The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: I Have Evidence

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Xia Xibei’s words made both teachers’ expressions turn grim. If that was the case, it was truly heinous!

“How much did he borrow?”

“Twenty thousand,” Xia Xibei said immediately.

“You are ying! You said ten thousand before!” Yang Xuan blurted out.


Immediately, the other people looked at him, their expressions complicated.

“So, you really borrowed money from her?” The teachers’ questioned, their gazes becoming a little dangerous.

“Impossible!” Yang Xuan’s mother interrupted again, “Our Xuan Xuan’s pocket money is way more than that. Why would he need to borrow money?”

These words made the teachers side eye their family even more subtly.

Yang Xuan had this much pocket money? It was ludicrous! Altogether, the couple probably made less than 10 thousand yuan a month.

Yang Xuan’s father was a little embarrassed, tugging on his wife’s arm and then looking at Xia Xibei. “Classmate, you said that Xuan Xuan borrowed money from you. Do you have any evidence of it?”

“Yes! Where is the IOU!” Yang Xuan’s mother seemed to think she had discovered a loophole and immediately cheered up.

“I don’t have any evidence,” Xia Xibei shook her head.

“I am telling you! She is lying!” Yang Xuan’s mother became even more excited, while Yang Xuan seemed to relax.

When he borrowed money from Xia Xibei, he didn’t leave an IOU!

And at the time, Xia Xibe would not have thought to ask for that.

“Teachers, this kind of student is awful. I think she must lie all the time, to be so calm in this situation! You must really discipline her! And she beats people! This kind of violent and lying student will ruin the school atmosphere!” Yang Xuan’s mother looked even more proud as she spoke those words. “Our Xuan Xuan is a good student. He shouldn’t be affected like this!”

Seeing the smug look on Yang Xuan’s mother, Xia Xibei lowered her head slightly, a sneer appearing at the corner of her mouth.

When she looked up, she said, “Although I don’t have any IOUs, I still have some evidence from when I transferred the money!”

These words stunned the Yang family, who still looked quite proud.

The two teachers, however, showed a slight smile. “Evidence?”

Of course they believed Xia Xibei more than the unreasonable Yang family. As a result, they became happy when they heard there was evidence.

“Yes,” Xia Xibei nodded, taking out several bank transfer receipts from her pocket.

Xia Xibei’s money had all been saved in the bank previously. So, every time he needed money, she’d go to get it from the bank and transfer it to Yang Xuan’s card.

Yang Xuan panicked upon seeing those bank transfer receipts.

Impossible! She couldn’t have kept these things!

They were usually thrown out after transferring or withdrawing money.

Why had Xia Xibei kept them?

How could he have known that Xia Xibei kept these receipts as mementos of their relationship? After all, she didn’t have time to watch movies with him, so there were no movie stubs, or anything symbolically romantic, since Yang Xuan never gave her any gifts.

Now, these receipts were proven useful.

The receipts the two teachers held clearly showed that the recipient and the lender were Yang Xuan and Xia Xibei, respectively. Additionally, the amount added up to more than 10 thousand yuan.

“What do you think?”

After seeing the evidence, Teacher Liu handed over the receipts.

The expressions on the Yang family’x faces could not be described as they looked at the names on the receipts. They were too shocked.

Yang Xuan, especially, seemed surprised and anxious, his face pale.

It was Yang Xuan’s mom, however, who had the worst reaction when seeing the words.

She did not think that her son would really borrow money from the girl! And he had denied doing so afterwards!

What she did stunned everyone…

She tore up the receipts and ate them!


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