The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 1771 - 1771 Betrayed

1771 Betrayed

As soon as the man, who went by the name Peter, arrived, he was seized by the people who had emerged behind him.

There were several of them, some even pointing guns at him!

He didn’t dare move.

He was puzzled as to how he had been exposed.

What had gone wrong?

He had all sorts of questions in his mind, but no one could give him an answer.

However, he soon heard the conversation coming from behind.

Perhaps because they thought he was a foreigner and not very proficient in Chinese, the two people were talking without restraint.

Although their voices were low, his ears were sharp enough to hear what they were saying.

“This fugitive is so stupid, he’s using a passport like this! Isn’t he committing suicide?”

“That’s right! It says in the passport that he’s a bad guy, so let’s arrest him.”

“Luckily our colleague responsible for checking wasn’t overreacting, otherwise he would have escaped!”

“Right. We should thank the person who gave him the fake passport!”


These words made the man’s face turn red with an awful look.

Was there something wrong with his passport?!

How on earth did a passport contain such information?!

No wonder the staff member had a strange look on his face when he entered. So this was the reason!

“Hurry up and move!”

The people behind urged him in English to keep moving forward.

The man walked on, but his mind was racing with a thousand thoughts.

The passport was given to him by He Xuan.

To avoid any issues, He Xuan had delivered it to him in person!

It was precisely because it was delivered by He Xuan that he didn’t suspect anything.

If he was caught, He Xuan wouldn’t benefit at all!

Oh, wait a minute!

Thinking about it from He Xuan’s perspective, perhaps it would be better for him if he got caught!

The man’s thoughts kept racing, and his face sank.

One thing was certain: he had been tricked!

No matter who did it, he was now caught and there was no denying it.

Clenching his teeth, he was filled with hatred as he thought about it.

Soon, he was taken back to the police station and brought to the interrogation room for questioning.

The questions ranged from where he got the guns, what he was doing in Huaguo, to what his plans were.

The question seemed routine and not unusual at all.

However, something struck the man as strange.

“I… I’m not the person you’re looking for! Besides, I don’t even look like the person you’re searching for!”

Since he was caught, none of the police officers had shown any suspicion about his appearance.

It was too peculiar!

“Heh!” One of the policemen across from him snorted. “You may not look the same, but do you really think you can fool us like that?”

He picked up a cup with something that looked like water inside.

“Alright, wash your face clean with this! I would have forgotten if you hadn’t brought it up!”

As the man sniffed the scent coming from the cup, he was stunned.

The liquid inside was indeed a solution used to remove masks!

Although the smell wasn’t quite the same, there was no mistaking it!

However, who else in this world would know about this besides He Xuan and his godfather?

Not even his buddies knew about the mystical properties of the mask, much less have access to such a substance!

Did He Xuan really betray him?!

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