The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Returning the Money

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In the eyes of Yang Xuan’s mom, her son could do no wrong. Only other people were capable of such a crime! Even if Yang Xuan had borrowed money, it was only because he had been fooled by others and made to do so.

“Who is this Jin Yazhen?” she demanded angrily, “I will find her and settle the account!”

The money was all spent on that little b*tch, so of course she should be the one to pay it back!

Xia Xibei showed a frightened expression, scrambling to think of a proper response. “You can fix your own problem later, but you have to pay me back! I really need that money now!”

She looked at the two teachers again, pleading with them, “Teachers, please help me!”

Teacher Liu nodded, relenting, “Okay, don’t worry.”

After agreeing to come to her aid, he turned to Yang Xuan’s parents and said, “Since the matter has been clarified, you should pay back that debt.”

Yang Xuan’s mom stomped her feet, stubbornly refusing. “Our Xuan Xuan didn’t borrow all this money. If you want it back, go find that Jin Yazhen!”

Teacher Zhang’s face darkened, “Yang Xuan borrowed the money, so of course he should be the one to pay it back! As for whom it was spent on afterwards, that’s nobody’s business but your own.”

Teacher Zhang’s impression of Yang Xuan had truly sunk to the bottom. Thinking about how Yang Xuan was a student in his class, he felt even more disgusted. Someone like this was going to ruin all those around him!

Seeing the dark look on the head teacher’s face, Yang Xuan couldn’t help but quake in fear. Most of the teachers at Qing Ye High School had strong personalities, and the two teachers in front of him were especially tough. If this matter really went all the way up to the principal, it would truly be very troublesome.

Yang Xuan’s father understood the consequences and what was at stake, so he hurriedly nodded, “We’ll pay back the money!”

Even though he was still very angry, this was his son, his own flesh and blood. How could he not pay back the money?

Yang Xuan’s face took on an ugly look, repeating once again, “But I really didn’t borrow twenty thousand from her!”

“Yang Xuan!”

Yang Xuan’s father felt as if he had lost face. He was still denying everything, even now!

Yang Xuan was almost crying, acting as if he really had only borrowed ten thousand yuan!

“Well, since we’re all here today, let’s resolve this matter. After that, everything will be done and over with, meaning that they can focus on their studies,” Teacher Liu said. “What do you think?”

What did they think? What could they think? Yang Xuan’s father could only nod in agreement. They would be high school seniors in a few months, so they couldn’t possibly let this matter drag on any longer.

Yang Xuan’s mom was upset, but she was forced to bitterly nod in assent under her husband’s angry gaze.

Yang Xuan had even more unspeakable miseries.

He looked at Xia Xibei hatefully, already thinking of other plans in his heart. He was so mad, he could die after being scammed like this by her!

Now that it had all been decided, they acted very fast.

There was a bank right next to the school, and Yang Xuan’s father quickly withdrew the money.

Before handing it over to Xia Xibei, he gave Yang Xuan a fierce look. He’d wait until they returned home to deal with Yang Xuan!

After receiving the twenty thousand yuan, Xia Xibei finally showed a bright smile.

“Thank you, uncle! Thank you, teachers!”

“Okay, the matter is over at last. Go back to class now!”

“Okay, thanks teachers!” After Xia Xibei expressed her thanks once again, she gave one final glance to Yang Xuan and turned to leave.

When Yang Xuan met Xia Xibei’s mocking eyes, he became so angry, almost going up to kick her!

Xia Xibei didn’t care how resentful he was. She returned to the classroom, happily and with all that money. Even the pain from her menstrual cramps had lessened by then.

Jin Yazhen felt complicated emotions when she saw that Xia Xibei had returned safely.

She was so relaxed. Didn’t something happen just now?

Xia Xibei turned around and met Jin Yazhen’s eyes, revealing a wicked smile.

Yang Xuan’s mom would not let Jin Yazhen get away with all of this just yet.

She would wait for the show to start!

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