian nodded but before he followed the doctor, he turned to Xiao Yan and gently stroke his head. "Welcome back, Xiao Yan."

Then he followed the old doctor out of the hospital room.

"Yan Yan, do you want water? Anything? Brother will give it to you," his older brother, whose name was probably 'Luo Ren', said. He tried to smile but it only looked unnatural, a sign that he wasn't really used to smiling.

Luo Yan shook his head.

"This is probably weird to you, seeing us like this. Especially Xiao Jin. You might not have even recognized him." Luo Ren turned to his youngest brother who's frowning and looked like he doesn't want to be here. "Xiao Jin talk to Yan Yan."

Luo Jin only snorted.

"I... c-couldn't remember... a-anything," Luo Yan slowly said.

"What do you mean you couldn't remember?" Luo Jin said, almost snarling.

"Luo Jin, stop." Luo Ren sat on the side of Luo Yan's bed. "You don't remember us?" he asked, a sad glint in his eyes.

Luo Yan shook his head.

Luo Jin cursed and then strode out of there.


At Doctor Han's office...

"President Luo, second young master currently has amnesia. If it's permanent or only temporary, time could only tell. But the good news is, his brain activity is pretty normal. With a seven year coma like this, having a normal brain activity is already miraculous. Having an amnesia is better than having a speech or motor problems. Or worse, being paralyzed," Doctor Han said.

When Luo Wei Tian heard that Xiao Yan had amnesia he felt like his gut was punched. No wonder he looked at them earlier as if he didn't recognize any of them. But Doctor Han was right. There were things much worse than having an amnesia.

"Young Master Luo needs to undergo physical therapy. He also needs a strict diet so he could have a much healthier body. Aside from that, all his bodily functions seem to be working normally. A sign that he was properly taken care of during these past seven years," the doctor added.

"I understand. Thank you, Doctor," Luo Wei Tian said. He was already thinking of looking for the best therapist and dietician for his son.

He stood up. Even if Luo Yan didn't remember anything, that was fine. What's important was he woke up and he could live a normal life again. Luo Wei Tian would do anything for that to happen. Because he's not only his son. He was also one of the three wonderful treasures his wife left for him.

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