The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: I Did Not Hit Him At All

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Yang Xuan’s mother’s attitude put a frown on the faces of all the teachers.

“Madam Xie, calm down. We can talk things out slowly,” Xia Xibei’s class advisor, Teacher Liu, said in a low voice, an awful look on his face.

“Talk things out? This godda*n girl hit our Xuan Xuan! Don’t you see how injured our Xuan Xuan is?”

Yang Xuan’s mother did not restrain herself, as loud and arrogant as ever. Even worse, she was fighting the urge to dash forward and give Xia Xibei a slap on the face.

“Teacher Zhang…” Teacher Liu shot a glance at Yang Xuan’s class advisor, signaling him to speak up.

If they had believed Yang Xuan’s words earlier, their suspicions were banished the moment they saw Xia Xibei.

Her face was pale, pretty face appearing slightly haggard, like a piteous little girl.

Besides, she had always been an introverted person, never causing any trouble. It was a huge joke to say that she would ever hit Yang Xuan! As for being in a relationship at such a young age, that was even less likely.

“Mister Yang, before we come to a conclusion with this matter, please calm down first and get to understand this whole situation,” Teacher Zhang implored, looking at Yang Xuan’s father.

“Why does it need more understanding? Isn’t it obvious enough? I knew this little girl wasn’t a good one! She shamelessly tagged along with Xuan Xuan previously, but our Xuan Xuan only wanted to study. He didn’t want to be with her, so she hit him! What a little b*tch…”

Yang Xuan’s mother was still ranting venomously, looking extremely fierce.

However, Teacher Liu’s face fell, and he raised his voice to warn her, “Madam Xie!”

Yang Xuan shuddered when he heard that.

“Mom!” he exclaimed, tugging at his mother’s hand and asking her not to go overboard.

Didn’t she see that the class teacher was looking at him with such a hostile look?

Although Yang Xuan’s mother was hot-tempered, she finally calmed down a bit after being comforted by her son.

Yang Xuan’s father smiled awkwardly, explaining, “Aiya, she cares too much about our son, that’s what made her so compulsive. I hope you don’t mind.”

The two teachers flashed a small smile, saying nothing.

“Xia Xibei, we called you over to learn more about your fight with Yang Xuan this morning.”

Teacher Liu looked over at Xia Xibei, the look on his face turning much more amiable than when he had looked at Yang Xuan and his family.

“Fight?” Xia Xibei put on a stunned look. “Didn’t you call me to talk about him returning my money?”

Returning money???

Yang Xuan’s heart skipped a beat, looking over at Xia Xibei abruptly.

“Return what money, what nonsense are you talking about!” Yang Xuan’s mother shouted, slamming the table. “Our Xuan Xuan doesn’t like you, so you hit him, and now you’re trying to get away with it?!”

The thunderous noise from the impact on the table made the teachers’ faces darken.

“Madam Xie, please behave yourself, this is public property owned by the school!”

Their tones were slightly harsh, which made Yang Xuan and his father cringe.

Xia Xibei, however, wasn’t affected by the woman’s attitude, only looking at them with shock and innocence. “When did I ever hit him! I did not hit him at all!”

“You’re lying!” Yang Xuan couldn’t help but chip in. “You did hit me! You threw me over your shoulder, and then punched me a few times!”

He pointed at the injuries on him, “These are there because you hit me!”

Xia Xibei was even more stupefied now. “How could that be possible! You’re falsely accusing me! Don’t even think that you don’t need to return my money just because you said that!”

“Return your money?” Teacher Liu inquired, “What does that mean?”

“This godda*n girl must be lying! Our Xuan Xuan wouldn’t borrow money from other people!” Yang Xuan’s mother interjected.

“We will look into the matter and find out what really happened,” Teacher Liu informed her before looking at Yang Xuan’s father with a dark face. “Mister Yang, what do you think?”

Yang Xuan’s father noticed the teachers’ displeasure and shot his wife a glare. “We’ll find out what happened first!”

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