The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: It’s That Time Of The Month

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Xia Xibei squatted on the ground while clutching at her belly. She was almost crouching.

She was at her most miserable when it was that time of the month.

She had been living an impoverished life all these years, and she only ever ate simple food that was poor in nutrients.

She started working at the age of thirteen or fourteen. People didn’t want child laborers, so she could only hide in the rear kitchen cleaning dishes.

No established premises would want to hire her. At the small shops, she even had to pay for hot water!

Although it didn’t snow during winter, the water was still icy cold.

Due to her poor state of health, she had her first period only in high school. Ever since then, her menstrual cycle had been disorderly. She had her period only once every few months sometimes, but each time was miserable.

She had just been reborn for a couple of days. How would she remember such things?

Here it was, catching her unawares!

No matter how great she was at medicine, she was rendered powerless in the face of such misery.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Qiao Yanjue was watching Xia Xibei leave when she hunkered the next moment. Curious, he walked up to her.

Once he had a good look at her face, he was startled.

Her face was ashen pale, even her lips had lost their color.

Xia Xibei gritted her teeth. She couldn’t even muster the strength to reply to him.

“Huo Zijun!”

Qiao Yanjue shouted, “Come here, quick!”

Huo Zijun finally stopped laughing and hurried over.

“Let me have a look.”

He reached out to touch Xia Xibei’s hand.

“What are you doing!”

Qiao Yanjue subliminally shoved his hand away and stared at him with anger in his eyes.

Huo Zijun’s lips twitched. “I wanted to assess her pulse! If I don’t, do you think I can identify the problem just by looking?”

Only then did Qiao Yanjue come to his senses. Huo Zijun was a traditional Chinese doctor, his methods would be different for sure.

“No need…”

Xia Xibei gritted her teeth and said, “I, can walk, by myself!”

She got to her feet as she spoke.

Before she could gain her footing, she swayed.

There was a surge of turbulence in her stomach, and it almost gave her a meltdown!


Qiao Yanjue was startled. He moved forward in wide strides and held her up.

She bumped head-on into Qiao Yanjue’s arms. It was so painful that she nearly passed out.

The girl’s soft, warm body almost put Qiao Yanjue into a trance, but he panicked when he felt the body in his arms shiver.

“Quick, find out what’s wrong with her!”

Huo Zijun frowned. “Don’t panic!”

As he reached out and held Xia Xibei’s wrist, he knew where the problem lied right away.

“It’s not a big deal.”

“Not a big deal?” Qiao Yanjue shot him a glare. “Why is she in so much pain then?”

Huo Zijun shrugged. “This is a problem common among girls, it is just slightly more severe for her.”

It was a special period of time that had to be taken seriously.

Besides, it was also determined by the individual’s body constitution. Some girls had no problem with it but some had experienced so much pain it felt like dying to them.

Qiao Yanjue wasn’t stupid, he understood what was going on immediately. However, his doubt did not dwindle.

“But why is she in such an excruciating pain?”

Even if it were period cramps, it wouldn’t have been so intense, right?

Huo Zijun shrugged. “Body constitution differs from one individual to another, some experience a lot of pain. Besides, she is a little malnourished, she isn’t in a very good state of health.”


Qiao Yanjue’s brows were deeply furrowed.

It seemed that the results of his previous investigation were true, Xia Xibei hadn’t been living a good life indeed.

It was truly surprising that there were people living in these cities that were malnourished.

“Sir, let me take over…”

A man stepped forward in an attem

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