The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL]


LUO YAN spent the whole afternoon with his family.  He only managed to get back to the game after dinner.  He appeared on the exact spot where he logged out.  He noticed that the ugly tree already respawned.  He immediately ran to a safer area, away from the tree's attacking range.

Since he's already done with the Elder's task and the additional task, he decided to go back to the village.  He was actually quite excited to know what kind of rewards he would get.  On the way to the village, he killed monsters and continued to grind levels.  By the time he reached the village, he was already at level 12.  

He was just a few feet away from the entrance of the village when he noticed that the one standing beside the gate was not the same Gatekeeper he met when he left the village.  The one whose son was missing.  He looked at the floating name above the elf standing beside the gate.  It said, 'Temporary Gatekeeper'.

Luo Yan felt a bit of pity for the NPC.  The game developer didn't even bother to give him a name or even a proper title.    

He ran towards the gate and the NPC immediately noticed him.  "Noctis, you're back.  Did you already finish the task given by the Elder?"

"Yes.  I defeated the Blights."

"That's great.  The Elder would surely reward you handsomely."

"Where's the old Gatekeeper?" he thought of asking.

The temporary Gatekeeper sighed.  "He suddenly collapsed just after you left the village.  The Elder put him under the Healer's care and forbid him from leaving until he completely gets well.  He's been waiting here for his son for a month, never leaving.  It's no wonder he would collapse."

This conversation was probably happening because he triggered the hidden event.  If he didn't, then the old Gatekeeper would probably still be standing beside this gate.  Luo Yan should probably visit him after he talked to the Elder.  Then he should also proceed to talk to the other NPCs and asked them if they knew anything about Filli's disappearance.  A new round of conversation would probably ensue since he triggered the hidden event.

But for now, he would first get those rewards.  He said goodbye to the temporary Gatekeeper and entered the village.  He walked straight towards the Elder's yurt.  The NPC he first met - Ivan - was standing just outside the entrance of the yurt, like some kind of guard.  He announced Luo Yan's arrival and soon, he was allowed inside.

The beautiful and elegant Elder was still sitting in the middle of the room.  When he saw Luo Yan, a gentle smile appeared on his face and gestured for him to sit down.  Luo Yan obediently sat down opposite the Elder.

"Noctis, how was your trip outside the village?" the Elder asked.

"It was fine, Elder.  I had fun," he answered honestly.

"That's good.  Then I assume that everything went well?" 

Luo Yan nodded.  "I defeated 30 Blights and also destroyed its source.  From now on, Elder doesn't have to worry that a Blight invasion would occur in the forest."

The Elder smiled satisfactorily.  "I already expected as much.  After all, among the younger generation of moon elves, you always had the highest potential."

"Thank you, Elder."

"As a reward for defeating the Blights, this item shall be given to you."  After saying that, a small square wooden box suddenly appeared on the Elder's desk.  "And for getting rid of its source and preventing a Blight invasion, I'll add another item as your reward."  As if on cue, a slightly bigger squared parcel appeared beside the small square wooden box.

Luo Yan first opened the small wooden box.  Inside was a silver bracelet with beautiful and delicate flower engravings on it.  The flower was similar to the white flower scattered around the village.  He opened his Items Tab to look at its information.

Moonstone Bracelet

Rarity: A

- A bracelet made of moonstone - a mineral that could only be found at the Crescent Woodlands.  When a player wore it, it would automatically increase the player's Derived Stats by 5%.

- This wonderful item could also be upgraded.

This was actually a very good accesory.  Not to mention the effect it gave the player, it was also upgradable.  Which meant that the percentage increased on the Derived Stats could also increase.

Luo Yan then proceeded on opening the parcel.  Inside was some kind of clothing.  He picked it up and just only saw that it was actually a cloak.  It was thin and silvery white.  It actually almost looked transparent.  He checked its information on the Items Tab.

Invisibility Cloak

Rarity: S

- A cloak especially woven by the Elder of the moon elves.  Once a player wore it, they would automatically enter a state of invisibility.  They wouldn't be seen, heard, or smelled.  But beware, the effect of this cloak could only last for 10 minutes.  It could also only be used 3X a day and then it would need a 24 hour cooldown.

Wow.  This was also a very good item.  Now he was glad that he did the additional task.  This cloak would definitely come in handy during PvPs and perhaps, even boss raids.  

He immediately put the two items in his Items Tab.  It seemed like the Elder was very generous in his rewards.

"Thank you, Elder," he said smiling, he truly liked the two items he got.


= B City =

Two equally tall young men were walking on the street just outside T University.  Both were attracting attention from girls they passed by.  

One had the standard short black hair for men.  His face was bright and handsome.  All his actions seemed to be full of energy.  He had the image of a typical boy-next-door type.  The other one, on the other hand, seemed to be the total opposite.  He looked unapproachable.  As if anyone who tried would be immediately frozen by his cold blue eyes.  But people still couldn't help but want to get close.    

"I really think we should recruit new members.  Don't you think it's time our team join the tournament once again?" Bai Ze said.  And then he noticed that his companion was no longer walking beside him.  He glanced back and saw him staring at the window of some store.  "Ji Yun?"

Bai Ze walked back to see what Shen Ji Yun was staring intently at.  Then he saw that his friend was seriously staring at a cute white rabbit phone strap displayed on the window of the store.  It was wearing a pajama and hugging a big carrot.  Shen Ji Yun's stare was so intense, it almost felt like his gaze would dig a hole on the keychain.

"Ah... do you want to buy that phone strap?" Bai Ze asked.

"Um," Shen Ji Yun answered.  Because it looked like that silly rabbit he met a week ago.

And then he entered the store.

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