The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL]

Chapter 49 - ARENA FIGHT

SHEN JI YUN'S first reaction when he saw this white haired elf was to frown.  His first thought, undoubtedly, was that this moon elf somehow resembled that silly rabbit he met almost two weeks ago.  He then look at the big screen where the two players were shown.  So he could clearly see the face of the elf and not just make assumptions of his own.

But seeing that beautiful face enlarged on the screen only strenghtened his thoughts that this moon elf really did resemble the silly rabbit.  No, not only resemble, he looked like an older version of the rabbit.  Like if the rabbit grew up one day, this was how he would look like.  Replaced the white hair with black hair, the blue eyes with black eyes, made him shorter, and what you would see was the rabbit.

Shen Ji Yun clearly remembered that when he met the rabbit, he was asking about Arcadia.  Then a few days later, after the new update, this player - Noctis - appeared who remarkably resembled the rabbit.  Was that all just a coincidence?  Or was this moon elf really that silly rabbit?

"Waa... how pretty!  I thought my friend was just exagerating it when she told me about this white haired elf earlier.  But it turns out that she's absolutely right."  He heard a nearby female player said.

"But don't you think he's just too pretty to be a guy?  Maybe he's really a girl who just chose to play as a boy.  You know there's a number of player who do that," said another.

"What are you saying?  He's simply too handsome to be a girl.  In other words, that kind of beauty simply transcends gender.  No matter if he's a boy or a girl, he'll still be a beauty!" replied the original initiator of the conversation.

Shen Ji Yun's attention was not on what the player last said but on what the other one said - about the possibility of the moon elf being a girl.  Could this be the rabbit's sister?  

But before he could think more, the screen suddenly changed, showing the basic information of the two players.  He didn't care about the information of the other player.  All his focus was on the moon elf.


Race: Moon Elf 

Class: -----

Level: 15

There was a buzz in the crowd when they saw that information.

"Moon elf?  Is that a new race of elves?"

"Hey, haven't you read the announcement after the new update was released?  They said that a number of 'special races' would be added on the random selection.  Maybe this moon elf is one of those 'special races'."

"Wait- he still doesn't have a class.  His opponent is even four levels higher than him!  Wouldn't this just be a unilateral beating?"

"Oh no, who could bear to beat up that face?"

"It would not necessarily be a unilateral beating.  Maybe this moon elf is not just a vase and has some real skill."

But most of the opinion of the audience was the opposite.  In that, the moon elf would lose.  Of course, the swordsman had the same opinion.

Seeing that 'moon elf' on the race part, the swordsman's dislike towards this guy just intensified.  But when he saw the blank space on the class part, he sneered.  Then after seeing his level, the swordsman was just overjoyed.  How could this guy accept his challenge when he didn't have a class yet?  Was he just simply stupid?  Or maybe he's just too overconfident?  

Whatever the case, the swordsman would gladly fight him with all his might.  Making him lose in front of these people.  He would make sure that after this fight, this guy wouldn't have the courage to appear in front of other players.  He looked at the moon elf and showed a smile full of malice.

Luo Yan was not aware of the current brain circuit of his opponent.  But even if he was, he wouldn't care.  He would probably even laugh.  He wasn't interested in making this battle a long fight.  In fact, he wanted to end this as soon as possible.  It's already time for their dinner.  Dinner, also breakfast, was family time in the Luo household.  So he didn't want to miss it just because of this challenge. 

But how should he quickly end this?  This guy obviously had a higher level than him, so he couldn't simply overpowered him that easily.  Ah!  Should he test run his unique skill here?  It would be perfect for a situation like this.  And since there was practically no information out there about moon elves, he would have the element of surprise.  

He looked down at the feet of the swordsman.  And when he saw the player's shadow, he smiled.  [Yes, let's do that.]  

A countdown on the screen started.  3... 2... 1... Start!

The swordsman dashed forward but at the same time, the moon elf also moved.  The swordsman snorted and was planning to use one of his skills when the moon elf suddenly disappeared.  The swordsman suddenly lost his momentum.  He turned back but didn't see the elf.  When he tried to look around, he suddenly felt two deep slash behind his back.  His HP was immediately depleted.

It was not that big of an attack so he managed to quickly turn around to attack back.  But no one was there.  Then he felt his back being attacked again.  His HP decreasing again.  He could feel a vein on his forehead popping because of too much anger.

"Coward!  Stop hiding and show yourself!"

But no one answered him.  And this situation continued until only a third of his HP was left.  He couldn't drink any red potion because drinking any kind of potion was forbidden in the Arena.  It had only been five minutes since the fight started and he was already on the losing end.  No, that guy must definitely be cheating!

"I said show yourself!"

"Here I am," said a voice from behind then another attack landed.

He turned around and attacked no matter if there was someone there or not.  But this time, the elf was there.  He smiled at him before attacking him head on.  He raised his sword to defend against the two daggers of the elf, but the swordsman was still pushed back.

At the audience area...

"Did you see that?  That Noctis guy just went in and out of that swordsman's shadow!"

"Is that a skill?  But wait- he still doesn't have any class right?"

"Maybe it's a unique skill for the moon elves race."

"Whatever it is, this guy is actually pretty good."

"Yeah.  I won't be surprise if he manage to win."

Hearing these compliments for his second brother, Luo Jin was, of course, very proud.  With a smug smile on his face, he pushed out his little chest and wanted to shout to everyone that the player they're complimenting was his brother.  He was actually pretty annoyed and worried earlier.  But seeing how his brother was beating that jerk's ass with no problem, he realized how unfounded his worry was.  Maybe, starting from now, he should trust his brother's ability more.  Because, just like what his brother often said, he's really good at this game.

Unlike the other members of the audience, Shen Ji Yun's focus was not on the way this Noctis jumped in and out of his opponent's shadow.  It was the way he fought.  He had no extra movements.  All his attacks were decisive and almost flawless.  It was almost as if this was not first time he encountered a battle like this.  Could this be something a beginner could do?

The rabbit's face suddenly appeared in his mind - that big peach blossom eyes, those pink tinge lips, the innocence he simply exuded.  No, the more accurate question was if that silly rabbit was capable of this level of battle sense.

Now Shen Ji Yun was even more confused.  It looked like his questions could only be answered once he talked with this Noctis.

The fight on the stage was still continuing.  But it was obvious to all that it already became too one-sided.  The moon elf was constantly attacking while the swordsman could only defend.

It was easy for Luo Yan to slowly deplete the opponent's HP.  It was because this guy just kept on commmitting low level mistakes.  He was probably too angry that his brain was not functioning well anymore.  So, to anger him even further, Luo Yan kept smiling sweetly at him while attacking him non-stop.

Luo Yan was right, the swordsman was indeed full of anger right now.  He was so angry that if this was happening in real life, his blood pressure would have probably already spiked.  He wanted to attack but he couldn't even see a single opening.  So all he could do was defend.  Which he also couldn't do properly.

And then, the elf suddenly jumped away from him.

"What, don't tell me you're tired already?" he mocked and was planning to attack.  Maybe this time he could hack this elf to pieces.

"No, it's because you already lost."


He glanced at his HP and saw that it was already 0.  Then suddenly, everything turned black.

The big screen above announced the player Noctis as the winner.  And the crowd at the Arena just went wild.

Luo Yan glanced back at where Luo Jin was and made a victory sign.  Luo Jin also gave him a thumbs up.  He gestured that he's going to log out, Luo Jin nodded.

Shen Ji Yun was planning to walk towards the moon elf when he saw him disappearing on the stage, a sign that he just logged out.  Shen Ji Yun was frozen in place and his handsome face was suddenly filled with black lines.

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